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Saturday December 28 2002

Before I forget, I wanted to let you know that tonight at 8:00pm the E! True Hollywood Story for Saved by the Bell (featuring Tiffani) will be on! Anyway, I've added 31 Son in Law pictures and 3 Photoshoots.

Thursday December 26 2002

For those of you who celebrate the holiday, I hope you had a great Christmas! Today I added nine Cast of 90210 and Burberry pictures, both courtesy of Jennie Garth.com. I also added one Ebay Item.

I got some good news! As a Christmas present I received a Capture Card, which makes stills of movies and stuff. In the next couple of weeks I should be making captures of Tiffani's movies for you! Well enjoy!

Tuesday December 24 2002

Happy Holidays! I have added two Magazine Clippings, one of which is thanks to Catherine. I added six Valerie Malone pictures. When you go there, just click on where it says More to get more pictures. Each gallery usually contains around 100 pictures. And I've added six pictures of Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place thanks to Jason from his website.

Monday December 23 2002

OMG! Just about every week I always miss Fastlane on TV, but now that it's playing re-runs on MTV, I caught it. For some of you out there who don't watch the show, watch it! Tiffani is so cool playing the boss! Anyway, I've added 8 Fastlane pictures and two Hollywood Ending pics. Enjoy!

Sunday December 22 2002

An even bigger update today! Today I added 67 Buried Secrets pictures and 42 She Fought Alone pics. Enjoy those! Purely Elegant also has two new affiliates; Gavin Rossdale NET and Meg Ryan Online.

I've also been meaning to ask you, the visitors, about where the pictures at this website is from. Take a look here, they're at the bottom and have to the right side, abc. They're either from Two Guys and a Girl, Something about Tiffani, or something else. If you could be please email me and tell me that would be great!

Saturday December 21 2002

Big update today! I added 31+ pictures into the following galleries; Speedway Junky, The Ladies Man, American Music Awards, Billboard Awards, Candids, Valerie Malone and Cast of 90210.

I added some more insight on the Wedding Scammer in the news section as well as added a tidbit. The Credits page has been updated. I deleted the Just Shoot Me gallery because I found out those aren't from that movie. And well, that's about it! I still have over 200 pictures to add to this site, those should all be added really soon!

Friday December 20 2002

It's great to be able to update my sites again, including this one over Winter Break. Today I added 35 Cast of SBTB pictures. I may find myself adding more later tonight or tomorrow. I also added a new affiliate, so be sure to visit; Lovely Dakota about young actress Dakota Fanning. While searching for Tiffani stuff the other day, I read that Tiffani was almost in Charmed along with Jennifer Love Hewitt, but both passed. Interesting?

Tuesday December 17 2002

Today I added 19 pictures into the following galleries; Photoshoots, Candids, Movie Posters, Cast of 90210, Valerie Malone, Son in Law and Unknown. I'll be moving around some pics here and there because I've found out that some don't belong in certain places. And I'll also be redoing the thumbnails for the photoshoots soon too; Enjoy!

Monday December 16 2002

Last night I went looking for Tiffani pictures and found lots, but I'll be adding them day-by-day. So today I added 16 pictures in the following galleries; Kelly Kapowski and Motorola Event Party.

Sunday December 15 2002

Today I've added 19 pictures into the following galleries; Kelly Kapowski, Clippings (thanks to Catherine) and Unknown. With the Unknown pictures, if you see any you know where the pictures are from please tell me or sign the guestbook because I don't necessarily know each of Tiffani's projects. She does look a lot of the same in some of them.

I also added some affiliates; Only SMG and Simply Katie. And finally, updated the Credits page as well as the splash.

Saturday December 14 2002

I really apologize for not updating. I was in one of those moods where I didn't feel like updating or doing anything with my sites. Luckily, I do and I'm back to update daily now!

Anyway, I added 22 pictures into the following galleries; Valerie Malone, She Fought Alone and Buried Secrets. If you see the pictures in the Buried Secrets gallery, you'll notice that I cropped the pictures differently. I'm going to be doing that for the rest of the pictures-makes it easier to see!

This is kind of off-topic, but at my personal website I created a new layout featuring Tiffani. If you'd like, you can check it out.

Tuesday December 10 2002

I apologize for not updating in awhile. I've been kind of busy. Don't worry though, I found quite a few images and friends have scanned them in so I'll try and add those tomorrow. Just wanted to let you know this site is still alive!

Thursday December 05 2002

This is probably the smallest update I ever made for this site, but it's something right? I added six pictures into the following galleries; Cast of SBTB, Fastlane, Other and Photoshoots.

