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On Friday (1st November), 10 PM ET, there was a Live-Online-Conference about Tiffani-Amber on "Oldsmobile" (AOL). Sit back, relax and enjoy what Tiffani has to say while answering her most dedicated fans' questions.

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OnlineHost: Your host tonight is AOLiveMC7 (JackDL).

OnlineHost: Tiffani-Amber Thiessen now 22 years old, may be the only young actress who virtually grew up on television during her adolescent years devoid of any awkward stages. She is, as she was during puberty, perfection in every way. Welcome to AOL!

AOLiveMC7: Welcome to the Oldsmobile Celebrity Circle, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen!

TiffniAmbr: Hi guys!

AOLiveMC7: Isellgrubs asks:

Question: How did you get your start on TV?

TiffniAmbr: My first job actually was a Barbie doll commercial that I did when I was about 8 years old.

AOLiveMC7: Cowgir949 has a question:

Question: Tiffani, did you ever feel anything for Mark Paul while you were taping the "Saved by the Bell" series? Amy.

TiffniAmbr: During the years of "Saved by the Bell," Mark Paul and I became very good friends, and we still are to this day.

AOLiveMC7: Zeal KinG would like to know:

Question: Are you a lot like your character Valerie?

TiffniAmbr: Personally, I don't think so! We do look alike, though.

AOLiveMC7: LOVE2Kiss would like to know:

Question: Where can I write to become part of her Fan Club. I adore her "90210".

TiffniAmbr: Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, c/o Beverly Hills 90210, 5700 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 575, Los Angeles, CA 90036-3696.

AOLiveMC7: ShirleyTem asks:

Question: How did you like the "Saved By The Bell " days? I liked Kelly better . She and Zack were so sweet.

TiffniAmbr: I enjoyed every year, which was 5 years of "Saved by the Bell." But I'm also having fun on "90210."

AOLiveMC7: Da Bomb53 wonders:

Question: What was it like going from miss goodie-goodie to the bad girl on "90210?"

TiffniAmbr: Well, it was definitely exciting and something different.

AOLiveMC7: NRico6824 would like to know:

Question: Tiff, I am assuming working on the set of "90210" is hard, because of Brian there. Is it awkward?

TiffniAmbr: No, me and Brian are still very good friends.

AOLiveMC7: Marauge asks:

Question: Don't you get aggravated by never having any privacy for yourself? Wouldn't you like to just go out to dinner and a show sometime without people gawking at you?

TiffniAmbr: Yes, it's definitely difficult but it's kind of the price you pay when you're in this kind of business. And I wouldn't trade it for anything.

AOLiveMC7: LOVE2Kiss asks:

Question: What or who is your role model?

TiffniAmbr: Definitely my mother and my grandmother.

AOLiveMC7: Skydive I asks:

Question: Which actor have you enjoyed working with the most ?

TiffniAmbr: I'd probably have to say the cast of "90210."

AOLiveMC7: StarDust9 wonders:

Question: Hi, I'm Daisy, 16, Miami, FL. I wanted to ask: there are a lot of trashy TV movies out there. How do you pick the right one? I've seen all your movies, they're awesome. Thanks.

TiffniAmbr: There is a lot of movies out there that get pushed your way. But you try to weed them out and do something that you feel confident in.

AOLiveMC7: Campbarney would like to ask:

Question: Do you have a boyfriend?

TiffniAmbr: No. Not currently.

AOLiveMC7: Jen 90210 wonders:

Question: What has been your favorite role to play?

TiffniAmbr: Hmmm. I'd probably have to say Valerie. It's always more entertaining to play a bad girl.

AOLiveMC7: StarDust9 wants to ask you:

Question: Do you regularly use a computer or AOL?

TiffniAmbr: Yeah, I do occasionally. My favorite thing is to play solitaire.

AOLiveMC7: TGreene93 has some timing issues to learn from you:

Question: When is production for this season of "90210" scheduled to end, and what projects do you have lined up to do after that?

