*NOTE: Not all links will work as some are from a previously hosted server.

Saturday December 30

8:18pm - I also wanted to say Happy New Year to everybody. It has been a great year for Tiffani and we've got lots to look forward to in 2007. Look to the right for some new polls!


I added some more pictures to the gallery, all events. I know I have more to fill in. ;)

News for you UK visitors. Looks like Pandemic is coming your way Tuesday, January 2nd at 9pm on Sky One HD! I'm sorry I didn't found out about this sooner, but I just found out in this article.

If anyone happens to catch the movie, how about sending in a review? I'm sure everyone's quite curious about the movie :)

Tuesday December 26

Thanks to Jeed for giving word about this video with Tiffani at the Charlies Angels Premiere!

Sunday December 24

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!

Friday December 22

Thanks to Vanessa, we have a 90210 music video, Christmas themed from seasons 2-6. Click here to be taken to the download page - thanks Vanessa!

Wednesday December 20

Both the gallery (with a new layout!) and video archive is back up! Although, the gallery is 5000 pictures short, and is quite unorganized, but enjoy what it is for now!

Monday December 11

My apologies on not keeping the updates flowing. It's been crazy busy on my side of town!

Anyway, Vanessa sent in another amazing music video, this time on David and Valerie. You can download here or watch it through youtube.com!

Saturday December 09

If you guys are getting audio, but no picture for the Biography video, download this then it should work!

Friday December 08

Three good things to share with you:

1.) Aaron was awesome in sharing us the video to Jason Priestley's Biography in great quality, thanks Aaron! You can also see a zip file of pictures from that here (I'll be adding about 50 or so of these images to the gallery later).

2.) The reuploading of the gallery is coming along quickly :) My guess is, it's about 65% done!

3.) There's also a new layout coming soon, it's all designed, just have to find time to get it up here! Well, enjoy!

Monday December 04

1:20am There is an amazing new interview from WOW!, an ezine.

Tiffani shares info about Fins and Tales, her accomplishments, career advice and dazzles us with her heart of gold. This girl is amazing!


Thanks to Katie for letting me know that Tiffani will be on "Biography" for Jason Priestley tomorrow night 8pm EST on the Biography channel! I'll try to get us a video, but I'm not certain on that..

Sunday November 26

Looks like Tiffani's Just Pray qualifies for official GRAMMY nomination consideration! The information at the official site is as follows:

"The National Academy of recording Arts & Sciences Committee has placed Paul Doucette’s Score from "Just Pray" on the official ballot for the 2007 Grammy Awards. Doucette and the film earned nomination consideration in the following categories: Best Pop Instrumental Performance and Best Song Written for Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media. The official Grammy nominees will be announced later this year."

Thanks to TiffaniBrady at the forums for the heads up!

Thursday November 23

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you all feast yourselves and have fun with your families!

Tuesday November 21

New affiliate on O Town - check them out :)

Monday November 20

Wow! Tiffani went to an event last Friday, and she looks absolutely glowing! Check her and Brady out at the Wish Night 2006 Awards Gala.

Saturday November 18

I got part one of the store's up - the Amazon store which includes Saved by the Bell DVDs, Beverly Hills 90210 memorabilia, all of her main DVD and VHS to buy. I didn't find anything Fastlane related, sorry.

The money generated from this will, of course, go towards the site seeing as it's getting a little pricey as of late :) Enjoys!

Friday November 17

Hey guys! Here's a little rundown of what's all going on/coming up:

- new layout (eventually, it has to happen sometime soon :P)
- the store (both an amazon store and the t-shirt/mugs selling store)
- holiday contest! we had one last year, and I'm definitely doing one this year!

Both GotMedia? and ThiessenPictures will be down for some time. Seeing as thiessenpictures.com overcomes a lot of traffic, it will be moved to a new server.

Once again, I'm very sorry for the downtime of all the media. At least this way, I can focus my attention on other aspects of the site. Thank you for your patience!

Wednesday November 15

GotMedia and ThiessenPictures are both still down. My host is looking into it. Sorry for the inconvenience...

Tiffani was present at the "Dancing with the Stars" show to support Mario! We don't have any pics or vids from this (seeing as she was just in the audience), but we have links confirming this: MercuryNews, MyOxIsBroken. How cool :)

Tuesday November 14

FYI: gotmedia.org and thiessenpictures.com is down. It shouldn't be down for long, should be up sometime today!

Also, I added a bunch of exclusive goodies for you forum members. Check them out here (you have to scroll up a bit!).

Saturday November 04

In the creative mood, I added 4 icons and 2 800x600 wallpapers!

Friday November 03

Over at the SBTB: Now! Forum, Katie posted a new interview on Mark-Paul, in which he talks a lot about Tiffani!

By the way, we have some new polls over to the right!

Thursday November 02

I've added a whole bunch of screencaps!

From season 5: Things That Go Bang in the Night, Intervention (I forgot to add some caps).

From season 6: Courting, Fortunate Son, Angels We Have Heard On High (forgot some caps here too) and Snowbound.

From season 10: Ode To Joy. Also a Dr Dolittle 2 photo!

I also double checked all the "Two Guys and a Girl" videos, so they all work now :) Enjoy!

Monday October 30

Happy Halloween!

I've added the Ode To Joy (the last episode) 90210 video. There was one already there, but the quality was a little poor, this is a bit a better.

We also have new affiliates on Uma Thurman, Ryan Phillipe and Naomi Watts. Plus, one new caption this and favorite tiffani role.

Saturday October 28

11:43pm We have a new look at the forum and check out the exclusives thread for some rare goodies (videos)!


A few days ago, Tiffani attended the Popsy Boutique Launch Party Benefiting The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation sportin' a new hairstyle.

Look out later on for some videos! :)

Friday October 27

Thanks to Jess, we have two scans from Ok Weekly August 28 2006!

Monday October 23

Two SBTB videos have been added: "Screech's Spaghetti Sauce" and "Student-Teacher Week" - both goodies :)

I recently made an 800x600 and 1024x768 Wallpaper, enjoy!

Saturday October 21

Looks like college is getting the best of me this semester!

Thanks to Vanessa for sending in 4 90210 music videos, all worth the watch :) And we have that She Fought Alone music video now uploaded to gotmedia? for easy download! Enjoy!

