December 2005

Q. I think that you would be perfect for the role as Wonder Woman in the upcoming movie. Don't you? You have the looks that are needed. Jimmy Hugosson, Sweden

A. I loved Wonder Woman. It would be a great opportunity to reincarnate the role so famously played by Lynda Carter. I'm certainly up for the physical aspects of the role. While co-starring on Fastlane, I was involved in some pretty heavy duty action scenes in which I actually did my own stunts a couple of times. I loved the physicality of the show. It would be a lot of fun to work in that environment again.

Q. When you come across one of your shows or movies on television do you stop and watch a little? Or, do you blast right past and change the channel thinking, "Oh My God! Isn't there anything else on tv?" - Dennis, Anaheim Hills

A. Catching an old show that's airing on television is a bit like looking at old high school yearbooks. You're amazed at how long it seemed and how much time has passed and of course, there's the natural inclination to oblige the "then" and "now" comparisons. There are actors who cringe and wonder why they ever took the part or did the show, and bemoan how "green" they were when taking on the role. I don't take things so seriously. You have to be able to appreciate the relativity of your life and the stages of life. I can laugh at myself! Watching old episodes or movies can be a hoot!

Q. Fans continue to read about the film (Just Pray) and its success on the film festival circuit. When and where can we expect to see the film playing and are there plans for a DVD release?

A. We do intend to release the film on DVD and would ideally like to make it available by the Fall of 2006. We've also been approached with distribution options as they relate to syndicated cable televison, but no firm decision has been made. The film is nearing the end of its festival tour and is next appearing at the Bahamas International Film Festival (December 8-12th, 2005). We're also awaiting the selection decisions from a couple of other highly noted festivals that have been on our wish list and take place in the early months of the new year. Once the outcomes of these festivals are known, we will begin the process of finalizing distribution and sales options.

Q. If you weren't in the entertainment industry, what would you see yourself doing? - Katie

A. When I prepare for a role, I want to inhabit the character and assume the multi-layered aspects of the character's life. As an actor, I enjoy the imaginative process of becoming that character. Yet ironically, it's difficult for me to imagine a career or role for myself outside the entertainment profession! I will say that since creativity finds its way into almost every field and profession these days, I'm quite sure I would be involved in something that allowed me access to the process of creating, designing or developing in some capacity that enhances peoples' lives on some level. I will add that I have a tremendous admiration and respect for teachers and educators. They shoulder a huge responsibility when dealing with the learning process. Of course, I hope I won't be having to make a career change anytime soon! (wink)