A Christmas Adventure from a Book Called Wisely's Tales (2001)

A Christmas Adventure movie poster Character: Vixen (voice)
Release Date: October 2 2001
Writer(s): Jack Olesker
Genre: Animation, Family
MPAA Rating: G
Cast Highlights

Dean Cain as Donnor
Joseph Lawrence as Wolfpack Leader


This unique holiday special is completely computer generated, providing children of all ages with plenty of eye-popping visuals. Great storyteller Wisely Owl, of the North Woods, tells of the time that his forest friends banded together to help when Santa's sleigh crash lands during a blizzard. When Santa's reindeer flee the scene, Wisely's pals must corral them in time to save Christmas!

Tiffani's Role

Unknown. Do you have any information regarding Tiffani's part in this movie? Contact Me!

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