March 2007

Q. Can you tell us any of your pet peeves?

Hilary S., Florida

A. My pet peeves involve peoples' behavior and I'll be happy to tell you what I've become so intolerant of and sometimes impatient with: 1) Dishonesty takes top billing among my list of pet peeves. I have no respect or value for people, regardless of what relation they play in my life, when they are dishonest with me. As you may know, the entertainment business can often be a brutally honest business which forces actors or any talent to constantly question and reassess their value and potential. And the same industry that can be so brutally honest can be deliberately less than forthcoming with regard to opinions, intentions and plans. I prefer brutal honesty ANYDAY over deception and deliberate dishonesty. This preference is universal with regard to all the people in my life both personally and professionally. 2) The pet peeve which takes the runner-up position would be unaccountability and lack of follow through. It seems more and more that people don't do what they say they're going to do. They don't follow through as they planned. It's as if their "word" has no value anymore. There was a time when someone's word defined who they were. More and more, I see people assuming a dismissive nature and becoming unaccountable for their words and actions.

Q. Do you pick out your own clothing for events or does a designer do that for you?

Joe, Arizona

A. Most designers (I'll use wardrobe stylist rather than designer) know the likes and dislikes that someone has. The stylists also usually know what looks best on someone when they're being photographed at events. So the stylists attempt to collect and present a number of options from various designers with the hope that one thing will be agreed upon and to everyone's liking. I've always had my own personal likes but I've also been very aware of what I think flatters me best from a more objective viewpoint. I'm pretty adept at finding a balance between the two. As such, I don't use wardrobe stylists as much as I used to unless it's needed (for example, a magazine typically provides stylists for photo shoots.) On a personal note, I'm a big fan of Juicy Couture's "Couture, Couture" line and my dear friend, Janey, who's the VP there is amazing at keeping me up to date on there own new lines and looks as well as others. I have great respect for her style and instinct when it comes to helping me when I need it!

Q. In a recent interview, you said that you try and keep busy. I'm sure at times you've also experienced "burn-out." How do you overcome or avoid "burnout?"


A. I think everyone in every profession and in every walk of life experiences some level of "burn-out" from time to time. We often become complacent and overexposed to an aspect of life (notably work!) that becomes routine or monotonous. For me, the key to keeping things fresh, inspiring and stimulating is variety. I think people should have several hobbies rather than one. You should have special crafts or skills that you indulge outside or in addition to the normal work activities. As the old saying goes, "Variety is the spice of life!" I believe that's true when it comes to hobbies and activities for oneself.