Saturday October 14

We have 4 new affiliates on: Natalia Tena, Jennie Garth, Jewel and One Tree Hill as well as 3 Tiffani role submissions.

Updates have been a little dim, huh? I'll see if I can add some videos/caps in this week!

Tuesday October 10

Added a new poll - it's Halloween related, heh!

Saturday October 07

We have some caps from SBTB: Love Machine, Isn't It Romantic?, Screech's Spaghetti Sauce, The Bayside Triangle and Wrestling with the Future.

Friday October 06

Hello, I'm still here :) My apologies on the lack of updating...anyway, I added 1 90210 from Season 8's, "Santa Knows".

I'll be switching it up to some SBTB episodes: videos and caps this week!

Wednesday September 27

One new 90210 video from Season 8's, "Illegal Tender". Enjoy!

Sunday September 24

We now have pictures of Tiff at the 1st Annual Los Angeles Wedding Salon, she looks fantastic!

Saturday September 23

We have a new music video, sent in anonymously - so thank you to that person, you know who you are! It features Tiff from She Fought Alone - it's an amazing and beautiful video.

When you click on the rapidshare link - head down to a button that says "Free", click, and then you should see a time that you have to wait till it gets to 0. When it gets to 0, you have to type in the three character's to the left and hit "download" (something like that).

Don't worry - I will be uploading this to gotmedia.org soon for easier downloading :)

Friday September 22

2:04am Yesterday, Tiff attended the 1st Annual Los Angeles Wedding Salon. You can see pictures at Getty here. Check out the forum ("news") for some exclusives! Thanks to Tiff Style for the heads up!


It seems as if the majority of the "Two Guys and a Girl" videos were not reuploaded from when we moved servers - sorry about that, but they should all be working now! And the 90210 episode, "Offensive Interference" clip 4 works now!

I capped SBTB's, "The Friendship Business" from Season 1 which I missed, oops! Thanks to forum members for letting me know about these errors :)

Tuesday September 19

90210's Season 7 caps are now complete with: I Only Have Eyes For You and All That Jazz.

Caps from Season 6's: Angels We Have Heard On High, Turn Back The Clock and Fade In, Fade Out.

Misc pictures from Charlies Angels 2 Premiere, SBTB Cast and a HQ still from Season 5's P.S. I Love You (2). Enjoy!

Monday September 18

Finally, the "Up In Flames" video has been added. I know someone requested it awhile back, hope you enjoy :)

And there are a few videos that are not working, I will be fixing them shortly and letting you know when they're fixed, sorry for the inconvenience.

Sunday September 17

We now have caps from Season 7's, Spring Breakdown, Heaven Sent and The Long Good-Bye.

Wednesday September 13

3:47am 3 new favorite tiffani role's!


We have new questions and answers from the ever-amazing Tiff! Click here to be taken to the page to read! She definitely clears up a few things and gives us insight to editing "Just Pray".

Don't forget - if you have a question to ask Tiffani - go to the Talkin' With Tiffani page at the bottom, click "submit questions here" to pop-up a window and ask your question!

We have new videos from Season 5's, 90210: "Hazardous To Your Health" - it's a goodie!

Tuesday September 05

6:30pm Added 90210 caps! To: Christmas Comes This Time Each Year, Sentenced To Life, Sweating It Out and Hazardous To Your Health. Look out for videos later this week!


Four new affiliates on: Alexa Nikolas, Alyson Stoner, Liliana Mumy and Shannen Doherty.

Thanks to Anna we have another forum signature with a matching avatar!

Selin surprised me with an email regarding new dolls, take a look - they're fabulous!

Finally, we have two submissions to: What is your favorite Tiffani role?

Monday September 04

Thanks so much to Anders, we now have the MTV Live video, which was aired on May 15 1998! Go ahead and watch.

Here is a link that talks about "Just Pray", which gives information we haven't heard about the film. Thanks to TiffaniBrady, at the forum, for pointing this out!

Saturday September 02

Yesterday, Tiffani and Brady attended the Telluride Film Festival, head over to the gallery for photos! How cute are those boots?

Sunday August 27

10:17pm Added Child Star Confidential caps!


I added that "Child Star Confidential" video, thanks to Chaz!

In the video, it talks about Tiffani being in a made for tv movie, Stroller Wars? Huh...not sure what that's all about considering it wasn't even picked up!

Saturday August 26

Looks like Tiffani will be on "Child Star Confidential" - a look at TV princesses, the femme fatales of the small screen who launched a thousand magazine spreads, gossip columns and "where are they now?" articles.

The show will be airing at 5:00pm today EDT (a little late notice), however; it will be reairing tomorrow at 1:30pm EDT on the ETV channel, among later dates.

I added 12 new icons!

Thursday August 24

One new 90210 video from "Deadline" where Valerie finds out who really paid David off!

Also, a new look at the forum!

Monday August 21

Tons more caps! From season 6: One Wedding and a Funeral, Offensive Interference, Breast Side Up, Smashed, Flirting with Disaster, Strike the Match and The Big Hurt.

Plus two clips from 90210: "Friends, Lovers and Children" and "Child of the Night".

I also added 3 photos in the "exclusives recap" thread in the forum, join if you haven't!

Friday August 18

Loads more caps! I realized I forgot to cap many episodes from the earlier seasons, so I'll be finishing those before I move on with season 8.

So here are 90210 caps from season 5: Up In Flames (which I will be videoing, someone requested it awhile back!), Injustice For All; 90210 caps from season 7: Mother's Day, Senior Week, Graduation Day (1) and Graduation Day (2).

Thanks to Momi for 2 Ivans XTC caps! We have 2 more images from the World Music Awards '98 and a Fastlane Promo in HQ.

Oh, but that's not all! I added a video from 90210's, "Toil And Trouble". And if you're a fan of "Carly" from 90210, visit Hilary Swank Fan for some videos on her!

Thursday August 17

3:33pm Added 90210 caps from Pride and Prejudice, Toil and Trouble, Friends, Lovers and Children, Child of the Night, Deadline and Friends In Deed.


News Tiffani was recently at the Camp Rainbow Gold in honor of children fighting cancer! You can read up about this in the news section!

I added a video from 90210, "Pride and Prejudice" - it's a goodie! And I have some caps later, but the gallery isn't working at the moment...

