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Published approximately: January 1995

90210 dumps new-girl Tiffani - and now lover Brian is threatening to walk

Beverly Hills, 90210 star Tiffani-Amber Thiessen is being booted from the show - and boyfriend Brian Austin Green has threatened to follow her out the door.

Insiders say former Saved by the Bell actress Tiffani - who replaced controversial Shannen Doherty - was given the bad news recently at a meeting with 90210's top brass, including executive producer Aaron Spelling.

They told her she won't be asked back next season.

But when word of Tiffani's firing reached her co-star and live-in love Brian, he threatened: "If she goes, I go!"

An insider tells STAR: "They tried to break the news to her gently, but there isn't really any nice way to give someone her walking papers.

"When Tiffani was called into the meeting, she had no idea what it was about. They told her they had received tons of negative fan mail regarding her as well as hercharacter, Valerie. They said they weren't happy with the ways things were going - and they weren't going to ask her back next season."

"Brian had a fit when Tiffani told him the bad news," adds the insider.

"She was visibly upset, with tears in her eyes, but she was trying her best to hold back her tears. "Everyone who was at the meeting in which they broke the news to Tiffani had already left for the day when Brian found out about it. But the next day, Brian threw a fit on the set. He was shouting that he couldn't believe Tiffani was canned. Brian was mouthing off about how ridiculous he thought it was to some of the othercast members. Tiffani wasn't around that day, but Tori Spelling was, and he was directing most of hisanger toward her. It seemed obvious he was saying this, so that she'd say something to her father. Brian was shouting that he couldn't believe they'd get rid of Tiffani just because of some bad fan mail. Tori and another one of his co-stars, Kathleen Robertson, tried their best to calm him down."

"But Brian just got more angry. He kept shouting, 'This is bogus!' and 'I can't believe this!'

"He even threatened to quit by saying, 'If she goes, I go!' Brian then stormed off to his dressing room."

Although Shannen Doherty also received lots of hate mail, producers explained to Tiffani that fans had been complaining more about Shannen's off-screen antics than her character, Brenda.

"Fans of the show have been complaining about Tiffani since she started on the show,"adds the insider. "It's a different kind of hate mail from Shannen's because Shannen added great publicity for the show. But fans have described Tiffani as 'dull' and 'boring' as well as a 'Shannen-wannabe.' The main gripe fans have with Tiffani is that she lacks sizzle. Viewers have been complaining from the start of this season, but only recently did the shows execs finally make up their minds on what to do about it."

As a result, the 20-year-old brunette will finish this season, but won't be back next fall.

In the interim, Tiffani, who had a major storyline at the start of the season, is now watching her part get increasingly smaller. Other people on the show will be sad to see her leave - unlike Shannen's departure last year.

"Just about everyone on the set would agree they were happy to see Shannen go," says a source. "But Tiffani is a different story; she's much better liked on the set."

Picture: Brian and Tiffani. Under picture: "Tiffani is being dropped from 90210 because fans had complained her character was boring and lacked sizzle. Furious boyfriend Brian Austin Green disagreed."

Note: All rumors of Tiffani's departure from the show turned out to be un-true, and Tiffani will return for at least two more seasons of 90210.