What is Tit 4 Tat Productions?

A production company started by Tiffani and her producing partner, R. Dean Johnson.

In development, are "several original television projects including both scripted and unscripted (reality) shows," according to Tiffani's official site.

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Projects in the Works

"Hung": Tiffani's first full-length feature!

"Fins & Tails": Children's picture book about life lessons. Tiffani comments, "This completed manuscript along with an outline for the remaining seven or eight books in the series is currently being shopped to publishers and we hope to announce some good news very soon. The stories are life lessons for the young at heart as told through the voices of my pets. We have two dogs, two cats and a fish — hence, the title of the series, "Fins & Tales." I'm excited to be adding author to my list of new endeavors."

TV actress-turned-short film director and producer Tiffani (scratch the Amber) Thiessen, of Fastlane and Beverly Hills 90210 fame, is eager to join the ranks of Madonna, Billy Crystal and Jamie Lee Curtis in the celebrity children's book writer category.

But the author of the manuscript Fins and Tales, co-written by R. Dean Johnson (Life. Be There at Ten 'Til), hopes to take her new career venture a step further than her fellow star-writers: her lit agent Jennifer DeChiara at the Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency is not only shopping the expected nine-part series — young-at-heart tales told from the perspective of Thiessen's two dogs, two cats and pet fish — as a children's book series but as an animated film as well — and has already gotten some nibbles from producers.

Projects Completed

Just Pray: The film encaptures the turmoil of a Southern boy searching for a resolution within his life. This film has won a few accocolades from prestigous awards.
Just Pray Official Site

"We do intend to release the film on DVD and would ideally like to make it available by the Fall of 2006. We’ve also been approached with distribution options as they relate to syndicated cable televison, but no firm decision has been made. The film is nearing the end of its festival tour and is next appearing at the Bahamas International Film Festival (December 8-12th, 2005).

We’re also awaiting the selection decisions from a couple of other highly noted festivals that have been on our wish list and take place in the early months of the new year. Once the outcomes of these festivals are known, we will begin the process of finalizing distribution and sales options."
— Tiffani