Busy Summer For Tiffani (September 16 1996)

Tiffani-Amber Thiessen didn't take much time off to relax this summer.

The "Beverly Hills, 90210" star spent her hiatus from the series in Canada filming back-to-back telefilms for NBC.

The first, "Sweet Dreams," airs tonight at 9 on the Peacock net. It tells the tale of an amnesiac who tries to piece together the details of her obviously-troubled past with the help of a sympathetic small-town cop (A Martinez) and a psychiatrist (David Newsom) whom she apparently knew in her former life.

"Sweet Dreams" also features a handful of torrid love scenes that set the small screen aflame. Thiessen, though, found the actual love-scene shooting a bit chilly.

"The love scenes were definitely hard. We were on the 27th floor of this apartment building in Vancouver. It was freezing cold, and we were outside. It was our first day of shooting, and I had to be naked in a jacuzzi with a guy I'd just met two days earlier," Thiessen says, laughing.

After only a two-day break, Thiessen shuffled off to Toronto to start work on another yet-to-be-scheduled NBC film with Tim Matheson, tentatively titled "Angel Girl."

Then, it was back to California, and "90210" for now.

"This looks like probably my last season on the show," says Thiessen. "It's the last season for all of our contracts."

As for the future?

"I have no idea," she says with a laugh. "I hope to stay in the business as long as I can. I'll just take it one step at a time." — by Christy Slewinski