Tiffani-Amber Thiessen Top-To-Toe

As Valerie Malone on Beverly Hills, 90210, she may dress to excess, but off-camera, Tiffani-Amber is into distressed... jeans, that is. Her look amy seem casual, but it's well thought out and compliments her curves.


Sleek, straight, shoulder length, or a cut above. "I had long hair my whole life," Tiffani tells "until I finally got sick of it. I'll probably keep it fairly short from now on."


If she's wearing a scoop neck, Tiffani chooses a choker. Her favorite has a silver heart dangling from it. But if she's doing the turtleneck thing, anything from beads to shells to dogtags might do.


Tiffani favors form-fitting leotards, or crop-tops.


An essential accessory. Hers range from leather to tapestry to sweatery.


Distressed jeans, but not always blue. Tiffani's Levi's come in all colors -- even black-and-white striped.


Though you won't often catch her in one, those hanging in her closet are long and sleek.


Find hers on the her ankle. It's a simple leather friendship bracelet.


She's a Doc Martens girl, all the way.


The tiny heart on her left ankle is a symbol for her love for boyfriend Brian Austin Green.