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Saturday, December 27

The body copy, on the home page, has been upped, which makes it majorly easier to read. You can always adjust the size in your browser if you want to.


I recapped more Fastlane episodes from the DVD:

Get Your Mack On
Ray Ray
Strap On

Some of the episodes I originally capped were missing scenes, so be sure to give them a good look! I also transcribed the latest video with Tiff.

Friday, December 26

I did a little updating around here - mostly small things like checking for broken links, misspelling (I am such a perfectionist!) and I also upped the font size for main content pages, which are much easier to read in my opinion. What about you?

The news section has been cleaned up a bit.

I typed up some of the articles I recently added from 1993-1995:
Was Tiffani Kicked Off? The Truth About The Shocking Rumor!
Brian & Tiff: A Completely Competable Couple
Tiffani-Amber Rumors To Rest
Tiffani-Amber Scales Down
Tiffani Takes You Shoppin'
Raised by the Bell
Mark-Paul & Tiffani: Saying "I Love You" Is Scary


Monday, December 22

TMZ talks to Tiffani while coming home from the airport about if she would rather play Valerie or Kelly again, find out at TMZ or download!

You can see caps here.

Have a Merry Christmas, Hanukkah and Happy Holidays to everyone :) Get some rest and have some FUN!

Wednesday, December 17

Earlier, Star Magazine reported Tiffani being pregnant, but later, Holly Scoop reported that the report in Star Magazine was a rumor. So to clear up: Tiffani is NOT pregnant, however; "She had been seen going to a fertility center for treatments in Los Angeles to help her conceive," so maybe she'll be pregnant soon!

Monday, December 01

We have some really great clippings/scans all back from the days of Bop and 16!

Thursday, November 27

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Thanks to Jenn for letting us know that Beverly Hills 90210 - The 6th Season is on DVD, you can buy it on Amazon already and I'm sure, your local stores!

Wednesday, November 12

The Futon Critic provides us with some more info about Tiffani in "White Collar". Looks like her name will be Elizabeth, not Debbie. She will still be playing the same character. Plus Jackie de Crinis, USA's executive vice president, had this to say about our lady:

"Tiffani will be such an amazing addition to WHITE COLLAR," said de Crinis. "She brings a beauty and warmth to this role that really makes the character come alive."

Monday, November 10

We have a pretty good update here -- lots of videos and photos!

• 4 "Cyborg Soldier" clips -- I tried to keep them generalized so I don't reveal the story :)
VC Pacific Asian Film Festival clip, thanks to Cristelle!
Tiffani in "Step by Step", thanks to Isabelle for the French videos and Cristelle for the English video!

2 scanned clippings & an unsorted shot
"Cyborg Soldier" DVD Covers
Dr. Dolittle 2 premiere
2 from Nautica Malibu Triathlon
Nike and Human Race event - all HQ
Saved by the Bell - Cast Shot
• Redone caps from: Fastlane: Girls Own Juice
• Redone caps from: Gone Native
• Redone caps from: Pilot
• Redone caps from: Things Done Changed

Thanks to Kala for submitting a caption this! And we have some affiliates on Stephen Moyer, Corey Haim, Corey Feldman and Susie Feldman and Kim Basinger. Enjoy!

Friday, November 07

According to, the Hollywood Reporter, Tiffani has been tapped to co-star on USA Network's pilot "White Collar"!

"Collar," from Fox TV Studios, centers on Neal (Matthew Bomer), a brilliant con artist who partners against his will with Peter (Tim DeKay), the head of the FBI's white-collar crime unit.

Thiessen will play Debbie, Peter's intelligent and supportive wife who works as an accountant.

Tuesday, November 04

Are you one of those people who like to send cards to family and friends for the holidays? This year, Tiffani designed holiday cards that you can buy and send to your family and friends - plus the proceeds go to charity! Market Watch gives us the scoop. Head over to Tiny Prints to order Tiffani's designed holiday cards or any others from celebrities.

Wednesday, October 22

We have caps from Cyborg Soldier! It was interesting to see Tiff play a deputy this time :) Videos coming soon.

And... a few days ago I posted some caps from Fastlane's DVD features:

Junk Yard (bloopers!)
Hot Stuff: Inside the Candy Store
Stunning Rides
Smoking Stars

...With some more caps on the way, I might redo a few episodes to have better quality caps. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 09

Looks like it's true - Tiffani IS starring in "Drop Dead Divas", according to this article by Artist Direct!

