Was Tiffani Kicked Off — The Truth About That Shocking Rumor!

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"90210 Dumps New-Girl Tiffani — And Now Lover Brian Is Threatening to Walk!"

Imagine walking into a headline like that on Monday morning! But such was the article blaring out at us from one of those supermarket tabloids that someone had "so kindly" put on our desk. A split second later (or so it seemed), the switchboard lite up: calls from concerned fans all over the country demanding to know, "Was it true? Was Tiffani-Amber Thiessen really being booted from the show? Why? How could that possibly be?"

"Tons Of Negative Fan Mail"

According to the tabloid, Tiffani had been summoned into boss Aaron Spelling's office and given the bad news. "They told her they had received tons of negative fan mail regarding her, as well as her character," tattled a 90210 'insider.' Additionally, the source alleged that once Brian Green — Tiff's real life boyfriend, who plays David — heard about the firing, he went wild and threatened to leave the show if his girlfriend got the boot.

Tracking Down The Truth

Naturally, 16, got on the phone, and fast — calling the official 90210 people and some 'secret sources' of our —

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