Tuesday August 15

Thanks so much to Chaz for a video from Charles In Charge, "There's A Girl In My Ficus". You can watch it here and view caps, here!

Sunday August 13

We have some really rare goodies from Cristelle! Check out the photos of Tiffani here from graduation, baby photos, sbtb on set and her with Mark-Paul!

I also added a video from SBTB: "Cut Day". 90210 videos next!

Friday August 11

Just reminding you all - tomorrow is when "Just Pray" hits the RIIFF Film Festival in which the movie may get nominated for the Oscars!

For those who are going - I hope you enjoy the event! For those still unsure what I am talking about, please click here for the info.

And good luck to Tiffani and her movie tomorrow!

Monday August 7

Just letting you know the photos and media (ie. videos, audio) are down, but they should be back up some time today. I called my host and they said it was something with the server, a server reboot? But no worries :)

Look out for videos / caps throughout the week!

I updated the past layouts page with a snippet from the very beginning ;)

Friday August 4

I started off the Season 5 DVD of SBTB with screencaps from episodes: The Fight and Student Teacher Week.

Thursday August 3

Thanks so much to Austin Brooks for sending in a photo of him and Tiffani on the set of "Pandemic". This is what he had to say about her:

"She plays Dr.Kayla Martin, with the CDC who is trying to stop a bird flu virus that has infected L.A. I worked last week as the LAX Air Traffic Controller who tries to quarantine the airplane that brings the virus from Australia. Unfortunately, someone gets off the plane and the pandemic begins.

Tiffany was great and after lunch, she posed for a few shots of me and her before trying to get a flight to Houston where she and her husband were going to visit his family."

Thanks again, Austin!

I added a few more icons as well as 2 lovely forum signatures courtesy of Anna!

Finally, we have some affiliates for you to visit on your way out ..;) Just Jenna Boyd, 90210 Fans Forum and Jennie Garth Online.

Wednesday August 2

Important News

I have been contacted by Al Gomes who is coordinating an important event for Tiffani, in which her film "Just Pray" could nominated for the ACADEMY AWARDS (among others). But to know if Tiffani will have good chances, the show must be SOLD OUT. Please read below for all the information or click here to read outside the frame!


You are coordially invited
to the exclusive East Coast screening of
Tiffani Thiessen's directorial film debut 'Just Pray'
at the 10th Anniversary RI International Film Festival

Saturday, August 12 at 6:30 pm

The Columbus Theatre Arts Center

270 Broadway in Providence, RI

Admission: $10

The screenings will be part of the 'Actor Turned Filmmaker Showcase' and will also feature the producing and directorial film debuts of superstars Gwyneth Paltrow, Tori Spelling, Adrian Grenier and Michael Damian.

The films also feature all-new original scores and songs by Grammy Award-winning artists including Paul Doucette (Matchbox 20) and Tanya Donelly (Belly), along with Andrew Chukerman (composer for 'Frasier,' 'Charmed,' keyboardist for Rod Stewart), Lori McKenna (Faith Hill songwriter), and actress Lisa Zane ('ER').

The films also feature such stars as Charlie Shanian, Jason Priestley, Carmen Electra and Randy Spelling (brother of Tori Spelling).

Charlie Shanian, Randy Spelling and Michael Damian will hold a question and answer session after the screenings.

For further information, call Al Gomes at 401-274-4770

The Rhode Island International Film Festival is a qualifying festival with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the Best Short Live Action Film for their annual Academy Awards of which Tiffani's film now in official consideration for.

Also, Tiffani's film is now in consideration to be submitted to the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences' Grammy Awards in one or more of the following categories: Best Score, Best Song Written for A Film, and Best Compilation Soundtrack for A Motion Picture.

Advance ticket sales for screenings and special events are available through the RIIFF website ( http://www.rifilmfest.org ). Student, group, and senior discounts are also available but only in advance. To purchase tickets or obtain information about any aspect of RIIFF, call 401-861-4445, or email info@film-festival.org or log onto http://www.rifilmfest.org .

See you there!

'Actor Turned Filmmaker Showcase' Screenings On Saturday, August 12, 2006 Are As Follows:

The Columbus Theatre Arts Center Cinematheque (Upstairs)
4:30 pm screening includes:
'Hot Tamale' (Directed by Michael Damian)

'Dealbreaker' (Directed by Gwyneth Paltrow)
'Euthanasia' (Directed by Adrian Grenier)
Other films include: 'Hold Please,' 'Gnome' and 'Across the Hall'

The Columbus Theatre Arts Center Cinematheque (Upstairs)
6:30 pm screening includes:
'Just Pray' (Directed by Tiffani Thiessen /
Music by Paul Doucette, Lori McKenna and Tanya Donelly)

'Le Chase' (Directed by and starring Charlie Shanian /
Produced by Tori Spelling / Score by Andrew Chukerman)
'Transgressions' (Directed by Valerie Weiss /
Music by Paul Doucette)

Other films include: 'Dysfunction' and 'A Little Light'

Tuesday August 1

There's a new video at youtube.com, SBTB Cast at Universal, thanks to Renee at the forums for the word, and SBTB Corner for publishing it!

We have a new affiliate, please visit I Heart 90210.

Thursday July 27

We hit the 20,000 picture mark, wow! Shall we try for 30? lol.

Lots of 90210 screencaps from: Comic Relief, Santa Knows, Ready Or Not, Illegal Tender, The Elephant's Father and Rebound.

Thanks to Barb for the Details August 2006 scan as well at this SBTB Hawaiian scan!

Thanks to Isabelle for more HQ goodness (Fastlane and Two Guys and a Girl). Enjoy!

Wednesday July 26

3:14am I just got word from Barb that Mark-Paul and Tiffani are in this months Details magazine! You can take a look at the photo here (found on the official Details website). If anybody could get scans, that would be appreciated. Otherwise, pick up your copy today!


Two new videos from SBTB from "Rockumentary" - definitely one to see!

Tuesday July 25

8:19pm There's another news article to this! It shares nearly all of them same information, click here!

I've added nearly 800 pictures today - I kinda went cap crazy. Seasons 3 and 4 of SBTB are all finished with: All In The Mall, Cut Day, Date Auction, Home For Christmas (1), Home For Christmas (2), Mystery Weekend, Rocumentary, The Game and The Last Weekend. I'm currently awaiting Season 5 in the mail so I can cap that too!

