Her Career

"There are too many rotten things in this world, and if I can put a smile on one little girl's face, one little boy's face, then I've done my job."

White Collar

"When I first read the script for this show (White Collar), I just fell in love with it from day one. The premise, the story and the character, call it women's intuition. Now here we are, ready to start Season 5."

"Elizabeth Burke is the closest to me, than any other role I've played in my entire career. I like that she's not just sassy, but strong and driven too. At the same time she has qualities that I like, so I enjoy playing her."

"I had actually read the script and I fell in love with it. I was in love with it from the moment that I read it. I went in and fought for it. I actually didn't get it at first. They couldn't find the woman. They turned me down. I said, 'No. You don't understand. I want this role.'"

"She's labeled as the perfect wife and so for my husband I want to be the perfect wife. But this role, it's funny. I think this is the role that's the closet to me in real life that I've ever done which is probably why I liked it so much. I like that I'm playing my age. I like that I'm playing a married woman. I like that I'm playing successful and smart and all those things that I want to be as a woman and that I am married and I am thirty five."


"There's no crack problem this time, and I'm not pregnant with [some] man's baby. It's kind of a nice change." - On her new role in Fastlane being a departure from her tarry character on Beverly Hills, 90210.

"Society is a little more forgiving of two women kissing than two men. It's sad but true." — Tiffani Thiessen, on her much-hyped lesbian hot-tub scene on Fox TV's Fastlane, as quoted by TV Guide Online, January 31.

Actress Tiffani Thiessen on kissing another woman, something she did on a recent episode of "Fastlane":

"Nothing is going on in my head right before I do it. All I am thinking is: 'What's my next line?'

"I didn't have a problem with it. People pick apart things like that. It wasn't anything like, 'Oh my gosh!' Fox is the only one who likes to make big deals out of things like this."

"I get to boss two guys around, which is nice! I'm a girly girl, but I'm also boyish. I run, box and do karate, so I'm like this character."

"I am into cars," she says, adding, "My father is a huge car guy. This show has become his favorite show, and luckily I'm on it. He kills two birds with one stone by watching a show that he likes and watching his daughter."

Beverly Hills 90210

"After all those years on Saved by the Bell I was worried that casting people would see me only as a good girl. The fact that Valerie was a conniving bitch really attracted me to the role."

"I was literally in underwear for the first three years of '90210'. I finally had to go to the producers and say, 'Look, I'm here to do a job, not to be naked the entire time.'"

"I'm mature. I'm not a little big-haired high school girl. I can be mean. And I can be a vixen and do other stuff like maybe smoke a cigarette." — Secret-Passage.com

"All the guys on 90210 treat me with total respect. They don't try anything."

Saved by the Bell

"I put a lot of myself into it. I think that is what acting is all about. She [Kelly Kapowski] is very sheltered, but I've been working for a long time. I've lived alone since I was 17, so I am more independent. She is a very giving person, and so am I."

"I grew up with those kids," says Thiessen. "It was just like us at school having fun."


Woody Allen, it [the audition] was strange but very cool. He flew the auditioning actresses to NY, I had no idea what I was auditioning for, which I've been told is the norm. With him you don't get a script, sometimes you might get an idea of the role you might be up for. So 30 mins before I walked into the room to audition with him (and we had never met), they gave me sides to read. I also didn't know what "Hollywood Ending" was about at that time, so the whole time I auditioned, his eyes were closed!

"One thing that I always wanted to do was be a Bond Girl. I tested but didn't get it. It was also probably the hardest rejection, because I'm such a fan of the movies. It was between me and 2 other actresses at the time. Unfortunately the actress who got the job, went on to be voted as one of the worst Bond Girls as well."

Daughter, Harper Renn

"It's such a miracle. Brady can't believe he created this itty-bitty thing. It's a lot of work, but when Harper smiles, your heart melts."

"She's so much fun now. She's saying new words all the time. She's such a sponge, it's crazy!"

"My husband [actor Brady Smith] is definitely more of a worrier than I am. He worries about every step she takes, whereas I'm like, 'She's okay! Let her walk!'"

Husband, Brady Smith

"When I get a compliment from my husband, of course I'm going to feel beautiful when he tells me I look beautiful."

"When I met him I knew he was going to be the father of my children."

"So the give-and-take that we have to give to each other is extremely important. Brady's taught me to be much more vulnerable. I don't think I was vulnerable when I met him. I was a pretty tough cookie, because I was on my own for a long time and I traveled a lot and he showed me that part of a marriage is showing each other your vulnerable side. I think I ease him a little. The bigger picture is important and the messy little things don't matter."