Monday December 02 2002

Today I added 18 pictures into the following galleries; Motorola, She Fought Alone, Mall Outings, Photoshoots, Other, Unknown and Fox TV Upfront Party.

Sunday December 01 2002

I updated the Credits as well as added 26 pictures into the following galleries; American Music Awards, Movie Posters, Clippings (thanks to Catherine for the first clipping), Cast of 90210, Dr. Dolittle Premiere, Hollywood Ending Premiere and Hollywood Ending Premiere in NY. Enjoy!

Saturday November 30 2002

4:56pm; I fixed a few things around the site and added 17 Fastlane photos.

I thought it was time for a change in the layout. This layout features a few photos from Tiffani in Fastlane. Currently, the photos aren't added into the photo gallery, but i'll be adding those soon. Enjoy the bits and pieces of changes...don't forget to sign the Guestbook before you leave!

Wednesday November 27 2002

I added some news from October 11th. Today I added 21 pictures into the following galleries; Fastlane, Photoshoots, Fox TV Summer Press Tour, Movie Posters, She Fought Alone, Candids, NY Hollywood Ending, Cast of SBTB, Other, Valerie Malone and Clippings [thanks to Catherine].

Tuesday November 26 2002

I apologize for the lack of updates, but I figured since I added 75 pictures that day, it would be okay. Today I added more than 36 pictures in the following galleries; Photoshoots, Beverly Hills 90210, Charlies Angels Premiere, American Music Awards, Other, Burberry, MTV Live, Cast of 90210, Movie Posters and Wallpapers. I also updated this picture since it's now the full sized version. And finally, added two promotional affiliates.

Thursday November 22 2002

I added more than 75 pictures today in the following galleries; Clippings, Unknown, Photoshoots, Friends Helping Friends, Vertical Horizon's "You're a God", Candids, Magazine Covers, Saved by the Bell Cast, Sweet Dreams, Valerie Malone, American Music Awards, Rodeo Drive Fashion Gala, She Fought Alone, Hollywood Ending in New York, Beverly Hills 90210 Promo, Motorola Event Party and finally, Fastlane. Enjoy everything!

Wednesday November 21 2002

I added 52 pictures today found in the following galleries; Cast of Saved by the Bell, Photoshoots, Beverly Hills 90210, Married... With Children, Kelly, Etc, Cast of Beverly Hills 90210, Magazine Cover, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Unknown. If you know where the Unknown pictures came from, please let me know. Enjoy!

Tuesday November 20 2002

I quickly added three new affiliates; check on the splash page!

For those of you who have known about Purely Elegant long ago, welcome back to yet another try at making this site the best out there! Hopefully, later on I will be able to add some more pictures to this site. I would like to thank Jen for hosting this site, thank you so much! For now, it would be great if you could sign the Guestbook.

Sunday August 11, 2002

10:41pm; Set your VCR's because the movie, A Killer Among Friends, is going to come on this Saturday at 5:00 EST on Lifetime. Of course, you should always double check your local tv listings! About the Wireimage pictures. You know when you click on the small thumbnail, and it takes you to another small picture, those are most likely the Wireimage pictures because in order to get the full-sized version, I would have to pay for that. I may find myself deleting them, I don't like them much.

9:35am; I fixed this picture because it wasn't working. I also added 2 new affiliates; Justin Berfield Online and BBMak Blast. And, check out a cool Saved by the Bell website, but it's not old, it's really nice! In the Hollywood Ending gallery, the picture that I added, wasn't of Tiffani! So I feel kind of stupid, even though I didn't see the movie, I should of known she wasn't a brunette! I fixed it.

I've been getting quite a few complaints about the thumbnailed pictures being too small, and then when you click on them they're still small. Those are most likely the WireImage pictures, but I'll explain that later. So I want to make Purely Elegant one of the best Tiffani sites out there and I need your opinion. Go to this page and look at the pictures, tell me in the feedback form what size you would prefer to make the site better, and however many people I get telling me what they want on a particular size, I'll change the sizes. Thanks!

Saturday August 10, 2002

1:53pm; We got another new affiliate; CruiseNet! I added exactly 50 pictures today. I know I have been adding a lot of old pictures, but I'm trying to get most of them up before Tiffani's new TV Show, "Fastlane" begins, then I'll be adding lots of pictures from each episode and new ones.

The pictures can be found in these galleries; Photoshoots3, Kelly Kapowski, 90210 Promo, Other, Candids, Valerie Malone, She Fought Alone, SBTB Cast and Hollywood Ending. Enjoy!

