The Most Appealing "90210" Vet

Hype Magazine

TIFFANI THIESSEN has dropped the Amber and gone blonde since her days as "Beverly Hills, 90210"'s resident tramp Valerie Malone, and lately has been busy making movies. But as the bumer sticker goes, she'd rather be shopping. "I do almost all my shopping here and at Fred Segal, spoiled bitch that I am," she says with a laugh while sashaying into Lisa Kline boutique on Robertson Boulevard. "I think I need to go to Shoppers Anonymous."

Combing the rack of just-in merchandise, Thiessen's quickly disappointed. "My boobs would totally fall out of this," she says holding a green wraparound apron top.

Not that the former Miss Junior America is above flashing a little skin. "I'm in lingerie through all of The Ladies Man," she reports, referring to the "Saturday Night Live" adaptation in which she plays Will Ferrell's sexually frustrated wife, "I was literally in my underwear for the first three years of 90210," she says. "I finally had to go to the producers and say, 'Look, I'm here to do a job, not to be naked the entire time.'"

At least in her other new movie, I Know What You Screamed Last Semester, Thiessen plays a spoofy sexpot instead of a purely tarty sexpot: "I'm the Courtney Cox Arquette reporter character and Tom Arnold plays David Arquette's character," she says.

After a decade-plus of lingerie duty, does she ever feel like getting the hell out? "I was really burned out a few years ago," she says. "So I went to Montana and I found myself thinking I could totally live a simple life in the country and be happy. Then I came home and I was like, what was I fucking thinking? There's no Lisa Kline in Montana."

As Thiessen checks out a halter top, her purse rings. On the line is her beau of five months, Richard Rucculo, whom she fell for while guesting as a volunteer firefigher on his sitcom "Two Guys and a Girl." She coos briefly into her cell phone, then hangs up and gushes, "You know how new relationships are — can't get enough."

After purchasing a black tube top, Thiessen jaywalks across the street to Lisa Kline Men to pick up a pair of Paul Smith cotton shirts for her man. When it's pointed out that she blew just $26 on herself but over $200 on him, she laughs. "That tells you all about me right there."
—Dennis Hensley