Tiffani Talks End of Saved by the Bell

February 6 1992 (thanks to SBTB Corner)

Please note: this article was transcribed from a French magazine.

The heroine of "Saved by the Bell" welcomes us to her home in Los Angeles, and announced her departure from the series

Tiffani Amber Thiessen: "My adolescence ends .. Another life begins"

There is one year, the television viewers-ers of "Giga", the youth program broadcast on Antenne 2, discovered a great new series: you Saved by the Bell. "And alongside his hero, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, a piece of extraordinary woman, beautiful and full of energy: Tiffani-Amber Thiessen. In a few months, thanks to the per-acter of Kelly ressemble him this far unknown actress has become a model for millions of adolescentes. And the United States, it is already considered a star ... Joan Mac Trevor, our permanent correspondent in Hollywood, he has found her home in a beautiful resi-dential area of Long Beach, after taking her first steps : for Tiffani, life takes a turning point today.

You became famous with Saved by the Bell.

The series is not ending at the moment, but Elizabeth Berkley (Jessie in the series) and I decided to leave it. We felt it was time to move on. December 21 marked my last day on the set of "Saved by the Bell." In fact, eleven additional episodes, still without my presence and that of Elizabeth, but with the addition of a new character. I go because I've been around my character and the series. And I would especially like to do film.

What are your plans in the immediate future?

Adorable Tiffani: There was Saved by the Bell crunches the life to the fullest and will leave her parents' home to begin a career in film.

I would like to resume my studies and at the same time making a film. Next week, I participated in the series "Step by Step" and I'm involved in a pilot episode of a series nou-velle, still untitled, the Lorimar company. At least I'll know next week if the project materializes.

Do you think Saved by the Bell "is the perfect mirror of the joys and challenges that adolescents face in everyday life?

In short, yes. But we must not forget that this is a show first. It addresses issues such as drugs, prostitution, rape, but without too much pressure. A lot of humor was injected into the series, to make it fun to watch the children.

What would be your dream as an actress?

A dramatic role in a film. For me it would be a challenge and an experience totally different my roles as teenagers.

So you feel more adult?

Yes. For three years the series exists, we all grew up. It is for this reason it is limited in time. But rest assured, with multiple reruns, we still see us long in "Saved by the Bell." I always try to live in joy. Whether my studies, my work on a television set, or the prospect one day to get married and be a mother, I want to live intensely. But I do not burn steps. Each day has suffit happiness.

Teachers: poorly paid! What do you think of youth education? Today!

It is sad that our Ensei-teacher, the United States, do not enjoy the respect they feel-meritent. They are usually poorly paid, and students do not always rentooth account the difficulty and ingratitude of their task, whether any essential in the formation of a nation. Without a diploma today, you can worm-hole work. And, no work, no money. Personally, I have never felt the school as painful, because I like to study and learn.

What would you like to specialize?

My ambition is to get a degree in psychology and one in mathematics. Math is my hobby.

You put a lot of yourself in your roles?

When people ask me to be naughty or nice, I do it because it's my job. But actually I put a lot of myself in the character of Kelly. She is very sporty, open, she talks all much and makes friends easily. I just like it. She loves her parents, likes fashion, clothes. At this moment, I limit my spending drastically since I leave my parents for weeks and moved into an apartment in Burbank, closer to the studios. I hate driving, and it suits me fine.

That does not stop me from loving the clothes and fashion. It is better also with the job I exercised. Always be beautiful, seductive, presentable, and the image of the character that is embodied, whether a business woman or student.

The studio does it respond to your clothing?

Only in the case of clothes I wear for the needs of my role. There, I have a whole wardrobe, they renewed slow-Thursdays and Fridays.

And if you want to buy them?

They lend us when we want, but we can not keep them.

How did your parents react to your intention to leave the house?

Very well. All my family supports me and encourages me to get closer to my workplace. For the moment, I live in Long Beach, at the southwestern edge of Los Angeles. It is exceedingly far for someone who does not like to drive.

Dramas teenagers - What do you think of the game fineness of today?

We have more difficulties to confront our parents. Our concerns are not limited to school or to the family. Tiffani-Amber Thiessen with our correspondent Joan Mac Trevor Teenagers do not always realize the difficulties of teachers ...

We must also reckon with the ravages of drugs, unemployment, rape, violence increasingly invasive. Not to mention the drama of pregnant teenagers. It is difficult to ground properly in such an environment. And besides, everything is so expensive today.

You-none the less keep an optimist?

You can say, yes. But in this business, you are exposed asment need to be careful and pay attention to what we do and how we do it, with whom one comes out and people that are common. The press is so quick to put words in your mouth or surprise you in a position or ambiguous attitude. To overcome these drawbacks, I think it is important to have a good education and family as solids.

What are the best memories that you remained in your school years?

The tape outputs the restaurant or beach. We were still twenty. Tracy when we were sections class to go wild on the beach.

What would be your ideal man?

Physically, I have no masculine ideal. But I would like an open man, broad-minded, who knows what he wants in life, and does anything to achieve it. Someone who has insurance, a high opinion of him, without crushing others. Difficult to list so many qualities! But if I were to focus, that it would be open-minded, which is the opposite of pettiness.

If you were to take stock of your young life today, what would you change?

Probably nothing, because I have learned more from my mistakes than my successes.

Interview by Joan Mac TREVOR

Sophisticated, sporty or just casual, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, who began a modeling career at the age of 9 years and was Miss Junior America is a symbol of new life to television, healthy and enthusiastic.