TiffniAmbr: I'm taking a vacation for Christmas hiatus for 6 weeks. And we end season seven the end of April. I have no projects lined up right now.

AOLiveMC7: TGreene93 has a "90210" question for you:

Question: So far, what has been your favorite episode/storyline in which you have been involved on "90210?"

TiffniAmbr: I'd actually have to say the episode that aired this past Wednesday, the Halloween episode. Dropping off those diapers was pretty fun!

AOLiveMC7: Jen 90210 wonders:

Question: What exactly is up with you and Jennie Garth? (Well, I *had* to ask for the people on the "90210" mailing list.) :)

TiffniAmbr: Jennie's one of my best friends.

AOLiveMC7: Mecaplex would like to say to you:

Comment: I just want to tell you that by being on AOL Live, that says a lot about the kind of person you are.

TiffniAmbr: Well, thank you.

AOLiveMC7: NRico6824 wonders:

Question: Tiff, I have loved you for 7 years so far -- coming to 8 years this December. I have over 100 posters of you . And know EVERYTHING about you! When will you be coming to Canada?

TiffniAmbr: I just left! I was in Canada for 2 months! I was in Vancouver for one month and I was in Toronto for another month. I love Canada.

AOLiveMC7: JMaceo389 asks:

Question: What would you say to a kid that wanted to grow up in the spotlight?

TiffniAmbr: If it's something that you've always wanted, you should go for it.

AOLiveMC7: StarDust9 asks:

Question: I know your new TV movie is coming out on Monday, and its has to do with a ghost. Do you believe in that?

TiffniAmbr: Most definitely.

AOLiveMC7: Fugitvduc wonders:

Question: Question for Tiff: Is Luke Perry a good kisser? If not, which guys on the show are?

TiffniAmbr: Luke Perry is definitely a very good kisser. And I'd have to say all the guys are. NO complaints.

AOLiveMC7: Waynstock asks:

Question: You are the only reason why I watch "90210." Are you going to do feature films in the future dealing with adult subject matter and, if so, how do you feel towards nudity?

TiffniAmbr: Yes, I would love to do films in the future. Permitted that our time schedule allows it on the show.

AOLiveMC7: Jen 90210 asks:

Question: Do you feel a lot of pressure being in the "business"?

TiffniAmbr: Depends on what kind of day I'm having. But I think there's pressure in any business that you're in.

AOLiveMC7: MnLtKnigh wonders:

Question: What's Elizabeth Berkely like?

TiffniAmbr: I enjoyed working with her during "Saved by the Bell," but actually haven't talked to her in years.

AOLiveMC7: StarDust9 asks:

Question: What are your favorite poets? Book?

TiffniAmbr: Oh, man, it's been so long since I've read. The only thing I read anymore is scripts.

AOLiveMC7: Fugitvduc would like to ask you:

Question: Question for Tiff: Do you keep in touch with Screech, and, if so, what is he up to these days?

TiffniAmbr: I actually haven't talked to Dustin, but I know he's still doing "Saved by the Bell, the New Class."

AOLiveMC7: PJKINVEST would like to ask you:

Question: What was with the picture of you and Jennie Garth in the Star?

TiffniAmbr: If it's the one of me and Jennie kissing, that wasn't me.

AOLiveMC7: Sara27925 wants to tell you:

Comment: Hi! I loved "Saved by the Bell," and I watch "90210." You have the most perfect hair. I wish mine looked like that.

TiffniAmbr: I have to owe it to my hairdresser.

AOLiveMC7: StarDust9 wants to know:

Question: Hi, I wanted to know what were you for Halloween, if you were anything , and what did you do? Thanks.

TiffniAmbr: I actually wasn't anything for Halloween. I passed out candy, and my roommate tried to scare me all night. And he succeeded a couple times.