Thiessen will star in Drop Dead Diva, a legal dramedy centering on a model who dies, only to have her soul enter the body of a frumpy but brainy lawyer postmortem. Brooke Elliott has a role, as does rowdy comedienne Margaret Cho. Thiessen is reportedly playing the party girl model, while Elliott will play the lawyer she inhabits. Cho is set to play the lawyer's assistant.

Thiessen's reps claimed the star is excited to return to serial TV and that her fan base is expected to follow her there.

Tuesday, October 07

Thanks to Isabelle for sending us caps from "Buried Secrets", which we never had! The "love scene" is missing, only because her tv program didn't air it, weird! Anyway, enjoy the caps, and thanks again Isabelle :)

Also, today "Cyborg Soldier" comes out on DVD!

Monday, October 06

TMR Zoo is holding a "Kill Switch" / "Cyborg Soldier" contest and is giving away "THREE prize packs containing both of the DVDs, courtesy of First Look Studios, to THREE lucky winners." The cool thing is, all you have to do is submit a contact form with your name and email, that's it! Head over to TMR Zoo.

Wednesday, September 24

Looks like the trailer is out for "Cyborg Soldier", so exciting!

Wednesday, September 17

Tiffani went to the Nautica Malibu Triathlon Sunday, September 14, looks like with Mark-Paul! PopWrap mentions Tiff and Tiffani comments on a wounded marine competing in Triathlon:

Actress Tiffani Thiessen adds, "It's extremely inspirational and to know what they have been through and then there they're coming out here to fight a different fight, its really amazing."

Tiffani also jokingly, commented on the thought of a SBTB spin-off at Defamer:

"It would be so much fun. Just imagine the theoretical child of Zack and Kelly raising heck all over Bayside. Meanwhile, Zack would be raising heck in the corporate world or maybe real estate and Kelly is running for vice president or something."

Thanks to both Clairalfa2 and cristoune57 for letting us know!

ALSO, Frederic sent in some great photos of Tiff out shopping, doesn't she look pretty?

Thanks to Cristelle for sending in more scans from Special Tele - October 1992!

We have a lower quality version from that Just Shoot Me video I added a few weeks ago, Download LQ Version of "Just Shoot Me" Finch Chasing Amy (34mb).

I don't know if any of you regularly check Tiff's IMDB, but I noticed an appearance in "Robot Chicken" as Kelly Kapowski, but it's not Tiffani's voice; she's not credited. However, Mandy sent in the video to share with you all anyway! Download Saved by the Bell part in "Robot Chicken".

And we have a new affiliate - 90210 (on the new spin-off!) Thanks to everyone who helped out!

Wednesday, September 03

5:12pm: Another update! There's an article on US Magazine.com about Tiffani not joining 90210, and also shows us a picture of Tiffani at the Nike and Human Race post run concert, August 31 2008. You can see 13 more photos from that event here.

And thanks to Isabelle for sending in caps from Tiff's appearance in Step by Step, videos coming soon from that!


IMDB posted two new articles regarding Tiffani on 90210, telling us again, that she has no plans to join the new 90210.

She says, "I don't think so, I mean I wish them all the luck, but I'm just so in a different place right now. You know, it's not that I don't look back at that show with wonderful, amazing memories, but I've just gone in a different direction for me. But I think it's wonderful."

Thanks Renee!

And thanks to Mandy for sending in Just Shoot Me's "Finch Chasing Amy" video, which is a pretty big file (132mb!), I will be compressing that, and should be up later this week!

Friday, August 29

There's a new video out with Tiffani at the VC Pacific Asian Film Festival, very recent, talking about "Hung"! You can read the transcript here and view caps here. Thanks to Cristelle for letting us know about the video!

She also sent in various scans from:
Salut 1993
Salut 1992
Star Club 1999
SBTB Press Clipping

I also contributed with some good old eBay scans ;)
Teen September 1989
3 Clippings
Rare #23
Rare #24 (better shot)

Thanks to Cristelle as well for giving us word about this "Milk" commercial featuring Tiff! Enjoy :)

Thursday, August 21

Thanks to TiffaniSmith from the forums for giving us word on the 6th season of Beverly Hills 90210 with a release date of November 25 2008.

Thanks to Clairalfa2 from the forums for letting us know about these images of Tiff at a Formula One event, looks like she had a fun time!

And thanks to Isabelle for giving us some info and translations into English on the recent articles, for us!

