Tiffani & Brian: A Completely Competable Couple

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Imagine what a drag it would be if you were a big-time animal lover and your boyfriend, well, wasn't. Or if he became a sneezing, sniffling mass of snot whenever he got near anything with fur. Tough break (and pretty gross), huh? Well, lovebirds Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and Brian Austin Green won't ever have to worry about that scenario. They get almost as googly-eyed over dogs, cats, birds and pigs as they do over each other.

Now, this is pure conjecture on our part, since neither Tiffani-Amber nor Brian has said anything to us about tying the knot. But if the two ever do get married, they're gonna need a big backyard. That's because besides having tiny Tiffs and baby Brians running around, they're like to have lots of four-legged types, too.

Tiff and Brian, who have known each other as friends since 1989 and have been going out for over a year, have been crazy animals since they were kids.

Non-human roomates?

When Tiffani was growing up, she shared her Long Beach, California home with birds and a dog.

And Brian did the whole boy-and-his-dog bonding thing with a snuggly Shih Tzu named Tiko, who was a surprise gift from his mom, Joyce, when Brian was 15.

The two (boy and dog, that is) were so tight that Brian used to bring Tiko with him to set of his former TV series, Knot's Landing. Bri also grew up with a cat named Fluffy (sorry, Bri, we can't give you any points for originally in the naming department).

These days, Brian and Tiff, who are both 20, have houses of their own in L.A. suburbs. And not surprisingly, they gladly share their respective places with a variety of non-human roommates.

Brian lives with a snake and a white, miniature pop-bellied pig named Morrison — Mo for short — whom he named after Jim Morrison, the late lead singer of the 1960s band the Doors. Bri says his li'l oinker has an endearing habit of standing on his hind legs whenever he wants an apple.

Brian was so into Mo's adorable antics that last year he decided to gift Tiffani with a pig of her own — an all-black cutie named Betty. Tiff recalls that Brian "was always, like, 'You need a pet around here,' and I'd say, 'I know.' So I was on my way to get a dog when he drops by with this pig."

By the way, Tiffani did eventually get a dog, too. In fact, she got two — a pair of golden retrievers named Bonnie and Clyde.