Her Body

"I was not the girl that was a size 2 and didn't work for it. I was never the waify model type."

"I would love to be totally thin and be able to eat whatever I like, but I don't have a problem with my body. I like my body. I don't want to make myself crazy watching my weight."

"Since I'm into modeling, I know young girls always try to watch their weight and what they look like. And it is important to some extent but...I've known girls who've gone through a lot of problems with dieting, and it's not worth it. It's terrible to think that our society has to be tall, skinny and beautiful. It's really horrible that we have to look like thatóand it's not worth it. It really isn't. I've met a lot of beautiful people who don't have anything inside."

"Body image has been a part of this business since it started. Half of what it's about is the way you look, and there's no way you can get around it. I got to the gym and I eat right but, even so, I have had people, especially people who watching Beverly Hills 90210, say, 'Oh, my God, she needs to lose weight'. I know that's the way my body is and I have to accept it.

"I definitely have to watch what I eat and excersizing is a must. I have a trainer. If I didn't work out it'd be a disaster. The weight issue has been a really big thing for me all my life. I come from an overweight family, and in this business it's something you simply can't be. I love eating, but I work out six days a week, usually for an hour and a half."


"The number one beauty item that I cannot leave the house without or put something on is mascara. Your eyes are what people look at all day long. Your eyes are what you connect to people. That's your first thing and I always want somebody to grab my eyes first."

"Beauty, to me, represents how you feel and how you want others to perceive you and I think that all comes from confidence. I was given that confidence from my grandmother to mother growing up and I hope I'm instilling that same kind of confidence in my daughter."

"I used to only wear black, gray, and white, but after having Harper, my love of brights returned. I dress her in so much color -- and suddenly I'm carrying a red handbag."

"Teased bangs, high-waisted pants, acid-wash jeans -- I wore a long list of trends I'd roll my eyes at now. But we all did it!"

"I'm a very free spirit; there are two sides to me, completely. If I could take you into my closet, you'd go, 'Yep, you're right.' It's split right down the middle. I have just as many sweatshirts as I have sweaters. I have just as many jeans as I have black pants."

One of Hollywood's most fashion-savvy stars launches a line of belts called Elegantly Waisted.

"Luckily it's really beautiful," guest Tiffani Thiessen said of the belt line. "Otherwise I'd be like, 'I love you, you're my friend, but please don't make me wear that.'" — InStyle 6/1/2005

"I have really beautiful silverware and jewelry from my grandmother on my dad's side. I have an amazing cameo choker, a necklace that was my grandmother's. It's ivory on the inside, and on the outside it's a peach color with gold." —her most meaningful hand-me-downs— People Weekly 12/3/2004

Now Juicy's got a new yoga line, Down Dog, and "Extra" was hanging at the launch party, sponsored by Lucky magazine. These flattering and flexible outfits will have you looking pretty while doing your poses. "Fastlaneís" Tiffani Thiessen says, "And everybody looks good in them." — Extra TV

Tiffani said wearing moissanite made her feel "confident" and she would recommend moissanite jewelry to her friends. When asked why she chose to wear Charles & Colvard created moissanite on NBC's "Just Shoot Me" Tiffani commented, "I chose to wear the necklace and earrings (on 'Just Shoot Me') because they were classic but still sexy." — Prism Star

Love & Men

Trying on some of the $35 million worth of diamonds on display brought back some fond memories for Tiffani Thiessen, whose basic black frock by Couture Couture was the perfect canvas for the jewels.

"Getting my engagement ring was the biggest diamond moment for me," she said, recalling the day her now-husband, Brady Smith, proposed. "Those are the moments when a girl brightens up bigger than the diamond that's in the box." — In Style

"Playboys make me barf, I like intelligent, funny, and smart-witted guys."

"If a guy is gentlemanly, that gets my attention. I don't like men to be too pretty-pretty, like a model. I like men to be men. I mean look at some rock stars, but they always get all the girls."

Her Personal Life

Tiffani's a bargain hunter. Tiffani Thiessen checked out Christmas goods at Marshalls in West Hollywood Dec. 2. The actress turns 40 next month and tells OK!, "I'm actually excited. I haven't been one to stress over getting older. At least not as of yet!"

"I've seen the effects of drugs too often. My brother had a big problem with them for five years. He's better now, but I've never needed or wanted to be involved with them."

