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Video: Tiffani speaks to TheCelebrityCafe.com

January 30 2016

Actress Tiffani Thiessen chats with TheCelebrityCafe.com about cooking with her family and at-home entertaining tips, how to enter the national contest to win $250,000, her upcoming season of Dinner at Tiffani's.

Tiffani Jokes Daughter's Modeling Stint Was Inspired by Sparkly Shoes

January 30 2016

Tiffani Thiessen is loving the chaos of being a working mom — but she isn't afraid to admit that it comes with challenges.

Thiessen — mom to daughter Harper Renn, 5, and son Holt Fisher, 6 months — told PEOPLE at the launch of the first-ever Quaker Oats "Bring Your Best Bowl" contest in Times Square that it's been "fun" to raise both a girl and a boy.

"Probably the biggest challenge is balancing," Thiessen says. "I wouldn't be able to do it if I didn't have the help of my husband and my mother and my aunt and my assistant and all of the people that it takes to raise a family these days. It does take a village, it really does."

Part of this balance is also managing budding "model" Harper, who posed with the actress for Gymboree's Olivia line back in December.

"I guess she did do a little stint there," Thiessen notes of her daughter's gig.

But will we be seeing more of Harper, the model? Thiessen says she's busy being a kid for now.

"I think every now and then ... she'll maybe do something for my website," Thiessen explains. "But she just started school and she's a 5-year-old kid — she wouldn't know what to do with herself! She just saw sparkly shoes and was like, 'Oh! Pretty!' "

Along with sparkly shoes, Harper is a big fan of her baby brother.

"The girl wanted me to have a baby way before I was even ready to have a baby," Thiessen jokes. "She's been the best big sister."

Thiessen says her new addition is now "taking a little bit of food," adding, "He's my hefty boy — he's just a big boy. And he's all boy, too." (People)

Tiffani says a Saved by the Bell reboot is 'never going to happen'

January 30 2016

Saved by the Bell Reboot Never Happening

According to Tiffani Thiessen, who played cheerleader Kelly Kapowski in Saved by the Bell, there will never be a reboot of that show, despite people always asking about it — and despite the near-daily announcements of TV shows getting either spin-offs or reboots.

"It's never going to happen," Thiessen tells EW with a laugh. "You'd never be able to do a reboot of that show and do a good job with it. The best thing we did was the Jimmy Fallon reunion last year. That's as close as it will get!"

Still, last season she did have former SBTB cast mate Elizabeth Berkeley on her Cooking Channel show, Dinner at Tiffani's, and this season plans on welcoming another former colleague: Zack Morris himself. (Cue screams.)

"Of course!" she says, when asked if Mark-Paul Gosselaar would ever make an appearance. "He came on with his beautiful wife this year. There are some really fun dinner parties this year, along with all new recipes and some return guests like Tim Meadows and Matthew Ross, and new faces like Julie Benz and the Property Brothers. It's been so fun." (Ew.com)

Interview: Actress Tiffani Thiessen on 'Dinner at Tiffani's' and being Valerie

January 30 2016

Tiffani Thiessen Dinner at Tiffani's

Actress Tiffani Thiessen first made a big name for herself as cheerleader and all-around good girl Kelly Kapowski on the hit '90s teen sitcom "Saved by the Bell." Now 41, Thiessen is a mother of two who balances family life with her own Cooking Channel series, the aptly-titled "Dinner at Tiffani's." Examiner spoke exclusively with the talented and affable actress on Jan. 14 to get the scoop on her partnership with Quaker, the identity of the "Saved by the Bell" alum who will make an appearance on her show in the coming months, and what it was like to become bad girl Valerie Malone on "Beverly Hills, 90210."

Sherry Wight: When I think of Tiffani Thiessen, of course I think of Kelly Kapowski and then Valerie Malone, but you're also really handy in the kitchen. Why did you decide to do "Dinner at Tiffani's"?

Tiffani Thiessen: You know, it kind of came up very organically. A lot of my friends would come over and have dinner and I love throwing dinner parties, so they started saying 'let's go have dinner at Tiffani's' and the idea really sprung from that. I walked into Food Network and Cooking Channel and pitched an idea, and here we are with season two premiering on Feb. 3 on Cooking Channel. (Examiner.com)

What do you have in store for viewers this season?


I can promise you a lot of great new recipes, a lot of fun. We have returning guests, and we also have a lot of new guests this season.

Oh fun! Any teasers?

I can give you one. One in particular that everyone has been wanting, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, my old co-star from "Saved by the Bell," will be joining us with his beautiful wife.

That sounds like fun! We'll have to look for that.


What kinds of dishes do you enjoy whipping up these days?

