She Fought Alone (1995)

She Fought Alone movie poster Character: Caitlin Rose
Release Date: November 6 1995
Director: Christopher Leitch
Writer(s): John Leekley
Genre: Drama, Romance
MPAA Rating: n/a
Cast Highlights

Brian Austin Green as Ethan
Isabella Hofmann as Avon Rose
David Lipper as Jace
Maureen Flannigan as Abby


Tiffani stars as Caitlin Rose, a teenager who joins the coolest group in high school, boosting her popularity and giving her a chance to get closer to Ethan (Green). But Caitlin's happiness is destroyed when she is raped by star football player Jace, Ethan's best friend. When she she reports the crime, Jace vehemently denies what happened. Suspected of lying, Caitlin becomes an outcast. With no one else to turn to, Caitlin take s a chance and confidens in Ethan. Will he turn against her too or help her prove the truth?

Tiffani's Role

She can be seen all throughout the movie as she is the lead. Her character goes through many emotions as this is probably her most dramatic role.

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