Added some scans (last two) and 90210 Promos (last six).

Thanks to Isabelle for the first 3 HQ stills of GMM as well Fastlane HQ's: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

That's about it. More HQ goodness coming soon!


OMG! News!! Read this:

Tiffani Thiessen and Faye Dunaway will try to save the world in "Pandemic," a four-hour miniseries set to air on the Hallmark Channel next summer.

After inexplicable flu-like symptoms kill a young man aboard an airliner en route to Los Angeles from Australia, Thiessen's character, a doctor at the Centers for Disease Control, must race against the clock and across the globe to find Patient Zero as the virus spreads.

Full article here. Oh this is so exciting! Although I'm not sure why they said next summer, when imdb.com has it as November 16 2006? Talk about this in the forum!

Monday July 24

9:02pm Lots of screencaps! From SBTB episodes: Hold Me Tight (the filenames begin at 109, I messed it up while doing it. the beginning is really at 109), Palm Springs Weekend (1), Palm Springs Weekend (2) and the SAT's.

Rare Collection #10 is now in HQ! I also added better (a little bigger and better quality) to some pictures in Rare 5 (like the ones with her and Richard). And some HQ's from Hawaiian Style.

Oh and there's a new poll: "Out of the SBTB's, what's your favorite?"


Oops! Sorry, I'm an idiot :P The SBTB videos now work! A picture update coming very soon.

Sunday July 23

3 new SBTB videos: "No Hope For Dope", "Palm Springs Weekend (1)" (a good video for Kelly and Zach fans, tsk tsk) and "Palm Springs Weekend (2)". Enjoy!

Saturday July 22

10:06pm For those of you who may not know what a short tv series is (cause I didn't!), it's a 2-4 night event much like "Taken" which premiered some time ago. Thanks Erin!


8:24pm NEWS!! Looks like Tiffani's back to acting!! She's cast in "Pandemic" which is a short tv series as Kayla Martin.

Plot The bird flu virus spreads through Los Angeles as a doctor from the CDC races to find a vaccine.

Release Date November 15 2006 USA

For more information, take a look at the imdb.com. Thanks to TiffaniBrady from the forums. Discuss this in the forums!


8:23pm It has been reported that the 1st Beverly Hills 90210 season will be released on DVD November 7th! Of course that season does not have Tiffani, but at least this gets the ball rolling! Click here for more information. Thanks Renee for the heads up!


I've added 14 new icons! And we have three new affiliates: Nic-Kidman.com, Speak! Designs and Sweet and Talented, all worth visits!

Friday July 21

I'm back! And I have some videos for you: "The Way We Weren't" and "Coming Home".

In the next few days, I'll be adding some SBTB videos; we haven't had those in awhile!

Saturday July 15

Hey guys! Just letting you know I will be away for a week, maybe a week and a half to go on vacation (whoo!). If there's any news on Tiffani, continue to visit her official site and the forum!

Okay see you all in a week or so (with lots of video updates!!).

Friday July 14

3:46pm Two, no three videos in one day, what more could one ask for? So I added the second Aloha Beverly Hills, and a requested video clip from that same episode:

Kelly gets shot (it's really shocking!).


Woot! A video from 90210: "Aloha Beverly Hills" - click here for the videos page.

Thursday July 13

Sorry for the lack of updating - going away next week and have tons of work before I go! Anyways, I have two lovely affiliates for you all: Beau Monde Designs and Hilary Swank Fan.

Also, Stef has RAVE featured over at her site, thanks girlie!

Sunday July 09

Today marks the first year Tiffani and Brady have been married! Happy 1 Year Aniversary from all of us!

happy aniversary

Saturday July 08

I forgot to add the rest of the Buried Secrets photos from the move, but now they're in there! I added a HQ version of this photo. Thanks to Denise for this promo!

And we now have caps from Season 8 of 90210: Aloha Beverly Hills 1 and Aloha Beverly Hills 2 (sorry for the bad quality!). You'll notice I missed a few from Season 7; the DVD I got is messed up - I can't even open it on my computer, grr!

Finally, I added 11 avatars and 1 affiliate on Marley Shelton.

Friday July 07

Thanks to Britney, we have 5 new beautiful icons!

New affiliates! On: Beverly Hills 90210 Season 1 (best viewed in IE!), Donna Martin, Steve Sanders and David and Donna - join if you're a fan!

Tuesday July 03

Happy July! Hope you are all are having fun so far!

One video: Beverly Hills 90210 Season 8 Credits (which is pretty similar to Season 9). In the forum, I added several goodies in the "exclusives" category.

Quite a few affiliates on: Rosario Dawson; plus many fanlistings for you to join (if you're a fan): David Silver, Dylan McKay, The Characters of 90210, Beverly Hills 90210 Season 2, Season 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Friday June 30

Two videos from 90210: "All That Jazz" (another good one!) and a promo commercial.

Thursday June 29

One video on 90210 "I Only Have Eyes For You" - it's a goodie!

Wednesday June 28

The news archive has been revamped, much nicer and all the internal links work now! I made some new support buttons and added/updated the fansites page.


Lots of screencaps! From 90210: My Funny Valentine, With This Ring, Straight Shooter, A Ripe Young Age and Storm Warning.

Plus Allison made us some nice icons!

Monday June 26

Added some more icons! Plus, we got one video from 90210, "Storm Warning".

Are you a member of the forum? If you are - get in there and chat! We have 600+ members and only a few people are talking. We don't bite :)

Saturday June 24

Photo update! I added a bunch of scans, some events, magazine covers. You can see here.

Friday June 23

I created 13 more icons; plus we have the video from 90210, "A Ripe Young Age". Enjoy!

Thursday June 22

Two more videos for you guys (from 90210): "With This Ring" and "Straight Shooter".

And for some of you who may be wondering - there will be a new design here...I'd like to say soon, but I'm gonna go with this summer, just in case :)

Friday June 16

I've added one video to 90210: "My Funny Valentine". And there were two videos from 90210's "Violated" that were not working. Those both work now!

Thursday June 15

It seems as if Tiffani answered another round of questions from her fans! Head on over to the Talkin' With Tiffani page or to her Official Site to read the answers!

