Tiffani-Amber says bye-bye, Brenda...

TEEN December 1994

Valerie's arrived — and she's bad — real bad! While Tiffani-Amber's TV persona may have gone from nice to nasty, in real life she's far removed from that bad-girl rap! Wanna know more? Here's the scoop.

Tiffani-Amber Talks About...

Her guy, Brian Austin Green: "He's great. He has a great sense of humor, he's sensitive, talented and romantic, and when he really wants something he'll go for it 110%."

What she does when she's not working:

"I like to hang out at home with my dogs (Golden retrievers) Bonnie and Clyde and Alik (a rottweiler). And, of course, Brian."

Keeping in shape:

"I work out with a trainer four times a week, doing cardiovascular excersizes and weight training."

Her diet:

"I have to watch my weight and be sure I always eat healthfully."

How her role on "90210" has changed her life:

"My schedule is a lot more hectic now, and I hardly have any spare time. Also, I get recognized a lot more now, because the show is so high profile."

What's more important to her:

"My family. Both Brian and I are very family-oriented people."

How she met Brian:

"We were friends for about five and a half years. We met on the set of 'Married with Children'. Then, we saw each other around town at celebrity functions and after a few years, we started dating."

The most romantic thing he's ever done:

"One time we had broken up, but were still friend and we went out to dinner. Right in the middle of the restuarant, he started singing a really romantic song to me. Then, weeks later, I found a note on my CD player and it said 'push play', and he had cued it to that song."

Working on the same show as her boyfriend:

"We actually don't work together that much. But, it is difficult to watch each other doing the love scenes — we're getting used to that though."

The character she plays on "90210":

"I like playing Valerie. She's a chameleon. One moment she's charming and the next she's a 'you know what'. I like her because she's so two-sided — she's two different characters in one."

About being compared to Brenda/Shannen:

"It was bound to happen. But I'm sure the comparisons will stop after awhile."