Thursday, August 21

We have a photo update today! Thanks to Cristelle for sending us some really great scans! Check them out:

Cine Tele January 1993
OK July 1992
Teen October 1989
Teen March 1989
Tele 7 Jours November 1992

Thanks Cristelle! Also, I added the Cyborg Solder movie poster to the gallery. And we have 2 Fastlane stills, thanks to Isabelle!

Here's a news article I thought was worth mentioning: SoapNet is going to air a 24-hour marathon of Beverly Hills, 90210!

And we have 3 new affiliates on: Goran Visnjic, Jane Krakowski and Camilla Belle. Enjoy!

Monday, August 18

1:31am Renee just gave us word about Tiffani being in a new TV show called "Drop Dead Diva" for Lifetime! Before I give you the details, NOTE that she read this in Star magazine, which I feel their news isn't always valid, read with caution...

It's a legal dramedy about a model whose soul enters the body of a frumpy lawyer after she dies. It also says Tiffani has a very big following and her fans are going to be delighted that she's back, LA PR specialist Michael Levine tells Star.

Thanks Renee! I don't know about the rest of you, but I'll be praying she's in it, let's see Tiff back on TV again!


Welcome to the new look! It's a big change, although yes, there is still some blue. I tried staying away from feminine colors, to give it a more general appeal to everyone.

I put a lot of focus towards the user experience in making it easy to read and quick to navigate (although, IE6 doesn't give you the full treatment). We now have a search to get you there faster! And a site map. Don't forget to subscribe to our feed for both news and updates.

The filmography section has been heavily updated. Check out each page for quotes, and plenty of online links so you don't have to go digging around the site! :)

The biography page has been updated.

The videos section is now apart of the site's layout.

I combined the fansites & fanlistings, official sites, and tv & movie sites into one page.

We have printer-friendly pages (minus the homepage)!

All in all, the site has had many changes and a bit too much to tell you here, so feel free to browse for everything. Thank you for your patience and I hope you enjoy. Get in touch if you need anything!

Friday August 02

Gotmedia will probably be down for a few days - hopefully only within 3-5 hours - but with my luck - a few days lol. Sorry about that! Gotmedia.org is back!

Good news though: I spent the last 2 weeks recoding the site! It's still got a fair amount of work to do, but I feel confident in putting it up in the next 2 weeks!

Thursday July 24

5:51pm Oy. Looks like Dustin Diamond is going to write a "book of secrets" about what went on behind the scenes on the show "Saved by the Bell". More info about this here. Diamond what are you doing!


Tiffani's "Weapon" has been changed to "Cyborg Soldier", which is on IMDB.com.

Oddly enough, the release date says June 2008, however; on Amazon, they're releasing it October 7 2008. Weird! It's up for pre-order anyway :)

Don't forget - in 5 days (July 29), Beverly Hills 90210 Season 5 will be releasing on DVD! And of course, there will be a contest to commemorate all these DVD releases ;) (probably in August).

Sunday July 20

I'm really happy to show you the new look at the Wedding Book. I tried making it match the style of her wedding. All the pages have been redone, adding some more information to their story, I hope you like!

Saturday July 19

I redid the style book, much cleaner, no silly pop-up! I added lots of things to it, so check it out and let me know what you think :)

Friday July 18

Hey everyone, I hope you are all having a fun summer and taking advantage of the sun ;)

I've added some really great photos to the gallery, most of them are HQ. We have scans from Celebrity Hairstyles - October 1996 and Celebrity Hairstyles - May 1999.

Thanks to the Celebutopia Forum for this super HQ photoshoot!

Thanks to Cristoune for sending in a video of Tiff at the Charlies Angels premiere on the red carpet!

We have two new affiliates on Sarah Jessica Parker and Johnny Depp. The affiliates page has been link checked!

Also, Vanessa made a new David & Valerie (Beverly Hills 90210) video on YouTube, check it out!

And I added some quotes to some projects: Saved by the Bell, Shriek! and Hollywood Ending.

Thursday July 10

Yesterday, marked Tiffani and Brady's 3rd Anniversary! Congratulations to the couple :)

Monday July 07

"Fastlane" has an official site for the DVD release! Check it out!

Sunday June 29

Thanks to Mandy for sending in a video of Tiffani on "VH1's 40 Hottest Hotties of the 90s" as #40. Can you believe they misspelled Tiffani's name? Sheesh ;)

Look out for more of Mandy's videos from "Just Shoot Me" and Tiff in "A Christmas Adventure From a Book Called Wisely's Tales", sooon!