AOLiveMC7: Heidee 2 wonders:

Question: Do you get to drive the car off the set

TiffniAmbr: No, that's property of the show. Nope, I wish!


Question: Do you have any TV talk show appearances planned?

TiffniAmbr: Not right now.

AOLiveMC7: LOVE2Kiss asks:

Question: Who is your favorite actress?

TiffniAmbr: Oh, I like so many people. I love Meg Ryan.

AOLiveMC7: NRico6824 wonders:

Question: Tiff, do you like watching yourself on TV?

TiffniAmbr: If I know it's a good show for me, I like to watch it.

AOLiveMC7: Wishkah9 wants to tell you:

Question: That movie "Sweet Dreams" was awesome!

AOLiveMC7: Games211 asks:

Question: What TV movie you starred in was your favorite?

TiffniAmbr: I'd have to say my last movie that just aired, "Sweet Dreams".


Question: Do you get along with all your cast members?

TiffniAmbr: Yes, very much so.

AOLiveMC7: StarDust9 asks:

Question: What advice would you give a teenager on life?

TiffniAmbr: Well. That's such a hard question. I think the best thing to do is stay grounded and follow your dreams.

AOLiveMC7: LOVE2Kiss comments:

Comment: I want Tiffani to know that she is the most beautiful actress on the screen. That along with her talent should make her a dream come true for almost any man.

TiffniAmbr: Oh, that's so sweet!

AOLiveMC7: StarDust9 asks:

Question: What do you believe is your greatest accomplishment?

TiffniAmbr: Hmmm. That's a hard question! I really don't look at my life as being an accomplishment. I'm just very thankful for what I've been given.

AOLiveMC7: DeathCash wants to know:

Question: Did you like the high school years or the college years of "Saved By The Bell" better?

TiffniAmbr: I can say I had a lot of fun on the College years. That was my favorite year of Saved by the Bell.

AOLiveMC7: ArmandCat asks:

Question: If you could work with any actress or actor, which would it be?

TiffniAmbr: I'd have to say Al Pacino. I love him.

AOLiveMC7: Karnk 152 asks:

Question: How is it to be a famous actress?

TiffniAmbr: I guess, I love what I do. And I'm very grateful for the opportunities that have been given to me.

AOLiveMC7: StarDust9 asks:

Question: How was it working with Pauly Shore? Does he say those nasty but funny things in real life too? Have you guys kept in touch? Thanks.

TiffniAmbr: I enjoyed working with Pauly immensely. He's still to this day a very good friend of mine. And is very funny in real life.

AOLiveMC7: TVFanman asks:

Question: Do you play any sports? If so, which?

TiffniAmbr: I just started learning how to play tennis. And hopefully I'll get good at it one day!

AOLiveMC7: PJKINVEST wants the inside scoop:

Question: What is in store for Valerie for the rest of the season?

TiffniAmbr: A lot of things that I can't talk about!

AOLiveMC7: Hinkle122 has a personal question for you:

Question: How old are you?

TiffniAmbr: I'm 22.

AOLiveMC7: Wishkah9 asks:

Question: Hi! Where did you get your awesome looks?

TiffniAmbr: I'd have to say I look like my mother and my father!

AOLiveMC7: Gweechie would like to know:

Question: What is your dream role?

TiffniAmbr: I don't have one role that's a dream of mine. I guess I'd have to say I'd like to do as many different roles as possible to keep my job interesting.

AOLiveMC7: Waynstock and son would like to know:

Question: My son Michael who is nine wants to know what kind of music you like?

TiffniAmbr: I like all kinds, but mostly alternative and folk music.

AOLiveMC7: Guiate asks:

Question: Tiffani, what roles did you like least/best in your career?

TiffniAmbr: I'd say I've enjoyed every role that I've done in my life.

AOLiveMC7: PaterraS would like to know:

Question: Who is your favorite male co-star?

TiffniAmbr: I'd have to say Mark Paul.

