She Fought Alone

TV Guide / Published approximately: November 1995 / From GRAPEVINE: Splitsville, 90210 5

Beverly Hills, 90210's Tiffani-Amber Thiessen says that even though she's moved out of costar/ex-boyfriend Brian Austin Green's house into her own place, there are no hard feelings. "We get along wonderfully," she claims. "We're the best of friends and we always will be, just like we were before we started dating." Good thing, since they costar both in 90210 and in "She Fought Alone" (Nov. 6). Thiessen says NBC's high-school date-rape drama "takes a new direction" in TV-movies: "It's like a young ‘Pulp Fiction,' with the way it's shot and the hot music." Ironically, the actress who's spent so much time in the classroom on TV (including four years on Saved by the Bell) got her education from on-set tutors: "I never went to a regular high school," Thiessen notes.