And - the IMDB page of "Hung" is up, check it out!

Monday June 16

Here's package art for season 5's 90210, thanks to number2 from the forums for the word!

Sunday June 15

Here's 2 more videos from 90210: "Making Amends" and "The Nature of Nurture".

Friday June 13

We have some new affiliates on: Sarah Jessica Parker, Salma Hayek, Tangled Magazine, Lindsay Price, Rachel Weisz, Ashley Jones and Johnny Depp!

And... I added some submissions to the "What is your favorite Tiffani role?" question!

Thursday June 12

We are back on a roll with the 90210 videos! Picking up where I left off (Valerie accusing Noah of raping her), we have 2 videos from "The Girl Who Cried Wolf" and "Law and Disorder".

And thanks to Cristoune for pointing out these videos: Tiffani at The Ladies Man premiere and Tiffani at the Can't Hardly Wait premiere. Enjoy!

Wednesday June 11

Tit 4 TAT Productions just announced a new project in the works! It's called "Hung" which will be Tiffani's full length directorial debut!!

Be sure to head over to her site to read up on it, will keep you posted on further news :) (Thanks TiffaniBrady at the forums for the news!)

Friday June 06

3:14am It's been awhile, but we have some new wallpapers! We have 4 new 1024x768 wallpapers and 1 new 1600x1200 wallpaper, hope you enjoy - they were a lot of fun to design :)


Thanks to Cordy for letting us know that Tiffani is directing another play at Young Playwrights:


by Patrick Howley Age 18 Avon, CT
Thurs June 5, Friday June 6, Saturday June 7, Sunday June 8
Director: Tiffani Thiessen
Mentor: Jeff Greenstein
with John Kassir, Kelly LaPlante, Mila, Pesko, Michael Rader,
Jon VanMiddlesworth, Constance Zimmer

The Plot:
Heteros, step aside! In the glorious gay world of "Barney's" sales clerks, there is zero tolerance for breeders! Will one employee really lose his job when his secret life is revealed?

And here's a photo of Tiff on the front page!

Guys, this could be another way to [possibly] meet Tiff! Hopefully someone can go and tell us how it was :)

And - here's a video of Tiff and Richard at a party awhile ago, thanks cristoune57!

Tuesday May 27

We have some 90210 caps (long time coming, hopefully I can get back into the swing of things!):
Making Amends
The Nature of Nurture
Aunt Bea's Pickles
All That Glitters

And...videos coming soon for that!

Thursday May 15

There's 2 mentions of Tiff regarding the Fort Wayne's Kelley Racing Team (in which she's on with Jason Priestley): News Sentinel and Indy Star: Racing with the Stars.

Friday May 09

Tiffani's "Weapon" seems to have changed titles (according to Nu Image). They're now calling it "Cyborg: The Ultimate Weapon", with a small movie poster preview at the site. Exciting!

Saturday April 26

10:12pm I redid the videos section, so much better - and looks like it's apart of the site now! That's all for today!


6:02pm Tada! No more splash/enter page - it is GONE! So the main page is now tiffanithiessen.org. No more indexx.html in the address.

I updated the filmography page with a new look, and sortable tables! Just click on the word, "year", "film", etc. to sort them the way you like.


Thanks to Renee for letting us know about Tiffani attending Jason Priestley's event at his house! You can see a few photos at the site of Tiffani hanging out with Luke [Perry], some friends and her husband.

We have some caps from "Two Guys A Girl": Bachelore, El Matrimonio Loco, 15 Minutes of Shame and Disco Nights.

Thanks to Dora for translating this article into English for us! You can read here.

And...something else I noticed on imdb.com under Tiffani's filmography: Everything But The Girl (2001, TV), a show which didn't get picked up, just thought it was worth mentioning. Enjoy!

Thursday April 24

8:16pm: More pics! Thanks to Matthew for sending a wallpaper he made for 1024x768 and 800x600 users.

Added images from:
Spirit Awards (better quality)
some photoshoots (last 4)
"Pandemic" stills (2)
Other (5)
"Good Morning, Miami" - Her Place or Mine? stills (4)
"Fastlane" DVD Cover
Details August 2006 (better quality, thanks Maria!)
"Cupid" still


We have scans from Tiffani on the cover of TV Guide, back in April 1996. You can read or print the text version!

Here's a little more info regarding the "Fastlane" DVD. Tells us about the special features, the price ($59.98).