Oh gosh, you know, I always love being creative in the kitchen, so it's kind of exciting that I got to team up with Quaker on this really great contest called Bring Your Best Bowl. They are looking for new inspiration for... their new flavor of oatmeal. I don't know about you, but there's many different ways you can eat oatmeal, and [I have three of my own recipes on the contest website].... We want people to think outside the box a little bit; don't think just brown sugar and bananas.

I was thinking of something like lemon meringue pie oatmeal.

See, you could win $250,000! Think about that! All you need is two to five ingredients and go over to the website [to enter].

Sounds super! I'm going to change gears for a minute. I'm a '90s kid so of course I saw a lot of you during that time. It was very odd to see you go from goo girl Kelly to bad girl Valerie....

[Laughs] A lot of people used to say that, yeah.

How did you tackle that transition?

You know, I was excited to take on the transition. I had done what we call a squeaky clean show for many, many seasons so I was really up to change it up a little bit and do something really different. The similarity was that it was a very popular show already that I was kind of entering onto. But everybody was really great and I enjoyed playing a very, very different role for a few seasons. I had a lot of fun.

Cool. You recently finished up "White Collar." [I don't think anyone would expect you to take on a new starring role any time soon, but] are there any current shows you'd like to guest on?

Oh gosh, that's hard... [we watch] quite a few shows. My husband and I watch "The Walking Dead" of course [laughs] and... we're big on Netflix. There's a lot of stuff on Netflix. It's hard! There's a lot of shows that I'd love to be on. But right now, it's all about "Dinner at Tiffani's" and I'm having a little mom-time right now, which is nice. I have a six month old baby.

I know! Congratulations!

Thank you.

And the last thing I was going to ask you is this: aside from your entertainment career, you are a mom to two little ones. I have four myself so I know how that changes how you view life.

Yes it does.

So what surprised you most about having that second child?

How hard it was to go from one baby to two babies. [Laughs] I don't want to say the mom guilt is there all the time, but you definitely feel [it] a little more. [There's] the challenge of being balanced and making sure both kids are well taken care of and get your attention and get your love and then your poor husband, I mean, he's down on the list now. I feel bad for him half the time. Then you've got work on top of it. It's hard. Balance is very hard, you know?

I'll tell ya, I've got a preschooler and a middle schooler and then some in the middle...

That's amazing. I've got a kindergartner and a brand new baby. Real spread out.

Gets easier! Don't worry about it. Okay. Last thing before I run. One-word answer. Favorite board game?


Photo Gallery Update: 2015 Events

January 15 2016

Happy New Year!

I updated the gallery with some events from last year:

I also added more photos to this event: Stacked: Sandwiches and Sides.

Here's to exciting things happening this year for Tiffani. Cheers!

Tiffani Gave Us the Scoop on the Inspo Behind Her Baby Boy's Name

January 15 2016

Since leaving the halls of Bayside High and moving away from one very famous zip code, Tiffani Thiessen has taken on several new roles. Tiffani is the host of her own cooking show, a wife, an actress, a lifestyle blogger and the mother of two adorable kiddies — five-year-old daughter Harper Renn and son Holt Fisher, who was just born in July (psst... check out his adorable Star Wars inspired nursery).

We caught up with Tiffani while she was in New York for Quaker's launch event promoting the Bring Your Best Bowl Contest, and we got the scoop on where she got the inspiration for her adorable baby name.

Tiffani Thiessen Scoop

Turns out Holt is actually a family name — specifically from her husband, actor/artist Brady Smith's side of the family.

"It was a last name on my father-in-law's side of the family," Tiffani said. "We've always loved it."

She also mentioned her six-month-old son was asleep in the car: *cue the awws.*

Apparently, the actress and her husband had their eye on the name long before either of their kids were a twinkle in their eyes. "We pretty much had that name picked out way before we even started trying to have kids, not knowing if we'd have a boy or girl first, so we had it reserved," Tiffani told us. "Of course, we had a girl first. Holt is a family name and Fisher is a name we've always loved. We even thought about naming him Fisher Holt, but because we had Harper first, we of course switched it around." (Brit+Co)

Bring your best bowl: Tiffani Thiessen


As for her other baby — her cooking show Dinner at Tiffani's on the Cooking Channel — Tiffani is gearing up for a bigger season than ever with 16 episodes and a slew of celebrity cameos, including — not to drop names or anything but — Mark-Paul Gosselaar (!!) and his lovely wife.

We asked Tiffani where she learned her cooking chops. "It definitely started with being in the kitchen with my mother and my grandmother," she said, "and my aunts were all great home cooks. I just took notes from them, but I want to say, my love of food came from traveling at a young age and touring for shows I've been on in the past, [going] to Europe and getting a love of different types of cultures and different types of food. Then it went into another phase where it became more about being creative in the kitchen for my own family and my husband and my kids."

