Tiffani Graduates High School

December 1992 (thanks to SBTB Corner)

Please note: this article was transcribed from a French magazine.

"Obtaining a degree is as important as the best role in the world!"

Tiffani-Amber Thiessen has just completed one of his best childhood dreams: officially receiving her diploma graduation-to-secondary. Rare for a TV star, as they are usually busy on the sets or gala evenings! But Kelly Sweet "Saved by the Bell", the fetish series for young people, is a personality apart: despite the consecreation of her career, she wants to continue her studies and, in February, enter a University with a major in psychology or philosophy. A decision that asks a huge sacrifice, and, on the other hand, enables it to assess her achievements and positive recent year-olds.

Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and her brother Schyler to his graduation; the sweet Kelly revealed by the series "Saved by the Bell" was dressed all in white because it is she who got the best score in class today, she is about to juggle university studies and career.

Surrounded by his brother and parents, Robin, her mom, and Frank, her father, Tiffani shows the certificate of the renowned Valley Professional School. When chosen by her fellow students, the actress gave the farewell speech to students and their parents, she could not hold back her tears. "I will never forget that day," she confesses.

"Never afraid, I do not leave TV!" Exclaims Tiffani Thiessen Amber in both laughing. Despite her decision to continue her studies, delicious Kelly of "Saved by the Bell" will not forsake hr car-Rière provided.

"I will follow the evening university courses," she said. "They will in Studio City in the San Fernando Valley, near major television studios where I have an apartment. So I will not have too much distance to go from one to another!

The events also give her reason since coming months she will appear in "Saved by the Bell" (with episodes filmed in Hawaii) and in a lovely family, shows the newly series with Patrick Duffy and Brandon Call.

"In addition, I'm currently shooting a movie, "Son-in-law" with Pauly Shore, an actor 27 years. I will keep in touch with those who have supported me and worshiped since 1989. A contact that I could not live without."

Kelly radiates happiness. If, at 12, she thinking only de-crocher the title of Miss America, she wants more than anything, today, to become a univer-silence in itself. At the beginning of filming the series that made her a star known on both sides of the Atlantic, she was already wondering how she manage to pay her studies and professional-activities.

"Fortunately, I went very accommodating people," she continues, the accomplice regard. "For example, the director of my school, Candy Coburn, proved far-tolerantment by providing me with some courses that the proces-rays, in one way or another, eventually. Elijah had understood how the series was important for me. All my life flowed in.

Tearfully Alongside Robin, mom Tiffani, father Frank and Schyler, brother of the actress, Candy Coburn was also as located at the top of graduation of the school to listen carefully to the farewell discourse of the actress.

Tiffani's friendly class felt that she was honored talking years and seeing the heart of the professional Valley School actress. Her parents were very proud of her. His brother was struggling to hide his enthusiasm. But undoubtedly the most satisfied of all was Jeffrey Krol, the man of her life, a student. "Whatever direction it takes, I will support and be happy for her," he asserted. Great happiness is read in the eyes of Tiffani.

Moved, the The whole family was left in the school grounds where Tiffani had its finest joys. Only missing on the photo his brother Todd, who was playing that day in Colorado, a bike race!

It has not yet chosen. "I love to expand my knowledge and study", continues Tiffani. "As much do things correctly. Otherwise it is not worth the trouble." In Hollywood, it is said that the fairies have considered the cradle. It is true that all prosper. Tiffani is beautiful, talented, intelligent, determined and thoughtful. "An actor must constantly be on guard. One day it may collapse under turning offers, and the next day back. Make no mistake, this is not the only reason that I start high school.

"It was a great time," she says. "In addition, there were a real harmonica-like between my life and my character "The hours spent in the studios of the series have brought much equal to her. Glory, good times, an experience television.

"I have never really had to complain, but one have only one regreat: that of not having enough time to play sports," she says. "I loved playing volleyball, skiing and even learning karate!"

The best of her class, this summer, after turning the TV movie, which meant the end of "Saved by the Bell" (entitled "Saved the BELL- Hawaiian style", which should be translated here by "Saved by the Bell in Hawaii"), Tiffani visited Canada in Vancouver to star in the TV movie "Friends to the End" then emigrated to Northern California for "Son-in-law," a film for theatrical release. "Soon, she will think especially to school," says her adorable mom. "Tif make a nomination year-lish and another."

Tiffani in the arms of her fiancé Jeffrey Krol actress laughed a lot seeing a French newspaper had passed his brother to him, unaware that she was engaged! Jeffrey, Tif happily celebrated his graduation, before flying to other professional commitments.

"I like to take classes!" Dressed in white from head to toe, Tiffani will never forget this wonderful day.

The sexiest TV is the smartest: Bachelor now, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen will pursue a university degree in English with a minor and another, either in psychology or philosophy. This is a TV star who has a head on her shoulders and wants to protect benefits of glory.

"We promised to meet again soon," former does Plique. "At the end of the ceremony, we (five boys and girls) went to an Italian restaurant. We told the moments in our past at the establishment school. We laughed a lot, but when we left, laughter gave way to sadness. We were going to be separated in different universities.

"No doubt the managed actress to take on the challenge that comes from focusing. But the pretty brunette with laughing eyes also has other concerns, including that of travel. "I recently traveled to Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam. I like to discover other cities, other countries, enter the cultural differences between regions. It enriches my life. But I'm patient; you can not have it all at once! I had a lot of opportunity this God helps me reach my goals. Besides, my name means 'daughter of God.' And after all this? I'll get married and will put forth children. I'm in love and it's fabulous! Jeffrey and I will overcome all obstacles."