September 2006

Q. I have been reading and seeing a lot of pictures of you at Charity Events for AIDS foundations and for animals. Helping people and animals really seems to be important to you. Would you like to start your own Charity in the future?" – Jenn

A. I've always believed that when people are in a position to help others, they should. End of story. I take pride in the work I do for various organizations and their related causes. I was thrilled to participate in the "Until There's A Cure" campaign for AIDS research and funding. I've always taken equal pride in the support I've lent to those organizations providing assistance and care to animals. I'm a huge animal rights advocate and feel strongly about this cause. I've recently joined the Advisory Board of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and celebrate their mission to grant wishes to critically ill children. And recently, I spent time as a volunteer at Camp Rainbow Gold. An outdoor camp for kids who are battling cancer. I enjoy being involved in charity work and someday would be interested in starting a charity of my own. At this time, I enjoy the freedom of supporting and contributing to many organizations. These entities have a tough job in raising funding and awareness and I'm glad to serve in any capacity to support their missions.

Q. When the editing was done, how did you feel when you completed 'Just Pray'? How did you feel when it was ready to be shown to the public?" - Isabelle

A. Great questions! The editing phase can be as difficult, challenging and rewarding as the filming process. A director is always hopeful that enough coverage and footage was filmed so that there are ample shots, scenes and takes from which to choose. You never want to feel like you didn't get what you needed during the filming process as time constraints, money, and talent availability make it almost impossible to do re-shoots. So, there are always the lingering questions of "Should I have done this?" or "Did I get what I needed?" The viewing public sometimes has no idea of the time that is involved with cutting film footage, deciding what shots must be deleted, streamlining the story, and making the story flow from scene to scene. As well, performances by actors can be significantly impacted (or not) in the editing room! Editing can often make or break the actor's perceived performance. Furthermore, storylines can be easily told or unfortunately derailed by the editing process. In conjunction with our film's editor, I spent almost four months in the editing room going through various phases of shaping and crafting the story. I was both relieved and extremely proud once the final cut of the film was completed. I felt like I captured the story and the essence of the characters. Of course, the process of previewing the film to friends, agents, managers and audiences can be very nerve racking as you hope it will be viewed positively and to rave reviews. In the end, I have been very proud of the results and the film's success during its film festival tour as it has garnered praise and awards alike. Directing and producing "Just Pray" has been one of the most rewarding moments of my life.

Q. "What's the role you wanted most that got away?" - Steph

A. I'm a firm believer that every thing happens for a reason and I've never dwelled on what may have been perceived at the time as a missed opportunity. There have certainly been roles in both film and television that I wanted but was disappointed to learn I didn't get. There was a time in my life where I hoped one day to play the role of a "Bond Girl" as I enjoyed the James Bond movies of the 60's and 70's. I would have also enjoyed the chance to secure a role in the Charlie's Angels series. As people grow and change, so do their interests. Now, I'm focused on identifying roles that are more driven by the character's depth and relativity to the story being told.

Q. "Fans have been speculating about "Stroller Wars" possibly getting picked up again, do you have any information you can share?" (ie. it is still seen at, not sure why it's still there?) - this one is from all of us at the forum!

A. "Stroller Wars" was not picked up by a network two seasons ago. Typically, when a show fails to make the television schedule, it's rarely picked up at a later date – especially when so much time has passed. Any work performed by an actor is always listed on the imdb list of credits regardless of whether the project aired, was released in theaters or ever saw the light of day. As a result, my credits reflect the pilot episode that was filmed but in no way is indicative or suggestive of a possible future for the show.

Q. "So, what's playing in your CD or MP3 rotation right now? Any particular reason?" - Mandy

A. I have diverse interests in music and I like many artists, styles, forms and genres. However, right now, in my iPod I'm listening to Bare Naked Ladies, Teiter, Ray LaMontagne, Bob Schneider, M. Ward, Paul Simon and always Dave Matthews.

Q. "You're generally always in the spotlight, being a celebrity and all. What's something about you that you do that most people DON'T notice?" - James

A. As cliché as it may sound, I'm extremely private and very protective of my home and family. So, I like to keep the personal aspects of my life out of the media and press when possible. For example, I'm not someone who would star in a reality show that exposes and opens the door to my private life and home. I also take great pride in respecting other's privacy and intimacy.