Friday August 09, 2002

11:26pm; Didn't do much today, mainly cause the fact that I wasn't home nearly all day. Anyway, I added another affiliate, Bradfan.com, which you should check out! I recently just rented The Ladies Man DVD. It was an okay movie. On the DVD there were Cast & Crew interviews, so I transcribed what Tiffani said here.

Thursday August 08, 2002

2:27pm; Purely Elegant has another new affiliate, James Van Der Beek Online! Be sure to check it out! I have a lot of pictures to add this week, but so far I added 17 Photoshoots, some more. And 6 really cool Wallpapers have been added.

3:12am; I couldn't sleep so I decided to go back online, finding out that Jlovehewitt.com became one of our affiliates! So go and check out the site!

Wednesday August 07, 2002

11:43pm; Wow, 599 pictures! But I don't think it's the biggest Tiffani gallery yet! Anyway, I added 5 Photoshoots. I haven't seen the last two on the net much. Three Valerie Malone pictures and one Saved by the Bell Cast photo. Plus, we have a new affiliate, Irresistible which is about Charisma Carpenter. And finally, added a Tiffani article. Enjoy!

Tuesday August 06, 2002

2:08pm; Buried Secrets is now on over here in the USA! But I taped it last night at 3:45 anyway. Good movie! Anyway, I added three affiliates, Womanindex, BabeWarehouse, and Kate Beckinsale fan which are all sweet! I'm planning on revamping this whole site. Since I'm buying a Capture Card soon, which enables you to make screencaps of anything on TV such as Tiffani's movies, this site will become a lot bigger, picture wise. So I'm thinking about making it into a picture archive, plus with news, links, and some more little things. So what do you think? Come back later on today, I may be updating some more!

Sunday August 04, 2002

7:01pm; Not much to update today, since my younger cousin is coming over soon. But anyway, I added another affiliate, tiffani-thiessen.com, so check it out! And to let you know that Buried Secrets will be on tomorrow (Monday) at 3:45 EST on TBS! Check your local listings to see for your times.

Saturday August 03, 2002

3:42pm; I think I did pretty good for today by adding 55 pictures. They can be found in these galleries; She Fought Alone, Magazine Covers, Other, PhotoshootsKelly Kapowski, SBTB Cast, Valerie Malone, Charlie's Angels and the NY Hollywood Ending Premiere, with thanks to Catherine for scanning that picture in from the NY Hollywood Ending Premiere.

Friday August 02, 2002


Since Tiffani is on the cover of Celebrity Hairstyles, I bought the magazine and scanned the pictures for you here! Also, tomorrow I'll be adding a lot of pictures and fixing some of the ones I added today.

5:07pm; Added 1 Other, 1 Beverly Hills 90210 Promo, 3 pictures of Valerie, 1 of The Stranger Beside Me, 7 Photoshoots and 3 Wallpapers. Enjoy!

Thursday August 01, 2002

6:46pm; I'm back, updating! We got 8 new affiliates, please check them out, they are all very beautiful! I made 7 Saved by the Bell Theme caps, from the song. I also made two screencaps of Tiffani promoting Beverly Hills 90210, it was a one hour special one night (long time ago). If you wanted to watch the videos, the SBTB theme song and Promoting BH90210 you can download them on Kazaa.

Monday July 29, 2002

11:03pm; Clooneyworld.com and Josh and DC became two of our affiliates! So go and check them out on the splash page. I added four photoshoots, forgive me for not updating heavily. I've been taking a little break from the sites, and since I'm going to Atlantic City tomorrow (staying till Wednesday), I'll be able to come back and want to update which I will! Enjoy!

Saturday July 27, 2002

5:17pm; We got another affiliate, Only SMG! I added 1 Other, something from a Motorola premiere or something? Who knows. Added 7 Photoshoots, 1 pic from the 2002 Sundance Film Festival, thanks to April and finally some News, thanks to Only SMG!

Friday July 26, 2002

6:29pm; Meg Ryan Online became one of Purely Elegant's new affiliates. I added 7 photoshoots, 18 Shriek pictures and finally 1 Saved by the Bell promo.

Thursday July 25, 2002

4:09pm; Grand-opening! After 2 weeks of working hard, by gathering pictures, information and putting this site together it's now officially open! So take a look around, view pictures in the gallery which contains 500 pictures, attempting to make it the biggest Tiffani gallery on the net! Have any questions, comments or anything on Tiffani? E-mail me, or you can sign the guestbook!