April 2006

Q. Daryl, Seattle
I've been a big fan for such a long time. I wanted to know if there were a lot of girls auditioning for the role of Kelly Kapowski on Saved By the Bell?

A. I'm sure that when the role of Kelly Kapowski was first introduced, no one had any idea that the popularity of this character would grow to the degree it has. I certainly had no idea when I auditioned. Yet, Kelly Kapowski has found an entire new fan base that continues today by virtue of worldwide syndication. She has a whole new life! While I've never heard specific numbers as to how many girls auditioned, I'm sure several hundred were submitted for the role by their agents. Producers of the show and NBC casting probably saw fifty to seventy five, at least, for the first round of auditioning.

Q. Tiffany, Mississippi
I will be getting married June 24th of this year. When it comes to a wedding and a marriage, what advice would you give to the soon to be bride?

A. From a ceremonial aspect, I can't say enough about PLANNING. It's worth repeating. PLANNING. I'm a very detailed person who likes to see things done well and without loose ends. People are being invited to your special event to celebrate with you. As a result, every detail should be checked and double checked to ensure that your event runs smoothly and comfortably for and your soon to be husband. This day belongs uniquely to the two of you. As such, you don't want to have to worry about anything. Don't feel silly about starting to plan too early. The memories you retain from this day will be far more wonderful when everything works out perfectly as you desired. It boils down to planning, preparing and organizing.

From a personal aspect, make sure that your fiance' is a full and active partner in this planning process. The beauty and wonder of this day is going to be shared between you both. Consequently, the work and responsibility of organizing and preparing for this event should equally be shared. It should be a complete team effort.

Q. Randy, Wilmington, Delaware
I know you have directed and produced a film, but do you ever write any stories?

A. My producing partner and I just completed the manuscript for the first book in our children's picture book series called, "Fins & Tales." This completed manuscript along with an outline for the remaining seven or eight books in the series is currently being shopped to publishers and we hope to announce some good news very soon. The stories are life lessons for the young at heart as told through the voices of my pets. We have two dogs, two cats and a fish hence, the title of the series, "Fins & Tales." I'm excited to be adding author to my list of new endeavors.