Monday June 12

More caps from 90210: Jobbed, Phantom of C.U. and Unnecessary Roughness.

Saturday June 10

Exciting News! Thanks to Tiff Style from the forums for this:

Saved by the Book
TV actress-turned-short film director and producer Tiffani (scratch the Amber) Thiessen, of Fastlane and Beverly Hills 90210 fame, is eager to join the ranks of Madonna, Billy Crystal and Jamie Lee Curtis in the celebrity children's book writer category. But the author of the manuscript Fins and Tales, co-written by R. Dean Johnson (Life. Be There at Ten 'Til), hopes to take her new career venture a step further than her fellow star-writers: her lit agent Jennifer DeChiara at the Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency is not only shopping the expected nine-part series—young-at-heart tales told from the perspective of Thiessen's two dogs, two cats and pet fish—as a children's book series but as an animated film as well—and has already gotten some nibbles from producers.

Source: Publishers Weekly.

I added more caps from 90210: Gift Wrapped, Face Off and We Interrupt This Program.

Wednesday June 07

8:27pm Added 90210 caps to: Here We Go Again, A Mate For Life, Disappearing Act, Pledging My Love and Housewarming.


There's a new article about 90210: "What happened to the class of 90210?" here, where Tiffani comments on herself:

"I'm a very free spirit; there are two sides to me, completely. If I could take you into my closet, you'd go, 'Yep, you're right.' It's split right down the middle. I have just as many sweatshirts as I have sweaters. I have just as many jeans as I have black pants."

Tuesday June 06

Ok, so much for updating yesterday...sorry for that :/

Today I added 2 videos from SBTB: Wedding In Las Vegas! Note: they're not all of Tiffani's scenes in the movie. I'm not going to add all of them...

I also added 9 more icons.

Monday June 05

I've added some more icons, me just dabbing away! Expect updates later today.

Sunday June 04

Quite a few pictures from SBTB: Wedding In Las Vegas: Screencaps, DVD Menus, Covers/Posters and Behind The Scenes.

Saturday June 03

A few random things here today. I added 4 clippings - plus I noticed that we are missing some photos in the 90210 Promo's section - those will be added shortly.

I fixed up the videos page. You'll notice there are now pages for each of Tiffani's major shows, hopefully to decrease waiting time upon loading. And I added one video from Season 8 of 90210: "Aunt Bea's Pickle's".

Finally, I created some new icons for either Live Journal, MSN or what have you.

Be sure to pay a visit to the new SBTB: Now!; the girls did an excellant job with the revamp!

Thursday June 01

I've added 15 screencaps from some videos on YouTube! And we have one video from 90210 "Housewarming".

Wednesday May 31

3:54am 9 more HQ 90210 Videos added (from BH130B to the end)! That's currently all I have to offer in the way of HQ 90210 clips and well of the general cast. Maybe in the future, I'll add more clips like these!

Not too long ago, I remember Tiffani was on VH1's Teen Stars (of the 90s?). Unfortunately, Chaz couldn't make a video for us, but I just found it on youtube.com! Click here to take a look (note: no audio, just picture).


Three more 90210 videos: "A Mate For Life", "Disappearing Act" and "Pledging My Love".

Tuesday May 30

We have two new videos from 90210: "Remember The Alamo" and "Here We Go Again".

Sunday May 28

Looks like all the HQ 90210 Clips are up! If you find any that aren't working, please let me know. I will try and check them on a daily basis.

Added caps from 90210's season 7: Remember The Alamo, If I Had A Hammer and Judgement Day.

Saturday May 27

2:23am New look at the forum, guys! A spring/summer scheme this time. Happy Memorial Day tomorrow!

I've added several great photos today: some rare photoshoots, Tiffani at the "Home for the Holidays" premiere, some of Brian and Tiffani. You'll also notice I made this and this album now in the 90210 section.

Plus! One video of Buried Secrets, thanks to tatjma aka Rob from the forums!

Friday May 26

3:44am Last, but not least, we have a new batch of polls to the right. There's a total of four now, and the poll archives are here.


2:58am Thanks to Jeed for sending me over this link from the Cerritos College, a photo and some info! *Note: this link only shows up in Internet Explorer.


2:28am We have quite a few more affiliates here! Links on: Katherine Heigl, Jennifer Finnigan, Romola Garai, Gilmore Girls, Kate Moss, Avril Lavigne, January Jones, Laura Linney, Liv Tyler, Claire Danes, Renee Zellweger, Edward Norton and Alexis Bledel. Be sure to take a look at those webmasters hard at work ;)


We have a new section: music videos, which is a montage of different scenes from a certain tv show, movie, etc. on a subject. This time around, I did Valerie and David of 90210! I'll be doing a Fastlane one soon. And hey, if anybody else creates one, I'd love to put it on here for everyone to see :)

I also added more HQ 90210 Videos (up to BH098.zip).

Wednesday May 24

Back to caps! I've added 90210 Season 7 caps from: Fearless, The Things We Do For Love, Loser Takes All and Lost In Las Vegas.

All the exclusives in the forum are now back! And I uploaded some more HQ 90210 Videos (up to BH068.zip, but there's two missing before that). Enjoy!

Sunday May 20

I've added some great scans into the gallery, lots of oldies! Can you believe this was Tiff? Looongg time ago!

I got two more videos to upload, some are corrupted, grr! Plus - most of the exclusives now work in the forum - why not join?

Also - I would like to give a shout out to MarkPaulGosselaar.Net. It has come to my attention that some of the photos, here, were originally from her site, so I apologize. Take a look at her site - you won't be disappointed!

Monday May 15

Great news! The videos section is back! All videos should work, however; there are still 6 that have yet to be uploaded and I will get those up shortly.

And some of the HQ 90210 clips are up, up to BH028.zip :)

Wednesday May 10

6:44pm I just realized there's tons of videos of Tiffani on youtube.com! Click here for some. Lots of Saved by the Bell, Beverly Hills 90210 and Fastlane.

In Style magazine online currently has this poll to vote for your favorite sexy stars - and well why not Tiffani? Click here to be taken to the voting page, and vote for Tiffani! (You have to type in her name)

Friday May 05

Good news > I'm about 75% done with the videos section. Don't try and download any of them, they're not in the correct folders. When I'm done with uploading, I'll resort them. :)

And we have new affiliates on: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Brittany Snow, Pamela Anderson, Uma Thurman, Marcia Cross, Shannyn Sossamon.

