French Translations (thanks Isabelle!)

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Mark-Paul and Tif were invited to a French award ceremony (Some kind of French Emmy, not as good as the Emmys!) Mark-Paul was a bit ill, they were suprised by the coll weather in France and by all the fans waiting for them.Tif spoke in French at the ceremony and it wasn't improvised, she had 5 mins of rehersals. Ils lui ont fait dire "Je t'aime, Je t'aime..." (I love you) Fans surrounded them at one point and one managed to grab Tif's bag and vanished with it. The French magazine "Cine Tele Revue" had a cake to celebrate 24h earlier Tif's 19 bday. It was unexepted and Tif was very surprised and happy about it.

Translating this page:

(They can't spell Tif's name lol) One of Mark-Paul's Q about tif: Are they together?: At first it was fun to read the papers, then he decided to tell the truth, they are like brother and sister.

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Q. "Why did you leave SBTB before the end of the show?"

SBTB was a wonderful experience but I grew up and I think I correspond to Kelly.

"What's your secret for being so pretty?"

I accept the compliment! (laughs) I don't have any secret, I'm careful with what I eat, and it's not easy in the Usa, I protect my skin from the sun and read all the advices in the magazines, many are very good.

"You live alone, do you like being independent?"

I didn't want to move but I had the opportunity and took it! I'm independant and I like to live alone. But I stay very close to my family.

"Are you in love?"

Yes but not of Mark-Paul!

"The press wrote that you were dating M-P's cousin, is that true?"

Yes it is, but I prefer to not talk about it. If I go public with him, pap will be after me!

Translating this page:

Tif graduated from Valley professional school, with her brother. She prefered the color white and many of her friends followed her. Despite her long hours of shooting she still managed to follow her classes. Tif now 18 can attend university, but she haven't choose one yet. Even if she begin it a bit late she prefer to be sure about the right one. Her early acting years till the Hawaï episode she just shot were so wonderful that she could give up on acting now, and consider it as an amazing dream. (later they add that it could be only during her studies)

Her brother and her parents attended the ceremony and are ver proud. Tif is dreaming of a university diploma, psychology or mathematics.She was always very careful with celebrity, some former SBTB actors didn't find a job after the end of the show. Tif was very moved when she read her speech. She shot a movie in Canada "Friends to the end", she also would like to travel, meet new faces, new countries. Her name means "God's daughter" with all that has happened in her life, she feels like she's God's student. God always helped me in my life. I dedicate to God all my happy moments. She doesn't like night club much, so she has celebrated it in her favorite restaurant Le Vittelo, Studio City. They have delicious Italian dishes. At the end of the end everyone was sad to say goodbye, but it was only farewell.

Thanks Isabelle!