Saturday April 19

If anybody's curious, I just upgraded the gallery, so we should be safe from hackers.

Also, thanks to number2 for letting us know about the 90210 early box art for season 5!

Monday April 14

Thanks to Aaron for letting me know about the upcoming release of the season 5 Beverly Hills 90210 DVD, releasing July 29th!

Friday April 11

I did a little updating in terms of the articles archive by adding some articles (most are in the gallery, just transcribed to text format):

- Tiffani Thiessen: Yes to Babies, No to 90210 Spinoff
- Breakfast with Tiffani
- I Am
- Tiffani on Peer Pressure
- Saved by the Belles

Also, you should notice the text in there is a lot bigger than it was. I'm really just testing things out right now, I want the site to be more easily readable and I'll be putting my efforts towards that in the new version. Enjoy :)

Thursday April 10

Unfortunately, Tiffani doesn't want to do 90210 guys, but she wants something else - babies! According to People, and a round-full of other news sites, "We're hoping to get pregnant soon." Read the full article or head over to the news page for more details!

Thursday April 03

We have scans from when Tiffani was on the cover of Choices Magazine - February 1996 and her in Teen Magazine - January 1990.

...And I found this Jason clipping in the same Teen magazine, this was way before his 90210 days! Just thought it was super rare if any Jason fans come stoppin' by :)

Wednesday April 02

11:00pm: We have some new icons!


Hopefully you can all see the new menu above - imageless! You should see the "Message Board" added in as a link. Wow, doesn't this site look smaller with the new menu? Mm, maybe it's just me! Scans and things coming in a few days :)

Thursday March 27

We have the winners for the contest! And the winners are...

Matthew Roes - winner of the "Just Pray" DVD
Renee - winner of a Tiffani autograph
Mark Goodliffe - winner of a Tiffani autograph

Thanks to everyone who submitted, you can see the results here.

And to those who didn't win: there will always be a contest where you can win at least something ;) Perhaps the "Fastlane" DVD, hint hint. Speaking of...

We have more info on the "Fastlane" DVD release, lots of exciting special features! The DVD will be in stores July 8th instead of July 1st. Thanks number2 for giving us word about this!

Also, thanks to Donald for letting me know this album is from an episode of "Valerie". If anybody has anything related to Tiffani in that episode, it would be wonderful!

And a small update regarding the 90210 spin-off thanks to Isabelle!

Monday March 24

I'll be going out of town for today and tomorrow, so I figured since I won't be here, I'll keep the contest up until Wednesday. Meaning, Wednesday is the last day I will receive entries. Thursday, I should be selecting winners for the prizes! Good luck everyone, and Happy (late) Easter!

Thursday March 20

I'm glad to hear you guys enjoy the contest! I emailed those who entered the contest to let you know I received your entry. If you didn't get any response from me, then I probably didn't receive it.

Thanks to Isabelle for pointing out more secrets to the 90210 spin-off: Tori and Ian would be happy to come on board! But no word on if Tiffani is appearing. :/ Still, perhaps she could guest-star?

Wednesday March 19

I'm really happy to announce the new contest - Spot The Difference! It's a two-parter, which I hope turns out to be fun for you all.

The great thing about this - is Tiffani and Dean helped out with the prizes this time :) Now you can win their movie, "Just Pray" on DVD or a signed autograph from Tiffani!

Head on over to the contest to enter! And of course, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me :)

Also - there's a new tidbit about Tiff at TMZ.com about going to the American Idol taping!

Saturday March 15

I just wanted to let you all know that there will be a new contest coming in the next few days!

Friday March 14

Thanks to number2 from the forums, for letting us know more about the "Fastlane" DVD, with a street date of July 1st. So exciting!

Also, Isabelle just pointed out to me this: Beverly Hills 90210 Spin-Off eyed by the CW - interesting!

Saturday March 08

There's a tidbit of Tiff in a new Rich Franklin article:


Last fall, he added "leading man" to his repertoire. He appeared in a straight-to-DVD film titled "Weapon," which is in post-production for release later this year.

"I am the weapon," Franklin said, chuckling. "When my agent told me about the offer, I didn't want to do it (because it was such a big role), but they convinced me."

Franklin stars in the film opposite Tiffani Thiessen.

"Before leaving (for filming in Ontario), I bragged to my friends that I had a kissing scene with (Tiffani), but the first day of filming I was so nervous. I'm not an actor. It takes so long to set up each scene ... and it's not filmed in sequence, so you never really know how well you've done."


