Version 1's Splash Page Version 1

This lovely splash graphic was designed by Catherine. She designed the layout as well, but I can't find it!

The layout was very simple and showed Tiffani's classy look.

Version 1 Version 1

This is the first version when I renewed the site, after the crash. I didn't like it, but I wanted something simple so I could finally get the site back up.

Version 2 Version 2

This one I really liked because I thought it was unique, you don't usually see a body on the left and then content in the middle...or do you? I remember contemplating on the color choice for this layout, but I stuck with purple cause it looked the best.

Version 3 Version 3

Hmm...looking back, I don't really like this layout. I mean it does show more of Tiffani's sexy side, but it just doesn't seem like it's her. I did enjoy coding and figuring out how to make the iframe transparent.

Version 4 Version 4

This photoshoot is one of the coolest from Fastlane! I tried experimenting with the title and the light shining on the lower right - I just added that for the heck of it, not bad. Not the best layout, but I was still learning...

Version 5 Version 5

Another simple layout, I liked the three photos on the top from the FHM interview, those were the best. But people didn't seem to like the photoshoot, didn't think it was her style. Ah well, the blue was nice though!

Version 6 Version 6

I absolutely adore these photoshoots of Tiffani. I've always wanted to design a layout like this. The colors were very pretty too, one of my best layouts made at the time!

Version 7 Version 7

The sad thing with this layout is that it was a temp. until I received the domain '' and I really loved it, I didn't want it to go!

Version 8 Version 8

Version 8 was definitely a more thought-out layout. I actually sketched this out on paper and wrote down all my ideas. I loved how the text would scroll on the left, using the up and down arrows.

Version 9 Version 9

Version 'I'm Blue' came out pretty bad, lol. It was quick and I was just throwing stuff together. Although, you may see waves as a layer for the picture ;)

Version 10 Version 10

I got this idea from another fansite and designed it using my own effects. The watermark actually looks like a brush, so it worked out great. It gave that icey feel.

Version 11 Version 11

I didn't favor this layout as much as I liked the colors used, mainly because it was too 'trendy', sidebar on the left and content on the right. Boring.

Version 12 Version 12

People really liked this layout as with myself too! It reminded me a lot like version 2, but it was black and kind of gothic, so I just couldn't help to keep it up for a LONG time.

Version 13 Version 13

A birthday layout just for Tiffani's 30th Birthday! These pictures were from the 'Ladies Man' premiere, and they were perfect. I like her smile in those photos, and I liked coding the table for the news and such.

Version 14 Version 14

I finally downloaded 'Adobe Photoshop 7' and started messing around with patterns, I went crazy! To my surprise, a lot of visitors really liked this layout, but it was hard to read the text so I had to create anew.

Version 15 Version 15

After the previous version, I was looking for something more clean and organized and here it is! Photos from the 'American Music Awards'.

Version 16 Version 16

This has be my favorite photo to date. I loved this layout so much and I really tried hard on it. I just love the colors; black and red go so nice together.

Version 17 Version 17

I had this idea pretty much sketched out on a tablet, like in version 8. I wanted a butterfly in it, for some reason lol. And I had the idea for an arrow for the navigation. I liked this one, but it was up for a LONG time...whew.

Version 18 Version 18

A more coloful approach to designing! I really liked this one...I was originally going to use Tiffani's full face, but then it occured to me that it would look cool only half, and voila!

Version 19 Version 19

I always loved the effect 'threshold' in Paint Shop Pro, and I thought - why not? In turn, it gave that grungy layout. I love the picture used as well, it's just such a cool shot! Layout up for 5 months.

Version 20 Version 20

I got fed up, tired of version 19 and just slapped a bunch of shapes together, in turn came out to be pretty cool! The picture used is from "Hype" magazine, love the photo. Love the colors, but not so much the structure...oh well, only a tempy.

Version 21 Version 21

After the previous design, I knew I wanted something more...electric, funky, alive, fun! And this in turn came out to be just that - I LOVED this layout, I thought it was just awesome. Fans didn't too much, so I decided to create anew once again :)

Version 22 Version 22

I wanted RAVE to seem like it was informative, yet interactive. I wanted all the important information to be on the front page, I wanted it to be easy on the eyes, yet pleasing and nice looking..and it definitely came out that way! Layout up for 3 years.

Version 23 Version 23

With usability in mind, I focused on laid-back colors, and an easy-to-navigate site. And on her many other talents whether it be producing, directoring or writing. Includes some aspects of javascript (jquery, mootools & ajax) and flash animation to create dynamicy.

Unknown Version Unknown Version

This layout was created by Dora when I got stuck with layout block. I liked it - loved the photos and the curvy header. And it was fun to code!