Saved by the Belles

Teen Magazine, May 1993 v37 n5 p92(2)

School on Saturday morning? Don't groan! Bayside High is one school you'll enjoy attending. And Tiffani-Amber, Elizabeth and Lark are three girls you'd love to have as friends! Bayside High may not be a lot like your school, although Tiffani-Amber tells us, "There are definitely characters I recognize from school-no names please! Some of the situations are very real, but there's also lots of laughs."

Although Bayside High is just an act, the trio has to do real schoolwork too-about four to five hours a day with a tutor on the set.

When their school's out on Monday through Thursday, they rehearse and rehearse! All agree, this is the only downside. After rehearsing, they go through the scenes on the set. Finally, it's Friday... and showtime!

"I love performing in front of an audience!" says Lark.

Adds Tiffani-Amber, "It's incredible to think t hat people are out there watching us!"

In fact, none of the threesome can quite believe their luck in landing a part on "Saved by the Bell." As Elizabeth tells us, "When I walk in the studio and see the NBC logo and a sign that says, 'Quiet, stars at work," it's almost overwhelming! I can't believe I'm actually here."

Believe it! Lark, Elizabeth and Tiffani-Amber are in the spotlight to stay. So, read on... and find out more about the real girls from Bayside High!

Tiffani-Amber was the co-winner of 'TEEN Magazine's 1988 GREAT MODEL SEARCH. She's 16, has two brothers: Todd, 21, and Schyler, 12, and a dog named Lady. Tiffani-Amber had been trying to get in on the acting scene for about a year and "Saved by the Bell" is her first big break! So big, that when she told her dad and brothers, they thought she was kidding! No kidding! In fact, as a sign that she's really making it, Tiffani-Amber just bought herself a car - a 280Z! Not bad for her first car - and someone who's just gotten her license!

Lark, age 15, is a real on-the-go activist. She's an all-around good sport and especially enjoys gymnastics. Among her other interests: singing and dancing. Lark got her cue to get into the acting biz from her mom who, on the advice of friends, got Lark an agent at age 11. And Lark has been acting ever since! Her scrpt for the future? To continue acting, and possibly go into the medical field as a gynecologist/obstetrician.

Elizabeth's 17. She has a brother, Jason, 20, and a "menagerie" of pets - two dogs, three cats! She loves to dance (ballet, jazz and tap) and sings everything from pop to the classics.

When Elizabeth started acting at age 12, her family lived in Michigan (they now live in California), so Elizabeth commuted from there to L.A. and New York.

"I was definitely a frequent flyer." Elizabeth coments. "I knew every stewardess!"

For Elizabeth, there's no business like show business! Although she plans to attend collge (her major - probably psychology), her main goal is to become a well-respected, well-rounded actress.


OPPOSITE PAGE: Far Left: Tiffani-Amber, a blue-eyed brunette, has a built-in hair buddy-her hair-dresser brother! Here, on her eyes: Creme de Cocoa Blooming Colors Eye Shadow Single and Very Black Great Lash Mascara. On her lips: Cherry Pop Shine Free ColorSoft For Lips. All make-up by Maybelline.

Center: One of Elizabeth's most striking features - her hair! People often ask where she gets it permed - she doesn't! Those curls are for real! For Elizabeth's look, on her eyes: Mood Mauves Professional ColorMatch 4 Kit Shadow and Black Thick Lash 2 Mascara. On her lips: Iceblue Pink Continuous Color Lipstick. All makeup by Cover Girl.

Left: Lark's big, brown eyes and vivacious smile are what get her noticed. For this look, on her eyes: Metal Urge Eyeshadow from the Color Shock Collection and Black Thick 'N Healthy Mascara. On her lips: Champagne Coty '24' Luminescent Lipstick. All makeup by Coty.

Benetton tops. Kangol berets. Aris Isotoner scarves.


On Elizabeth: Sportego sweater. Naf Naf jean shorts. Hue tights. E.G. Smith socks. Converse sneakers. Aris Isotoner gloves. Rosecraft earrings.

On Lark: One Step Up sweater. Catherine Stein earrings. Aris Isotoner gloves.

On Tiffani-Amber: Sportego sweater. One Step Up leggings. E.G. Smith socks. Converse sneakers.

For a fun frangrance that gets top billing, check out ex'cla-ma'tion by Coty.