Northpole (2014)

Northpole movie poster Character: Chelsea
Directed By: Douglas Barr
Writer(s): Gregg Rossen, Brian Sawyer
Genre: Fantasy
MPAA Rating: G
Cast Highlights

Robert Wagner as Santa
Jill St. John as Mrs. Santa
Max Charles as Kevin
Tiffani Thiessen as Chelsea
Josh Hopkins as Ryan


Northpole, the magical home to Santa & Mrs. Claus, has grown into a huge city powered by the magic of holiday happiness around the world. Yet as people everywhere get too busy to enjoy festive time together, the city is in trouble.

Who can help save the cherished traditions of Christmas? One young boy, Kevin, might have a chance if he can convince his protective mom, Chelsea, to rediscover the magic of the season. With a little added help from Kevin's charming teacher Ryan, a mysterious elf-like girl Clementine (Madison) and a gospel singer named Josephine, Kevin is determined to bring his mom in on the fun and prove that one small voice can change the hearts of many.

Tiffani's Role

Tiffani plays the mom.

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