AOLiveMC7: StarDust9 wonders:

Question: How was it doing the Halloween horror nights thing at Universal in Florida?

TiffniAmbr: I had the best time of my life. It was a great weekend.

AOLiveMC7: StarDust9 asks:

Question: I heard that you and Jennie Garth are good friends. What do you guys like to do for fun, and where?

TiffniAmbr: Yes, me and Jennie are very good friends. And we do what girls do!

AOLiveMC7: DaFlpSte asks:

Question: What do you do for fun?

TiffniAmbr: I usually go out with my friends, or I spend a lot of time at the beach with my dogs.

AOLiveMC7: Halbre980 asks:

Question: How do you think you can help people through your connections in Hollywood and through the TV series?

TiffniAmbr: I think my biggest dedication is my commitment to animal rights charities.

AOLiveMC7: Yanks7896 wonders:

Question: Hi Tiffani, I was just wondering, what do you think of Howard Stern?

TiffniAmbr: I think he's done well for himself!

AOLiveMC7: ScottGolf asks:

Question: Hi, Tiffani, do you consider yourself lucky that your popularity never faded after Saved By the Bell like some of the other cast members, but instead it is growing enormously.

TiffniAmbr: Yes, I feel very fortunate. And at the same time I've enjoyed every bit of it.

AOLiveMC7: Gweechie asks a personal question:

Question: Who would you rather kiss, Pee Wee Herman or Screech?

TiffniAmbr: Screech, most definitely.

AOLiveMC7: Mattie353 asks:

Question: what do you think the best way to get into the business is?

TiffniAmbr: I'd have to say it's one of the hardest businesses, probably, to get into. And the best place to be would either be Los Angeles or New York. But probably the first thing you need to do is find an agency.

AOLiveMC7: GALLOWAYC would like you to predict the future:

Question: How long does TAT think "90210" is going to last? Is the rumor of a "90210": The Married Years true?

TiffniAmbr: We were just picked up for an 8th season, so it'll be going on for one more year. At least one more year.

AOLiveMC7: LStan71 wonders:

Question: What are you usually doing at this time on a Friday night?

TiffniAmbr: I'm usually out with my friends, catching a movie, or I'm at home watching TV with my dogs and cats.

AOLiveMC7: Kdavis23 asks:

Question: Who on the show are you closest to?

TiffniAmbr: Jennie Garth is my closest friend on the show.

AOLiveMC7: Indplsgir has another plea for some insider info from you:

Question: Is your character, Valerie, really pregnant?

TiffniAmbr: You'll have to tune in to the show to find out!

AOLiveMC7: TrinaD14 asks:

Question: What is your new movie about?

TiffniAmbr: It's a ghost story. It's about a young girl who moves into an old house with her mother, who finds the spirit of a young teenage girl trapped in the attic of the house. It's called "Buried Secrets." It's on at 9:00 PT, on NBC, Monday November 4th.

AOLiveMC7: TX wildman asks:

Question: What is it like to grow up in Hollywood?

TiffniAmbr: I actually didn't grow up in Hollywood. I'm from Long Beach, California. And it was nice because my whole family's from here. It's a nice area.

AOLiveMC7: Gweechie wonders:

Question: Which do you like better, people recognizing you from "90210" or "Saved By the Bell?"

TiffniAmbr: Either one is nice.

AOLiveMC7: Hinkle122 would like to learn more about you:

Question: What's your favorite color?

TiffniAmbr: Blue.

AOLiveMC7: BigWeed5 asks:

Question: Are you still working with any aspects of "Saved by the Bell?"

TiffniAmbr: No, I'm working only on "90210."

AOLiveMC7: Fugitvduc asks:

Question: Tiff, what current movies have you seen and liked and/or hated?

TiffniAmbr: I actually haven't seen a movie in awhile. The last movie I saw was "First Wives Club."

AOLiveMC7: TomRRoot asks:'

Question: Tiffani, how much control do the producers have over your personal appearance? Is the cast subject to the producers' whims as far as weight, hair, etc.?