Sunday April 30

More places to indulge your eyes and ears on, affiliates! On: Saffon Burrows, Usher Raymond, Eva Longoria, Navi Rawat, Balthazar Getty, Summer Glau, Natalie Portman, Johnny Depp and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. Enjoy :)

Saturday April 29

Wee! More affiliates! Visit sites on Melissa George, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jenna Boyd, Cote De Pablo and Bonnie Wright.

Keep visiting the forum!

Friday April 28

We have some new affiliates! On: Alyssa Milano, Alicia Silverstone, Carmen Giovinazzo and Chloe Sevigny. Go take a look!

Monday April 24

90210 Screencaps from: Ticket To Ride, Ray Of Hope, You Say It's Your Birthday (1) and You Say It's Your Birthday (2).

We have some new support buttons thanks to Twisted-Serene, they're lovely!

This will be the last update for awhile (unless it's news) because all my time/uploading will be going towards getting back the videos section. Hopefully it shouldn't take too long..but I'm guessing it'll take more than a week or two :/ Well enjoy!

Sunday April 23

Over 400 pics added today! Finished up the Fastlane caps with: Defense, Gone Native, Offense and Things Done Changed.

Two episodes capped from SBTB Season's 1+2: Aloha Slater and The Substitute. It's back to 90210 caps after this update!

Finally, one new affiliate on: Clive Owen!

Saturday April 22

Whoo, got some pics! Caps from Fastlane's 101. Couldn't cap the whole thing cause the DVD I bought on eBay doesn't work right :) Sigh.

Friday April 21

News! Tiffani's production company, Tit 4 Tat Productions was updated recently. The first bit of news there says, "Tit 4 Tat Duo Featured in "My South" Campaign" where there is information regarding this and a video with R. Dean Johnson and Tiff!

Keep visiting the forum; there have been a few videos added recently in the exclusives section. And for those who haven't joined yet - join today! You're missing out!

Picture updates coming this weekend!

Friday April 14

More photos! Caps from All That And Mary Too, Coming Out, Getting Out, Going Out and Leap Of Faith.

I added some Shriek photos that I forgot to add since the move. Finally, Tiffani's high school yearbook photo.

We also have two caption this! and one affiliate on Beverly Hills 90210. :)

Tuesday April 11

I've added many great photos today! We have scans from: Saippuaoopera, Teen May 1989 and YM May 1995.

Newly added photos to the following galleries: Rare 3, Rare 5, Rare 19, Rare 24, Rare 25, Rare 26.

New sets! Including: Set 6 and Set 7. Two from Christmas Shopping, plus some photoshoots (some are the same, but better quality) and in there I added some Advertisements from Tropical Blend and Until. ENJOY! :)

Monday April 10

I've added lots of photos! Caps from 90210: Bleeding Hearts, Flying and Nancy's Choice. Thanks to April, we have scans from Good Medicine September 1999.

Some other random photos are here, enjoy!

Plus we have two caption this! submissions.

Friday April 07

11:04pm I've done a little tweaking around here; there's always something to do! There's a new caption this! so feel free to submit. I've also added more avatars!

The gallery is coming along nicely. I think tonight will be the last batch before we'll finally be caught up, yipee! Also, I forgot to mention Faith who was kind enough to install Coppermine for me. Thank you :)

Friday March 31

9:35pm Looks like Tiffani's official site was updated! The site states, "In February 2006, Tiffani accepted an invitation to serve on the National Advisory Council of the Make-A-Wish Foundation – the world’s largest wish-granting organization." Go to her site to found out more!

Also (don't remember If I mentioned anything), but there's a picture of Jason Priestley's wedding that you guys probably haven't seen!


Tiffani's wedding dress is #5 in In Touch magazine's Top 10 Most Glamorous Wedding Gowns! You can see her and others here.

Thursday March 30

There's a new article on the Cerritos College event! You can read the article here.

Also, today is the start date of the Vail Film Festival, in which Tiffani will be judging..keep your eyes peeled for any news/pics as so will I!

Tuesday March 28

Be sure to stop by the gallery, I'm still adding photos! And..check out the photoshoots section. We have new sets! New photos (in the sense of RAVE not having these) are: Rare 18, Rare 21, Rare 20, Rare 23.

Sunday March 26

Note The video archive will be down for a little bit as I move over to a new server. If anybody has a fast upload connection and would be willing to help me out, I'd be greatful :) Either PM me in the message board or contact me.

Also! David Lipper ("She Fought Alone" with Tiffani), is coming out with his movie "Black Widower" this Monday at 9pm EST on Lifetime. Most recently he did a radio interview and there's quite a few mentions about Tiffani. Apparently, David and Tiffani were going to be in a pilot..but it was never picked up. So check it out and watch the movie!!

Saturday March 25

We now have about 7800+ pics in the gallery! Be sure to check out the photoshoots section...there might be a few pics you didn't see yet!

Thursday March 23

12:04am Thanks to Ryan, we have photos of Tiffani at the Women's History Month at the Cerritos College!


Hey guys! The gallery is making it's way back with 3500+ pictures!

Also, a little tidbit the other day about 90210 being on DVD in the future. According to New Haven Advocate, Aaron Spelling has been trying to get the DVD together for about two years, but couldn't because of Shannen Doherty who is making "all sorts of unreasonable demands" on making special features for the show.

Important Anybody who sent me email and did not get a reply..if you sent it to webmaster@tiffanithiessen.org or even peace14@enter.net please send to ravetiffani@gmail.com please send all email there. The enter.net one is just not working half the time. Thank you :)

Sunday March 19

The gallery is back (and staying for good this time)! We now have a grand total of ..67 pictures! lol, I have to reupload everything so it's gonna take some time. And..no more pink layout!

I've added caps to Tiffani and Brady on ET Extra. I'll be uploading more throughout the week, so keeping checking back!

Saturday March 18

6:22pm This morning I got a great email from Ryan, who met Tiffani at the Women's History Month event at the Cerritos College! He told me of many things that I never knew about Tiff! She's really quite inspiring. You can read his story here. And if you also met Tiff yourself, why not tell us about it - we'd love to hear :)

Thank you again Ryan!