I guess that answers our question if the movie has a theatre release :/

Sunday February 24

Tiffani was recently at the Spirit Awards Nominees Reception!

And we have some caps from Turney South Network's "My Campaign", awhile back - video.

Saturday February 16

I did a little updating in terms of capping and videos! Pretty much all stuff you've seen before, but check it out -

"American Television" Music Video (thanks to Aaron for his help!)
Tiffani and Brady on Sprig (thanks to Cristoune for this!)

"American Television" Behind The Scenes photos!
"Weapon" Movie Poster
Charlies Angels premiere caps from video
90210 Favorite Moments caps from video
Christmas Special caps from videos
Profiles In Caring: Camp Rainbow Gold caps from videos: #1, #2 and #3.
Peaches & Cream Barbie Commercial caps from video

That's about it - enjoy!

Friday February 15

2:03am - Aaron also spotted some great behind the scenes shots with Tiff on "American Television" music video!


Thanks to Aaron for letting me know about the "Weapon" movie poster on ebay, very cool!

Sunday February 10

1:46am Here's caps to the "American Television" video!


11:50pm Tiffani is in a HILARIOUS new music video with Ben Lee! The song is called "American Television", and the video is brand new. News is on Ben-Lee.com. The lyrics are here if you're curious. (thanks Cristoune!)


There's a little tidbit of Tiff in an article about Christine Elise McCarthy who played Brandon's love interest, Emily Valentine, on Beverly Hills 90210:

Christine is also still friendly with Tiffani Thiessen, who played bad girl Valerie Malone in the long-running FOX series.

"She's doing great and she's married to a great guy," said the actress/photog. "I think that's why Jason and Tiffani are doing so well, because they managed to find really good people to marry."

Friday February 01

Back in March 2006, at the Women's History Month, Ryan Quiambao met Tiffani and shared us his story. Ryan was lucky to meet her again at her birthday celebration, and even gave her a present which made her smile :) You can read his story here and view his pictures.

Thanks Ryan for sharing us your story and pictures :)

Wednesday January 30

Looks like Tiffani had a very FUN time at Pure Nightclub on Friday! You can see pictures here of her hanging out with Brady, R. Dean Johnson, and even the Pussycat Dolls! And check out that delicious looking cake, mm-mmm!

There's a small tidbit of Tiff at Review Journal: "Tiffani Thiessen, dining at Tao Asian Bistro (Venetian) on Saturday before heading up to Tao nightclub."

I also added three caps from The Vine, which was originally found on Eonline.com, and now it's nowhere to be found, grr! I'm sorry guys, it was a small video anyway - so you didn't miss too much ;)

But the important videos are the ones Cristoune found on You Tube!
Tiffani talks about Camp Rainbow Gold #1
Video #2
Video #3


Tuesday January 22

Hey everyone! I just wanted to wish Tiffani a Happy Birthday for tomorrow, she's turning 34!

Thursday January 17

There was a scan in "Las Vegas Weekly" (Jan10-16 issue), thanks to number2 from the forums for scanning this for us:

A birthday celebration for Tiffani Thiessen Pure Nightclub

The news is also over at Pure Night Club.

Very cool. I'm sure Tiffani's going to have a very FUN time this year! :)

Wednesday January 16

Fastlane fans - your wishes have come true! The series is coming to DVD Summer 2008, according to TV Shows on DVD.

Friday January 11

We now have caps from when Tiffani and Brady were on "Sprig". :)

Thanks to David for sending in a cap from Tiffani on Rosie O' Donnell (long time ago!).

Added 3 pics from Hollywood Ending Screening as well as 1 T-Mobile Sidekick Launch Party pics.

We also have three new affiliates on: Roswell, Elizabeth Perkins and Tori Spelling. Enjoy!

Saturday January 05

4:24pm To the right, we have some new polls:

• New movie: 'Weapon' - Your thoughts?
• Which current show would you like to see Tiffani on?
• Your favorite Tiffani happening in 2007 was...

I added the older polls to the poll archives - enjoy!


Happy New Year! I'm sorry I've been MIA lately, with the holidays and things.

Great news! For those of you who wanted a peak at Tiffani's house, you're gonna get it! Tiffani and Brady were seen on "Sprig" (I think it's an online magazine or something). Anyway, you can watch the video here - thanks to cristoune57 from the forums!

Regarding the contest... I think it's actually better if I do it after the holidays (which is now!), since it does get busy around that time. So look for that!