Tiffani: Shooting Star


Tiffani Thiessen is perhaps best known for her role on Beverly Hills 90210 as Valerie Malone, the femme fatale who seduced, slept with and backstabbed every boy with a decent set of sideburns in the zip code.

Valerie was the antithesis to Thiessenís previous character, Saved By the Bellís sweet girl-next-door, Kelly. ďItís much more interesting to play the bitch,Ē Tiffani says.

In October, Tiffani appears opposite Tim Meadows and Will Farrel in Paramountís Ladies Man, the most recent SNL skit to go to the big screen.

Thiessen will also appear in the upcoming independent film, Speedway Junkie with Daryl Hannah and Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and look for her in a recurring role for televisionís Two Guys and a Girl.