Son In Law (1993)

Son In Law movie poster Character: Tracy
Release Date: July 2 1993
Director: Steve Rash
Writer(s): Patrick J. Clifton, Susan McMartin
Genre: Comedy, Romance
MPAA Rating: n/a
Cast Highlights

Pauly Shore as Crawl
Carla Gugino as Rebecca
Lane Smith as Walter
Mason Adams as Walter Sr. Patrick Renna as Zach


Middle America will never be the same when comedian Pauly Shore travels to the Midwest and becomes the Son-In-Law. Shore stars as Crawl, L.A.'s funkiest college student, who's hilariously out of his element when he spends Thanksgiving at the family farm of a straitlaced college co-ed (Carla Gugino - Snake Eyes). Crawl's unlike anything the Midwesterners have ever seen - outside the barn that is! But before long, Crawl's plowing his way into their hearts with his outrageous antics and offbeat attempts at farming. Get ready for a truckload of laughs and a half-ton of hysteria with this totally irreverent comedy!

Tiffani's Role

She used to go to high school with Rebecca (the college co-ed). Tracy is a nice girl, but she has her high times (when she strip dances in the bar).

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