1 90210 video from "You Say It's Your Birthday" (it does work). The first "Ticket to Ride" doesn't, so I'll be reuploading it today. Sorry for that.

Also! Tiffani answered another round of questions at her official site! You can read the questions there or here.

Wednesday March 15

Hey guys! Got around to adding 2 90210 videos from "Ticket To Ride" :)

Also: when emailing me, please put some kind of keyword in the subject line related to Tiffani and the site. Possibly, "Rave" or "Tiffani" so I know to open it. I get a lot of junk mail everyday, and it's hard to go through it all. Thanks!

Sunday March 12

3 videos from Fastlane (yup, had to switch it up): "Girls Own Juice" and two promo's!

Oh yeah, and I got word that some of the HQ 90210 weren't working ..meh..sorry about that - will fix soon.

Saturday March 11

I've added more HQ 90210 Clips!; there's still some more left to be added. There's some ones with Tiff in there too!

Friday March 10

4:07am I did some cleaning up/updating around here! We now have a Saved by the Bell page in the filmography section, which has also been tweaked. I also updated her biography with the updated information. ...whew good night!

1:14am New polls :) Go vote! Older ones can be found here.

12:26pm Good news! Tiffani will be attending the 2006 Vail Film Festival, but as a juror this time, judging the movies! She'll be judging along side Dean Johnson (the writer of "Just Pray") and David Gaynes. The festival lasts through March 30-April 2. This news found at Vail Daily, thanks to Mandy!

2 90210 clips: "Coming Out, Getting Out, Going Out" and "Smashed".

Plus, thanks to TiffStyle from the forums, we have a new quote!

What are your favorite red carpet gems?
"Vintage earrings. The look is clean and classy. Because you want all the attention to be on your dress."

That was found here; enjoy!

Thursday March 09

I added an "exclusive" to the forum for members only :) Go join and check out the "Exclusives" thread!

Wednesday March 08

3 90210 video clips: "Leap Of Faith" and "Loser Takes All" - from Season 7, it was a requested clip! Enjoy!

Tuesday March 07

1 90210 video clip: "All That And Mary Too".

Also, I know the gallery is down..I'll try and fix it. But enjoy the videos for now!

Sunday March 05

I've added some great videos, guys! 4 90210 videos from: "Flying" and "Bleeding Hearts". You don't want to miss it! Enjoy ;)

Saturday March 04

11:38pm Some new affiliates! On: Abigail Breslin, Denise Richards, Emma Watson, Charlize Theron and Shane West!

Some news today!

Yesterday, Tiffani was seen at the Diamond Information Center Diamond Aquifer Mystical Retreat, she looks soo pretty!

click thumb for bigger view click thumb for bigger view click thumb for bigger view click thumb for bigger view

Plus one really cool photoshoot picture that I just found:

click thumb for bigger view


Plus, Stroller Wars still seems to remain at Tiffani's Imdb.com, but this time with "completed" next to it. Still not sure if they're gonna try and get it in another line-up. (..and the mystery thickens lol) Thanks to TiffStyle for the heads up!

Monday February 27

5:16pm In the creative mood, I've added some icons: 10 avatars for the forum or any forum, plus 4 msn / lj icons.

1:38pm There's now a contact page if you need to contact me, Jess, the webmaster lol of the site, not Tiff ;)

Cerritos College (Norwalk, California) will celebrate its 20th annual Women's History Month with a conference from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. March 17 at the student center on campus.

The guest speaker will be Tiffani Thiessen, who starred in the TV show "Beverly Hills 90210." She has since launched Tit 4 Tat Productions, an independent film company.

Cost is $25 to community members, $15 to faculty or staff members and free to Cerritos College students. For more information, call (562) 860-2451. Source


...talk about the coolest college ever! She can come to mine lol. Also, gotmedia.org, the domain that hosts all the videos has been transferred, so you'll be getting lots of videos in the next couple of days!

Thursday February 24

There's a little snippet of Tiffani in a Constance Zimmer article from TV Guide:

TVGuide.com: Tell me about Just Pray, the acclaimed short film you did last year.
Zimmer: I did that with Cynthia Watros (Lost) and Janel Moloney (The West Wing), and it really was an amazing experience. It was Tiffani [Thiessen]'s debut as a director, and it's an incredible story that a friend of hers, Dean Johnson, wrote. Again, I'm all about stretching myself and this was such a perfect place to do that. The fact that we got into so many festivals — Tribeca, Seattle, Palm Springs — and won awards was just icing on the cake. Doing it could have been enough.

TVGuide.com: Did you first meet Tiffani on Beverly Hills 90210 or Good Morning, Miami?
Zimmer: Good Morning, Miami. The second she walked in the door to do a table read, we become best friends forever.


And I'm still trying to work out the kink's in the gallery moving! Keep visiting the forum, we have 3 brides in there ;) plus there's more conversations about Tiffani - we'd love to see you in there!

Thursday February 16

Just got word from Anders that the first season of Saved by the Bell is available to buy on itunes for those who own an ipod video! It's $1.99 an episode, really good!

Wednesday February 15

I'm sorry for not updating for a week, I can't really add much..the gallery seems to be out of space and contacting my host seems to be..well very difficult!

Anyway, I have added two videos from "Speechless"; enjoy!

Sunday February 5

I added 3 more Beverly Hills 90210 videos from: "Lover's Leap" and "Everything's Coming Up Roses". And scroll to the bottom on the note about the Famous Face videos if you haven't already seen them!

I noticed a few videos were missing from the pages, so I readded them. Head over to the special page for E! Most Wicked Women of Primetime and VH1's Hotties of 1994. Also take a look at the TV Shows page for the Beverly Hills 90210 'The Final Goodbye' full clip (under promos/specials).

Wednesday February 1

The gallery is back so enjoy! Also, we now have the InStyle Celebrity Weddings special, online. It's a tear-dropper...such a beautiful bride!

When you click on the video link, go down to "Free", wait for so many seconds (somewhere around 22 seconds), enter what you see to the left in a box, and then click "Download.." I just wanted to upload that there in case the video's section is down through the transfer. If you have any questions, feel free to email me!

