Hollywood Ending (2002)

Hollywood Ending movie poster Character: Sharon Bates
Release Date: May 3 2002
Directed By: Woody Allen
Writer(s): Woody Allen
Genre: Comedy, Romance
MPAA Rating: PG 13
Cast Highlights

Téa Leoni as Ellie
George Hamilton as Ed
Treat Williams as Hal Jaeger
Woody Allen as Val Waxman
Debra Messing as Lori Fox


Woody Allen plays Val Waxman, a film director, who was once big in the 1970's and 1980's, but has now has been reduced to directing TV commercials. Finally, he gets an offer to make a big film. But, disaster strikes, when Val goes temporarily blind, due to paranoia. So, he and a few friends, try to cover up his disability, without the studio executives or the producers knowing that he is directing the film blind.

Tiffani's Role

Tiffani plays actress Sharon Bates who is part of Val's movie. Apparently, she finds Val to be a very sexy older-type of man when she invites him into her room at night. Everytime Val looks into her eyes, it feels as if he's making love to her. When they talk, Val is temporarily blind and she thinks nothing of it.


Tiffani was originally thought of to play the part of Lori, but the directors felt she looked older, and not as young as they claimed the character to be, so Woody made a character just for Tiffani!

Woody: So I understand that you wanted to talk about something with me?
Sharon: Can I be frank?
Woody: Oh, yes. Of course.
Sharon: I'm having a real problem working with you.
Woody: Problem, working with me? Why?
Sharon: Well, I feel something unspoken has developed between us.
Woody: Something developed between us? Like what?
Sharon: Well, it might be my imagination, but the way you look at me it's like you're making love to me with your eyes. Look, I'm a very direct person, that when I start having feelings about someone I don't hold back. Am I, am I making you nervous? Come here, why don't you sit on the sofa with me?
Woody: The sofa? Uh-
Sharon: Yeah
Woody: Oh really, the sofa, the sofa, oh.
Sharon: Yeah, I really want your full attention.
Woody: Sofa's fine, so so. (Tiff puts his hand on her breast) No, I don't need a throw pillow, I'm comfortable.
Sharon: If I trust a director to direct me, I trust him to make love to me.
Woody: Oh, well just let me say this - I'm a big believer in that, but not while I'm working cause I never like to mix business with pleasure cause I'm a dedicated artist like a trapist monk. I feel the best way to do a good picture is to abstain till the shooting is over, because, you know it's my admiration of cinema. Cinema is a jealous mystery and so that's just the way I am, but we can take, we can wait till after the shootings over and -
Sharon: But what are you doing?
Woody: Oh, oh me? When I feel emotionally moved in some way, some people smoke, I fondle walls. It's just -
Sharon: Oh, I completely, I'm sorry I didn't mean to upset you -
Woody: Oh, no I'm not upset, I just -
Sharon: If I act with a fine director like yourself I, I mean there's nothing I wouldn't do sexually for him.
Woody: Oh, you should take a full page in DJ Magazines stating that and you'll never stop working then. Is it possible to open the door for me? All the breathing is steaming my glasses and and, am I close, yes. Well, we'll talk again like this, thank you. Al? Al!
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