"My dog and two cats are such a vital part of my life. To say that I am their owner doesn't reflect at all the profound bond and responsibility that I have towards them. Therefore, I thoroughly support In Defense of Animals' initiative to utilize 'guardian' instead of owner." — Ida USA

"Whenever I need to be uplifted or inspired, all I have to do is open this beautifully put together book." — her thoughts on the book, Looking For God In All The Right Places.

"I'm a very spiritual person," she confesses, "and to know that now women are able to do just as much as men is really great...Working for myself and being young and being a woman, I can finally get respect from people...I mean, here I'm 19 years old, I've got my own house, I've got my career setónobody can tell me I can't do it."

It felt like Casablanca, 90210. African music thumped, exotic spices simmered, and rose-colored candles blinked as Tiffani Thiessen welcomed 17 friends to a luscious Moroccan-themed soiree in the backyard of her San Fernando Valley ranch home. Thiessen described the affair as a coming-out celebration for her newly renovated abode—and an opportunity to polish her hosting skills. "I'm going to learn a lot tonight since it's my first time doing such a big thing," said the actress, just before she, along with boyfriend Richard Ruccolo of Two Guys and a Girl, began greeting guests. — HighBeam.com

Jennie Garth

So Happy Together: There's no place like home for What I Like About You star, Jennie Garth, and her husband, Peter Facinelli. The two reside in a cozy L.A. retreat filled with love, family-friendly furnishings—and the occasional piece of flying fruit.

Don't be fooled by the playful patter. "Family is important to them," says actress Tiffani Thiessen, who has been best friends with Garth since they starred on Beverly Hills 90210 a decade ago. "My fiance and I love going over there for dinner. Seeing them with their kids has made me think that I may be ready to have a baby."

"Peter is a goofball, and he has helped Jennie become more outgoing," says Thiessen. "They have a wonderful relationship." — InStyle 3/1/2005

"I love her like a sister," says Tiffani, 28 (who grew up in Long Beach, Calif., with two brothers). "I tell her everything." — Tiffani on pal, Jennie Garth.

Embarrassing Moments

"I went to the Godzilla premiere in New York, and the after party was outside on the street by Times Square. It was so dark and there were so many people that I couldn't see the ground. I had these big old high stiletto Gucci heels on, and I completely tripped on the curb! I totally fell in front of all these people!" —on her most embarrassing moment.

What others have said about Tiffani:

... And it doesn't hurt if she's beautiful and funny. Enter Tiffani Thiessen. She joined the cast of "Miami" this year in a recurring role playing Victoria, the new station boss sent by corporate headquarters to boost ratings. "We had to bring in an outside force that would galvanize this group of people into a cohesive unit, almost like a family kind of unit," Mr. Kohan said.

Ms. Thiessen fits the bill perfectly, sashaying. She provides a threatening common foe for the characters and viewers at home to root against, but who has a few flashes of redeeming qualities. "You see the bitch come in and just sort of be ruthless and unapologetic about it," Mr. Kohan said.

"Because Tiffani is so good and because we wanted something else, we give her her own vulnerabilities. Suddenly you have an almost sympathetic character, which makes her a better opponent." For example, one episode will show Victoria running into Gavin at his Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, adding another level to her character. — Television Week; 9/29/2003, Vol. 22 Issue 39

On July 9, by marrying Thiessen, a longtime dream/fantasy girl for fans of both sweet Kelly (Saved by the Bell) and vixen Valerie (90210), he made men across the nation green with envy. "I met the coolest girl in the world," he said, still jetlagged from their honeymoon in the Greek Islands. "She really is just a genuinely wonderful person."

"Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and I lived together for a year and dated for a little over three years, and we had been friends for almost six years before that." — Brian Austin Green

Once I was with Tiffani, I realized it wasn't so bad just to spend time by myself. You don't have to be around everybody drinking and being a fool to fit in and enjoy life. — Brian Austin Green

"I have a great job", Vincent Young enthuses. "I get to hang out with two beautiful women [Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and Tori Spelling] on a regular basis. It's great to go to work thinking, 'Hmmm. Who do I have to kiss today?'"

Did you hear the one about Aaron Spelling recruiting Shannen Doherty's Beverly Hills, 90210 replacement, Tiffani Thiessen (left), to step in for the exiting Doherty next season on Charmed? Turns out that's no joke. "Tiffani was our first choice to take over for Shannen--even before we asked Jennifer [Love Hewitt]," Spelling tells EW. "But Tiffani told us she wants to do a half-hour comedy."