And creativity is the name of the game for Quaker's latest contest that encourages people to submit their two to five ingredient oatmeal flavors that are, in Tiffani's words, "as creative and fun as possible."

The winner gets $250,000 ("That's the second closest thing to the Powerball right now," Tiffani joked) and have their creation serve as the inspo behind Quaker's new oatmeal flavor.

Tiffani's own faves are the raspberry lemonade flavor and "the tomato dip and grilled cheese one because it's such a different kind of oatmeal. A lot of people don't think about oatmeal as savory. They think of it as sweet."

So go get creative, folks!

Tiffani Isn't Into The Classic TV Show Reboot Trend

January 15 2016

The "Saved by the Bell" crew came together for a nostalgic "Tonight Show" sketch last year and reminded us how much we missed the show's big hair, bright clothes and hilariously corny jokes. Unfortunately, that just might be the last Bayside High School reunion we ever see.

Tiffani Thiessen, who played Zack Morris' love interest Kelly Kapowski on the show, told HuffPost Live that the "Tonight Show" sketch was "amazing," but she's "not really" looking to do another reunion.

"How do you top that? Really, you can't top that!" she said.

Thiessen added that she's not so optimistic about the potential for a "Saved by the Bell" reboot. Other classic storylines that have been revived — a la "Minority Report," "Heroes Reborn" and the upcoming "Fuller House" comeback — haven't really captured her interest either.

"How well have any of those done? Think about it. Not so great, I don't think," she told host Alyona Minkovski. "I think it's not the way to go. I think how we did it was really fun. We had a great time. It lived the way it's supposed to live. Rebooting? What would we be doing? I have no idea."

Watch the full HuffPost Live conversation with Tiffani Thiessen here.

Quaker' Teams Up With Tiffani Thiessen To Launch The First Ever Bring Your Best Bowl Contest

January 15 2016

Get ready to take your bowl of oatmeal to the next level. Today in New York's Times Square, The Quaker Oats Company, a division of PepsiCo, Inc., is celebrating the launch of its very first Bring Your Best Bowl contest, a nationwide search for the next Quaker oatmeal flavor.

The Bring Your Best Bowl contest highlights the endless ways to enjoy oatmeal by inviting fans across the country to submit their oatmeal creation using two to five ingredients along with their inspiration for the chance to win $250,000, and have their combination brought to life as Quaker's newest oatmeal flavor. Submissions are now open at www.BringYourBestBowl.com. (BroadwayWorld.com)


Now through March 12, 2016, fans can visit www.BringYourBestBowl.com and enter their oatmeal creation using two to five ingredients, along with the inspiration behind their idea. Three finalist flavors will then be developed by Quaker and revealed on or around National Oatmeal Day October 29, 2016 with the selected flavors available in stores across the country for people to taste. Then it's up to America to vote online before the winning flavor is revealed in February, 2017. The grand prize winner will take home $250,000, along with the chance to have his/her oatmeal combination debut on shelves nationwide.

"At Quaker we are always looking to find new ways for people to enjoy oatmeal," said Joe Silverman, senior marketing director, Quaker Foods North America. "The Bring Your Best Bowl contest gives people an opportunity to show us the next great oatmeal flavor. We can't wait to see how creative America can get and know people will spoon up some delicious submissions."

To kick off the contest, Quaker is teaming up with Tiffani Thiessen, actress, foodie and mom of two, and hosting a launch event in New York City's Times Square today from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (EST). From experience serving up tasty bites for her family and fans of her cooking show, Thiessen is a pro at getting creative in the kitchen.

"Whether I'm at home or on camera, I'm always inspired to shake things up in the kitchen," said Thiessen. "From savory to sweet, for any meal of the day, there are endless ways to enjoy oatmeal. I'm excited to be part of this contest that celebrates all the creative twists on a classic favorite, and see and taste the flavor combinations people across America submit."

Tiffani will be on-site at Quaker's Times Square pop-up event taking place inside a giant Quaker Oats canister installation to inspire and encourage fans to submit their oatmeal ideas. Not only can those who visit the Bring Your Best Bowl event today submit their oatmeal flavor inspirations right on-site, but they can also create and sample unique combinations for themselves. Plus, they can debut their oatmeal creation on Quaker's "Bowl Cam" where guests can showcase their oatmeal bowl, snap a picture and share it with family and friends via social media, or even see it on a Times Square billboard.

Follow along with all the Bring Your Best Bowl fun, find recipe inspiration, see a video and personal recipes from Tiffani Thiessen, and get the official contest rules by visiting www.BringYourBestBowl.com. You can also follow @Quaker on Twitter, check out QuakerOats on Pinterest and visit Facebook.com/QuakerOats for more information.