TiffniAmbr: No, they're not very strict about how we look, unless it's something very radical that they don't like.

AOLiveMC7: Gittar29 wants to know:

Question: I think you're a great actress! Did you ever take acting lessons?

TiffniAmbr: Yes, I have taken some acting classes. It's been awhile, though.

AOLiveMC7: Waynstock asks:

Question: Do you ever hang out on the Internet Tiffani?

TiffniAmbr: Yes, actually, I have.

AOLiveMC7: Casey Cro asks:

Question: Where is Mark Paul Gooselar and do you interact with him at all?

TiffniAmbr: No, I haven't spoken to Mark Paul in a couple years. But I know he just got married.

AOLiveMC7: GaFalen would like to know:

Question: Will you ever do a swimsuit calendar?

TiffniAmbr: Probably not!

AOLiveMC7: Indianrun asks:

Question: What qualities do you look for in a man?

TiffniAmbr: I like a man to be romantic, have a sense of humor, independent, definitely and have definite goals for himself.

AOLiveMC7: NYCrulez asks:

Question: How old were you when you started "Saved By the Bell?"

TiffniAmbr: I had just turned 15.

AOLiveMC7: DubieD wants to know your hairdresser's secrets:

Question: Tiffani, I love your hair! How is it cut? And how do you style it?

TiffniAmbr: Well, I don't know how it's cut because I don't cut it, my hairdresser does! And I usually just blow dry it straight when I'm working.

AOLiveMC7: Kdavis23 asks:

Question: Have you ever been to Tori Spelling's house? I understand it is very impressive?

TiffniAmbr: Well, actually Tori doesn't live in her dad's home anymore. And no, I haven't.

AOLiveMC7: Hog209 asks:

Question: Have you ever considered a role that contained nudity?

TiffniAmbr: No, it hasn't been brought up to me yet.

AOLiveMC7: Boofare asks:

Question: I saw you on Rosie O'Donnell. You looked like you had fun. Is she really nice?

TiffniAmbr: Yes, Rosie was very, very sweet, and I enjoyed doing her show very much. In her words, she rocks!

AOLiveMC7: Mecaplex asks:

Question: Would you suggest acting for a profession if we are interested?

TiffniAmbr: If it's something you want to do, definitely.

AOLiveMC7: StarDust9 asks:

Question: What is your life long dream?

TiffniAmbr: To live it to the fullest everyday.

AOLiveMC7: R0sie0 wonders:

Question: Do you mind that some people confuse you with the characters that you play?

TiffniAmbr: I haven't minded yet.

AOLiveMC7: Kamk152 wants to know:

Question: What does it feel like to be loved by millions of boys?

TiffniAmbr: It's nice to be admired by people of any sex!

AOLiveMC7: Jcutler15 asks:

Question: Rumor has it you smoke, Tiff. Is this true?

TiffniAmbr: Yes, I do have a bad habit of smoking, and I don't recommend it to anybody to start.

AOLiveMC7: DEVYNM has our last question of the evening for you:

Question: Is there any truth to the rumor that you are going to be on "Friends?"

TiffniAmbr: No, there's no truth to that.

AOLiveMC7: Do you have any closing words for us?

TiffniAmbr: I have to say that it was a pleasure talking to everybody. I had a great time. And I hope everybody can catch my movie on Monday, "Buried Secrets," 9 PM PT, NBC. I hope you enjoy it!

AOLiveMC7: Our thanks to Tiffani-Amber Thiessen for joining us tonight! And our thanks to you in the audience, too! We couldn't do this without you! Good night everyone!

OnlineHost: Thanks for joining us in the Oldsmobile Celebrity Circle this evening. Remember, Oldsmobile brings an exciting guest Online every Monday through Friday, and transcripts from the events can be downloaded using keywords: "Oldsmobile" or "AOL Live" within 24 hours after the event has ended.