The New Tiffani Network (November 2 2000)

Former Beverly Hills, 90210 vixen Tiffani Thiessen has signed a deal to star in an ABC comedy pilot tentatively titled Something About Tiffani, Variety reports.

The Ladies Man actress will play a beer-guzzling, tart-tongued woman who ditches her fiance at the altar and heads off to Italy for a six-month break. She returns home 70 pounds lighter — to the shock of her three male college pals. "They're expecting the old Tiffani, and this hot babe walks in," helmer Mark Blutman tells the trade paper. "Inside, she's still one of the guys: She's salty, she's ballsy. But she's not used to being this hot lady and having all these men attracted to her."

The show could air as early as next fall.