Monday January 30

Okay I'm a bad bad bad bad person. Tonight is the night..where Tiff will be on TV sigh. I got it mixed up. Blah. Blah. Blah. Sorry!

On the bright side, Tiffani attended the Rock of Ages Musical on Jan 29, unfortunely we can't find any pictures. Thanks to Andrea from the forum for the word!

Sunday January 29

REMINDER Tonight is the night! On ABC watch InStyle Celebrity Weddings at either... 8pm or 9pm. It's very confusing, so please double check your listings!!

I have caps for you all from the preview..sorry I can't make thumbnails, but I will add them when the gallery gets back up on February 1st.

Also, if you guys have any problems downloading the videos, well that's because I'm moving "gotmedia.org" over to a new server, so I'm guessing everything should be down for a week or so. But! That means a hell of a lot more space/bandwidth! ;)

Wednesday January 25

10:56pm Thanks to Chaz, we have footage from ET Online and Extra of Tiffani and Brady's wedding! Click here to watch clip, and bring tissues!


7:58pm Tiffani answered another round of 3 questions! Click here to read them!


3:10pm We have a temp. gallery so all photos I get will go there! Also, added the new articles to the articles page, which includes the InStyle article, transcribed. Caps from the ET Video can be found here.


We got a video preview of Tiffani's wedding. Click here to follow the page and where it says Related Video, click the link below it. Tiffani is at the end in her wedding dress! Here's an article about Tiffani's wedding: A Celeb Bride Gets Ready For Her Big Day! (thanks TiffStyle)

Also, the special tonight will be on Entertainment Tonight on NBC. Check your local listings for details!

Tuesday January 24

10:52pm Thanks to Amy, we have scans from the February 2006 issue of InStyle Wedding.

Enjoy, and thanks again to Amy :)


News! Looks like Entertainment Tonight will be previewing Tiffani and her wedding tomorrow, a little special! Thanks to amyt722 for the info! The time is 7:30 ET...

Also, TiffStyle from the forums, let me know about this link ..which Tiffani expresses her thoughts on the book, Looking for God in All The Right Places; she says,

"Whenever I need to be uplifted or inspired, all I have to do is open this beautifully put together book."

Monday January 23

Today is Tiffani's 32nd Birthday! In celebration, what I did was a little different this year. I did somewhat of a birthday book, but it's a video. I figured the birthday books were getting a little redundant, so let's spice it up! So I put together a hoppin' video collection of happenings of Tiff throughout the years (although lyrics don't go well hah) and at the end are birthday wishes :)

Of course, if you'd like - I can add your birthday wish in. Please either fill it out here or post in the forum. Oh and if Tiff is possibly reading, wink wink - Happy Birthday!

Sunday January 22

Turn your TV channels to ABC on January 30 at 9pm for InStyle Celebrity Weddings!

There's commercials being aired now...Thanks to amyt722, from the forums, for the heads up!

Saturday January 21

TiffStyle from the forums let me know about this link which gives you details on Tiffani and Brady's honeymoon! How sweet :)

Friday January 20

Be sure to catch Tiffani in the February issue of Instyle (Uma Thurman on cover), a 2-page article on Tiffani's wedding!

If anyone has the magazine already, I'd appreciate scans! Otherwise, I'll put scans up when I get a hold of the magazine :) Thanks to tiffanifan from the forum for the info!

Wednesday January 18

The Beverly Hills 90210 page is now up!

Tuesday January 17

The filmography section is back and I added one new page on Fastlane.

In 6 more days, Tiff turns 32! As part of the design, I'll be incorporating some wishes to it. If you'd like to submit your wish, then submit it through the suggestion form!

Also, check out the Official Fastlane site from G4! Head up to "photo gallery" for some rare findings!

Friday January 13

11:39pm Another treat for you all! Now, I know this isn't a Beverly Hills, 90210 site, but I know many of you loved the entire show, so I added some great high quality clips for you all, some of the best moments! More coming soon!


Yesterday, Tiffani attended the Golden Globe's Style Lounge with Constance! She looks sparkling! Such a classic pic here. Videos coming ..later today!

Thursday January 12

The site was down yesterday due to the server being rebooted, but all is good now! Anyway, yesterday I did an update and here it is:

Ok, so the gallery is acting a little wonky lately with adding photos. Anyway, I've managed to add some photos from Girls on the Side..but aren't all added.

Also, a little treat for you all! You can see photos from the whole 90210 gang from past episodes and what not. Some are with Tiff! They're all from the Beverly Hills 90210 CD-Rom!

Tuesday January 10

Aaron created some great 1600x1000 wallpapers, for those with bigger monitors (or smaller ones can use em!).

Saturday January 7

I've added over 600 photos to the gallery; went cap crazy! All caps from Season 5 episodes: Under The Influence, A Clean Slate, Life After Death, Rave On, Double Jeopardy, A Song For My Mother and Squash It.

"Homecoming" and "Up In Flames" down to "Unreal World" I'm missing in my DVDs. :/ I'm trying to get ahold of those episodes now. The caps aren't the greatest, but they're all I have.

Plus! Not sure which episode this is from, but it was a commercial previewing a future episode. And finally, added some random photos: events and SBTB: Hawaiian stills.

Also, the SBTB: Hawaiian screencaps are done. So there are actually no more coming from that, I didn't realize it. Ok, enjoy!

Wednesday January 4

As promised, I've added numerous photos! The majority of them are caps from SBTB Hawaiian Style (more coming). I would suggest checking out all the latest uploads (under jan04 of course) because there's way too many albums to list here!

Thanks to Tulipa we have two new wallpapers for you to use! And for those of you out there, we could always use some more (hint, hint). Thanks to Fred for these Kelly screencaps. Thanks to Cristelle for this photo from the Tribeca Film Festival!

I think that's about it for creditors. If I did forget to credit, please remind me? It's been awhile since the gallery has been up.

A little news tidbit - Paparazzi apologizes to Tiffani!

And finally, added two affiliates: Curiously Charmed and Twisted - Serene Media (which is a really nice artwork site: aim icons, wallpapers of celebs).

Tuesday January 3

Happy New Year! We now have videos from Fastlane "Overkill" and "Asslane", plus one clip from SBTB: Hawaiian Style (more coming of that!).

PLUS! The gallery is back!! And wow, I have a lot of pics to add..so look out for that! Enjoy ;)