Saved by the Bell’s Tiffani-Amber Takes You Shop-Shop Shoppin!!

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We Were Just Girl-Talkin' In The Dining Room Of Her New Home, When All Of A Sudden...

...Tiffani-Amber Thiessen clapped her hands and came up with a great idea! Since she was low on shampoo and conditioner — you know how that is! — why not move the chitchat outdoors and take a tour of the neighborhood too! Hey, that worked for us, so off we went!

While Tiff went through the tons of different shampoos and conditioners at the In L.A. Beauty Supply Salon (she likes to experiment and try new products whenever she can), we picked up where we left off. Seems Tiffani-Amber had to return her pet pig, Betty, to the cutie who gave it to her in the first place, after one of her neighbors reported her to the authorities for having it. Yes, she still has her two dogs, but she sure misses that pig! In fact, Tiff talked about Betty all afternoon.

Success! Tiffani-Amber made a selection she felt happy with, then scooted up to the counter to give the Supply Salon's owner some of her hard-earned cash! We continued talking about Tiff's pig adventures, and she said she was happy to be able to visit her former pet at her boyfriend's place. Who was the babe who gave Tiff her little piggy (who's not that little anymore!)? If ya don't already know, Ms. Tiff and 90210's Brian Green have been dating for awhile now.

Tiff's shopping mission may have been accomplished, but when she spotted the beautiful flowers outside Nice And Easy Antiques, she just had to see them up close!

We talked about a good place for dinner, and Tiff said her favorite restaurant in the Valley is Maria's. It's got great Italian cuisine that Tiff enjoys there, or takes out for her at-home dining pleasure.

After checking out the classy antiques, Tiffani-Amber sat down on Nice and Easy's porch, parked her legs up on the rail, and we shot the breeze about her upcoming movie with Pauly Shore (The Son-In-Law). When we ended our conversation...Mmm! Maria's sounded really good!!!

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