Mark-Paul & Tiffani-Amber Confess... Saying I Love You Is Scary

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The College Years Twosome Would Rather Do Almost Anything But!

Let's get one thing out of the way, straight away. Mark-Paul Gosselaar, and Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, who star as Zack and Kelly on Saved By The Bell: The College Years, are not in love — not with each other, anyway. They are very good friends, however, who've worked side-by-side for years. They socialize, they go out for sushi, they tell each other their problems... as any two longtime buds might do. One more thing they have in common? Both are total showbiz pros and usually not shy in the lease - they'll say anything that's on their minds: well, almost anything.

MARK-PAUL: "I'd Rather Jump Out Of A Plane..."

Mark-Paul turned 19 years old on March 1. He'd make a perfect boyfriend in so many ways. Aside from being a talented and popular actor, his off-camera qualities are even more appealing. He's sincere, smart, sweet, handsome and huggable. Mark-Paul is actually ultra affectionate, more so than most guys his age. He's not the least bit uncomfortable giving a great big bear hug to someone he likes. As it turns out, he'd rather show a girl how he feels, than actually (as Billy Joel might say) 'tell her about it.'

How do we know? Here it is: we asked Mark-Paul to answer this question —"Which do you find scariest? A) bungee jumping; B) final exams; or C) telling a girl you love her." Imagine our shock when he picked:

"Telling a girl I love her. I'd rather jump out of a plane without... well, let's not get drastic! I'd rather bungee cord and I'd rather do a final exam than tell her I love her."

Wow! The things you learn about someone you thought you knew! Looks like there's a shy-guy side to macho Mark-Paul after all. Who'da thunk it? Of course, because he's Mark-Paul after all, the king of the one-liners, he had to throw this in, too: "You know what's worse? Telling 'em I don't love 'em anymore!"

TIFFANI-AMBER: "Love Is A Very Strong Word"

Mark-Paul, of course, has never actually admitted being in love — and therefore may not have faced having to say "I Love You." But it's gotta be different for 19-year-old Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, 'cause it's sure lookin' a lot like love right now, between her and Brian Austin Green. Tiff and the 90210 babe have been together for several months: in Hollywood, that's like 'forever.' So, has Tiff ever whispered those three little words to her Bri-guy? Well, we didn't get that personal and actually ask, but we did give Tiff the same three choices as Mark-Paul. She said...

"Telling a guy that you love him. Because that's such a big thing. Love is a very strong word. I think a lot of people use it very lightly, and don't really know what it means. So I think to really tell someone you love them in the way that love means, I think that's pretty scary."

Hmm... seems like Tiffani's reason is a bit different than her cute co-star's. She's not shy about it, she just needs to know it's honest — and that she's sayin' it to "Mr. Right." Could he be Brian? Well, any guy who gives you a pig as a gift can't be too far wrong! We'll 'oink' to that!!

Now that you've gotten to know something ultra personal about Mark-Paul and Tiffani-Amber, why not return the favor? Write and tell 'em how you feel about this ticklish ish: do you find saying "I Love You" as scary as they do? Or could ya' do it with ease? Their address: Saved By The Bell: The College Years, NBC-TV, 3000 W. Alameda Avenue, Burbank, CA 91523.