Love Stinks (1999)

Love Stinks movie poster Character: Rebecca Melini/Juliette
Release Date: September 10 1999
Director: Jeff Franklin
Writer(s): Jeff Franklin
Genre: Comedy
MPAA Rating: R
Cast Highlights

French Stewart as Seth Winnick
Bridgette Wilson as Chelsea Turner
Bill Bellamy as Larry Garnett
Tyra Banks as Holly Garnett


Seth Winnick has it all—a successful career in television, good friends, and a passionate relationship with the beautiful Chelsea Turner. However, when he fails to make a timely marriage proposal, Chelsea behaves as is she has been bitten by a rapid squirrel. The two redirect their passion into malice and forge a sordid "anti-relationship," replacing love and tenderness with vengeance and venom, which fuels a series of bids to out do the other with acts of cruelty.

Tiffani's Role

Tiffani plays an actress on Winnick's TV series. Her character, in the TV series, is married to her perverted husband who has arguments and later, makes up. The TV series would remind anyone of 'King of Queens.'

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