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Is it a boy, a girl, or twins?

Saturday, February 27 2010

Three months before giving birth and we still don't know the sex of the child. Tiffani's not telling and she's loving us guessing! So we ask, what do you think: Is she having a boy, a girl, or twins?

Be sure to check out this photo of a table for Tiffani's nursery, could be a boy (blue), but could be a girl (flowers). Hm...

Next on White Collar -- "Front Man"

Saturday, February 27 2010

First of all, I'd like to note that Tiffani wasn't in the last episodes, so that's why there's no caps. Hopefully she'll be seen in the next!

We're down to the final two episodes of White Collar's incredible first season!

Synopsis: In the premiere of "Front Man" the daughter of a man from Neal's past goes missing, leading Neal to volunteer and help find her. But little does anyone realize the kidnapper is an old enemy of Neal's, and is leading him right into a trap.

"Front Man" Promo

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Tiffani Talks To Us at the Characters Approved Awards

Saturday, February 27 2010

From Pop Eater (thanks Renee!)

Tiffani opened up about her pregnancy, the joys (and fears) of becoming a first-time mom and how she's still making time to hang out with her 'Saved By The Bell' co-stars.

White Collar Photo Shoot with TV Guide Magazine

Saturday, February 27 2010

Thanks to Renee for letting us know about this fun treat!

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Tiffani's Pregnancy Will Not Be Worked in "White Collar"

Saturday, February 27 2010

The long-lasting question has been answered. According to creator/executive producer, Jeff Eastin, Tiffani Thiessen's pregnancy will NOT be worked into White Collar. (Pop Timal)

So what do you think? Is this is a good move or a bad move? Let us know in our forum!

Pregnancy Makes Tiffani Crave Red Meat

Saturday, February 27 2010

With only three months left until her first child is due, Tiffani Thiessen is "feeling great" -- and feeling differently about her diet.

"I was a vegetarian for many, many, many years and all of a sudden I started to crave red meat," Thiessen tells PEOPLE at Thursday's USA network and Vanity Fair bash in New York. "Crazy enough, I had a steak before I left tonight and I would never have eaten one before. One day I just woke up and craved meat."

In addition to steaks, the White Collar star, 36, is also enjoying foot rubs from her husband, Brady Smith.

"He rubs my feet, my shoulders and he always gets anything for me even if I'm all hormonal," she says. "I have the best husband and he's a sweetheart."

As for whether the two will be decorating the nursery pink or blue, that's top secret -- at least publicly. "I couldn't wait to find out," Thiessen, who is keeping the baby's sex private, says. "Are you kidding? My husband I were way too excited to wait. We needed to know right away."

Though she will be a first-time mom, the actress's White Collar costar Matt Bomer says Thiessen's maternal instincts are already in full gear on set. "She's totally the den mother of the show," says Bomer. "She keeps us guys all in check and she makes sure that we are gentlemen. She's so organized and so loving and generous -- that can only make her an absolutely amazing mom."

Meanwhile, Thiessen's White Collar husband Tim DeKay, a father of two, has already given the expectant mom some parenting wisdom of his own. "I told her that being a parent is like the Peace Corps. It's the toughest job that you will ever love," says Dekay.

As for experiencing her changing body, Thiessen is taking advantages of her new curves. "The best part is not having to suck in your stomach anymore when wearing a tight dress. I love it!" (People)

Tiffani Thiessen Debuts Baby Bump

Saturday, February 27 2010

Although we know Tiffani already debuted her bump, here's the article:

White Collar star Tiffani Thiessen, 36, showed off her baby bump for the first time on the red carpet Thursday night.

"I'd much rather be home at in my slippers, but you know, it's fun to get dressed up every now and then too," the mom-to-be -- who donned a chic, fitted black dress -- joked to UsMagazine.com at the USA Network and Vanity Fair fete in NYC.

Of being pregnant, which she announced last November, Thiessen told Us, "I think it's just a new adventure. I always wanted to be a mom. My husband's really excited, and so am I!" (She wed actor-artist Brady Smith in 2005.)

Thiessen says she's staying in shape by "doing a lot of yoga, weight training" and hiking a few miles three times a week.

The one thing she hasn't been so good about: sticking to her no-meat diet.

"Sadly I was a vegetarian for so many years, and I've been craving meat. I hate it, but I need it!" she admitted to Us. "I feel badly because I'm such a huge supporter of not doing that, but I guess this little one is wanting a lot of red meat so...."

Besides starring in her USA show, Thiessen is hard at work on another project: "I am developing a baby furniture company," she told Us.

She's more tight-lipped about the sex of the baby ("We're not telling!") and its name ("We have some in mind... but we're not sharing!").

