We Put Those Tiffani-Amber Thiessen Rumors To Rest

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Tiffani-Amber and her boyfriend, Brian Austin Green, are living together and engaged to be married.

Though 20-year-old Tiff shares her San Fernando Valley home with a pig, the li'l stinker is a "she" named Betty, not a "he" named Brian. Just kidding, but Tiffani really does live solo - if you don't count the potbellied pig and her two pooches. But Bri lives nearby. As for the wedding-bells rumor, the only vow we've heard from Tiffani is, "Ha! That's going to be a while!"

Tiffani suffered from anorexia.

T-A has always been very honest with us about her weight worries, so we know she's never had an easting disorder. However, a few years ago, when Tiff began noticing post-puberty changes in her figure, she did resort to crash dieting. "It was so dumb," she's said. "I'll never do that again." Now she stays toned by eating well and taking kickboxing lessons three times a week.

T-A got a boob job.

Though the insta-enhanced actress hasn't mentioned any breast enlargement surgery, we can't help recalling something she told us last year: "I was in fifth grade when I first got my bra...but they didn't grow any more past the eighth grade. I'm not a big-chested girl at all! I'm very small." Certainly this isn't true anymore, so you make the call.

Tiffani-Amber is as two-faced as her 90210 character, Valerie.

Hardly. In real life, Tiffani-Amber is more like her former Saved by the Bell character, Kelly, whom she once described as "a lot like me." In the five or so years we've known Tiff, she's always been sweet, friendly and optimistic."