October 2005

Q. You've been in show business since you were eight years old. Do you plan to continue a full time career in the business or have you considered slowing down now that you are married and beginning to settle into family life?

A. "The entertainment field has been my life. It's been my training ground and formal education for over twenty years. What I've learned, behind and in front of the camera, has enabled me and empowered me to do many things in the past couple of years. I saw the need to craft my own path and as a result, started TiT 4 Tat Productions an entity that would allow me produce, develop and direct while complimenting my acting career. Most would think that marriage indicates a time to step back and focus on other priorities. Ironically enough, I've taken on the task of redefining who I am as a talent while setting the pace for expanding my career interests and options. There's been no slowing down on any level. There's been an acceleration if anything."

Q. When you finally get to the point in which you decide to retire from acting, what do you hope to leave behind in terms of achievements or contributions? Can you begin to anticipate what your greatest career accomplishment might could ever be?

A. "In this business, there are no guarantees. It's a competitive, exciting, chaotic, frantic, giving, unforgiving, rational and irrational state of affairs all rolled into one. I can't begin to anticipate a greatest career accomplishment. I would much rather think in terms of a great career. And, a great career for me would be one in which I'm always viewed as a team player, hard worker, honorable, considerate, ethical and kind. And above all, to be valued as part of the process/project whatever it happens to be. To maintain a professional code of conduct that others value and respect would be what I desire first and foremost."

Q. Many of your fans think that you should have received more recognition for your body of work over the years (i.e., nominations and awards). Do you agree or disagree and how important is this to you?

A. "Awards, commendations, nominations, etc. are certainly marks and measures of achievement and success. But, I've never accepted a role or pursued a project thinking of the "award" factor involved. I've tried to always listen to my instincts and follow the path that would benefit me for the next level or prepare me for something else. Regardless of whether you earn awards, you gain from each experience. As long as I walk away from a project with more understanding, a greater sense of knowing, and having grown on some level as a person and professional, then it's been a good day at the office."