One thing's for sure: When asked by Us if she'd like the baby to go into acting, Thiessen said, "Oh God, I hope not!" (US Magazine)

Tiffani Says Matt "is so much fun to work alongside"

Saturday, February 27 2010

"Matt is so much fun to work alongside," says Tiffani Thiessen, who plays Agent Burke's wife, Elizabeth. "Besides being beautiful to look at, of course, he makes you laugh and smile nonstop. He's got a light about him that is infectious. He's one special guy." (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

Events & Flip of the Coin Photos

Saturday, February 27 2010

Some high quality event photos and 2 stills from "Flip of the Coin":

Tiffani Attends the Characters Approved Awards

Saturday, February 27 2010

First of all... I am so, so, so sorry about the lack of updates here. Work has been kicking me in the butt ;)

Our Tiffani showed off her bump recently at the Character Approved Awards showing off grins and giggles with co-star, Matt Bomer, as well as the rest of the cast! Thank you, to Fred for helping out.

Tiffani at the Character Approved Awards Tiffani at the Character Approved Awards Tiffani at the Character Approved Awards

Video from The NY Post

Bigger Video on NYPost.com

Do you look back on your earlier work and just kind of it's like your high school senior photo? You're like "UGH".

You have no idea the bad perms, the big bangs, the (?), very much so.

Do you feel like the worst time to be famous and in your 20s was in the 80s?

I think it was the worst time for everybody!

She's Feeling Great!

How adorable! The first pictures of a pregnant 36-year-old Tiffani Thiessen have emerged, and she is a GORGEOUS mommy-to-be!

The first-time mom is about six months along -- the baby is due in May. Tiffani, 36, and hubby Brady Smith, 38, are so excited!

"I'm feeling great!" she told PopEater.com. They know the sex of the baby but she says... "we have no names or anything!" In the meantime, Tiffani and Brady appear to be enjoying this nesting time together, they are remodeling their house. "The little one's not here yet... but it will be very interesting!" Hollywood Life

"White Collar" LJ Icons

Friday, February 19 2010

There are some really beautiful icons out there for the show! Here are some links to them. Feel free to let me know if you have designed any, we'd love them!

Boom Boom Room event video

Sunday, February 14 2010

Happy Valentine's Day for all couples out there, including our very own Tiffani & Brady!

Thanks to Renee for letting us know about a video of Tiffani at the Boom Boom Room event:

Bigger Video on YouTube

Also: a little reminder that there will be no new "White Collar" this week :( I know, you don't want me to remind you of the bad news (lol), but just so you don't turn on the TV and wonder.

"White Collar" Heads to UK

Wednesday, February 10 2010

White Collar, the US drama about an ex-con who escapes prison and becomes an FBI consultant, has been sold into the UK by Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution.

The show, written and exec produced by Jeff Eastin via Fox TV Studios, has been picked up by Virgin Media TV and will air on the male-skewing Bravo channel, which claimed it had "beaten off stiff competition" to land exclusive UK rights to the series.

It stars Tim DeKay (Get Smart, Tell Me You Love Me), Matthew Bomer (Chuck, Tru Calling), Tiffani Thiessen (Fastlane, Beverly Hills 90210, Saved by the Bell), Marsha Thomason (Lost, Easy Money, Las Vegas) and Willie Garson (John From Cincinnati, Fever Pitch).

VMTV's head of acquisitions Amy Barham said: "White Collar is a perfect fit for Bravo - sharp, witty, and delivers a slick twist on the classic 'buddy' genre." Stateside, the series debuted on cable channel USA Network in October and has been renewed already...(c21 Media)

Tiffani Mention in Tim DeKay Article

Wednesday, February 10 2010

Tim DeKay who plays Tiffani's husband on "White Collar" was recently interviewed by IESB.net and they asked about him working with Tiff!

IESB: Can you talk about working with Tiffani Thiessen? Has that relationship between fun to develop?

Tim: It's been wonderful to develop. It's great to play an FBI agent as somebody on the side of the law, where the audience goes home with that person. That doesn't always happen. It's nice to be able to live out the side of Peter that is an FBI agent, and then come through the door and be a husband. So, it's a joy to work with Tiffani. She's very smart and we can trust each other. I was cast in the role and then they brought in women to do a chemistry read, to see who I would click with, and it was the same story as it was with Matt. When Tiffani walked in the room, we started reading and I knew, right then and there, this could be my wife, in the world of Peter Burke.

White Collar Returns in 2 Weeks (Feb 23) with "Bottlenecked"

Wednesday, February 10 2010

"White Collar" will be on hiatus for 2 weeks while the Dogs of Westminster show takes its place. It will be back February 23 with an all new episode!

Synopsis: In the premiere of "Bottlenecked" an old rival of Neal's lays down a challenge: to see if either of them can create an impossible forgery. But as the rival uses brutal and deadly tactics to achieve his ends, Neal quickly realizes that much more is at stake than bragging rights!

"Bottlenecked" Promo

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"Vital Signs" Screen Caps

Wednesday, February 10 2010

We have caps from White Collar's "Vital Signs" episode, a favorite!

Screen Caps from 'Vital Signs' White Collar episode Screen Caps from 'Vital Signs' White Collar episode Screen Caps from 'Vital Signs' White Collar episode

I didn't see Tiffani in the most recent episode on Tuesday, am I losing my mind? :)

Also, we have 3 stills from "Bad Judgement" and 1 still from "The Ladies Man".