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There's no denying that this girl was destined to shine in the spotlight. Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, formally known as Tiffani Thiessen started her career as early as the age of eight. It all started when her uncle, Roger, suggested modeling. Soon enough, she was doing commercials for "Peaches and Cream Barbie Doll". She comments, "They never let me hold the Barbie. I only got to hold Ken. I guess I wasn't blond enough."

In 1987, she won the Miss. Junior American Pageant. Unfortunately, she would never do another one, "but at the time they were fun." Just a year later, she won Teen Magazine's 'Great Model Search' contest alongside Tiffany Weber, and was plastered all over magazines!

Cast of the hit series, Saved by the Bell

It wasn't long until she gained stardom status in the hit series, Saved by the Bell. The series lasted for approximately four years and was the only series where she got to play a squeaky-clean valley girl from Bayside High. Many other sub-movies came out along the line of the movie such as, Saved by the Bell Hawaiian Style in 1992 and Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas in 1994. The actress had much to say about her first series, "I grew up with these kids. It was just like us at school having fun. We were best friends for years." Although Kelly Kapowski was a very clean, sweet girl, she did manage to spoil on Zach Morris, once. "She cheated on Zack and then broke up with him to date a college guy. That was probably the worst thing she ever did in her whole LIFE."

In 1992, she made her way in her first movie, A Killer Among Friends. In this movie she got tortured and killed by her two best friends. Tiffani described this first experience as a "painful one". She was exhausted to the point, which made her bring a masseuse to her room.

From Cheerleader To Vixen

Cast of Beverly Hills 90210

After appearing with Pauly Shore in the movie Son in Law in 1993, she spread out into a completely different role from her previous ones. This role was dangerous and deceitful. She portrayed Valerie Malone, in the hit teen-drama, Beverly Hills 90210. With her new short hair and prominent breast implants, Valerie became the center of affection for just about everyone on the show. She created lots of love triangles and most of the time, was in the middle of them.

As far as one knows, she enjoyed it on and off-set, especially spending time with boyfriend, Brian Austin Green, who had played David Silver on the show. However, she felt as if she was being used as a sex object and was getting quite annoyed with it. "I was literally in underwear for the first three years of '90210'. I finally had to go to the producers and say, 'Look, I'm here to do a job, not to be naked the entire time.'" And in 1998, she left the show to venture into the film industry.

Film Industry Calls

This led to tons of movies for television, mainly consuming of Lifetime Original Movies. Some included were: The Stranger Beside Me and She Fought Alone both in 1995. In 1996, she was in Sweet Dreams and Buried Secrets.

In 1999, she played in the comedy, Love Stinks with Bill Bellamy (who was one of her co-stars later in Fastlane) and Bridgette Wilson. In the same year, she was starring opposite Jonathon Taylor Thomas and Jesse Bradford in Speedway Junky, and to not forget the sequel, From Dusk Till Dawn: Texas Blood Money.

Love At First Bite

Tiffani and Richard in Two Guys And A Girl

In 2001, she met Richard Rucculo, on the set of the TV Series, Two Guys And A Girl and later, fell in love! Tiffani remarks, "We were on set and he was eating chicken. I think it was a combination of a lot of other things that I found attractive about him, because if it had been somebody else with greasy chicken hands, I’d probably puke. But on him, just seeing somebody who I found very sexy, eating with his fingers... it was pretty damn sexy," she says on how Rucculo won her heart.

And it wasn't long before Tiffani found herself looking down at the man on his knees, proposing. Richard and Tiffani were set to marry, but the date wasn't confirmed. In the same year, 2001, Tiffani was shocked when she looked at photos from Sarah Michelle Gellar's wedding to Freddie Prinze Jr. A source says, "It was her wedding. It made the monetary value of her wedding nothing." 'Party guru' Jeffrey Best was fired, and Tiffani had to start her wedding plans all over.

But in mid April 2003, the engagement and the couple, amicably split. She comments towards the breakup, "I'm kind of glad and happy about it for the moment. Work's been so crazy anyway that I don't have time for anything else."

Ecstatic News

The Cast of Fastlane

Meanwhile, in the years 2002-03, Tiffani kept busy acting. Her third major TV Series, was on Fastlane opposite Bill Bellamy (from Love Stinks) and Peter Facinelli (Jennie Garth's husband). The show was about two cops who go undercover to nail LA's most rich and powerful criminals. Tiffani played Billie Chambers, the tough-boss, with a mysterious background. Unfortunately, the show cost FOX too much money as well as the ratings being down, so the show was cancelled, but still managed to finish its first and only season.

Tiffani in the movie Hollywood Ending with Woody Allen

Two-thousand two was also the year when Tiffani had a more-than-acquaintance with legend, Woody Allen. When she found out he saw her tape and wanted to see her, she was ecstatic. She didn't know what to think. He wanted her for the role of Lori in Hollywood Ending, but she didn't look young enough. So Woody made a character just for Tiff! She played actress Sharon Bates. Months after completing her role, Thiessen admits, "It was all very exciting, but to this day, I still don't know what the movie is about. That’s just how Woody works."

After the cancellation of Fastlane, Tiffani sprung back to comedy in the sitcom, Good Morning, Miami, where she played yet another boss, with beauty, brains and wit. This character was similar to hers on Just Shoot Me, but wired fans to the screen even more. Thiessen was originally cast for a few episodes, but producers loved her work, so they gave her more episodes! However, in January of 2004, Good Morning, Miami was reported to be on hiatus due to a recent lawsuit made by the producers of the show, "Will & Grace." No official reason was confirmed, but in late May 2004, the show was officially cancelled.


Showing off grins with Brady Smith

But the two cancellations did not stop the actress! She continued looking as down-to-earth as ever, attending social events and parties. Early February 2004, she was reported to have been dating actor Brady Smith from Jennie Garth's show, "What I Like About You". He was introduced to Thiessen by series star and good friend Jennie Garth. "I thank Jennie every day," chirps Thiessen, quoted in an issue of People.

Thiessen's sympathy resulted in her participation for Until There's A Cure® to raise money for HIV/AIDS care services, prevention education, and vaccine development. She has done three ads that are scattered in different magazines all over. Continuing, she adds on to stop animal abuse and contributes to signing Tamagotchi Connection T-shirts to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

Tiffani's ad for Until There's A Cure / Tiffani and R. Dean Johnson on set of Just Pray

Aside from her new found glory and her participation for Until®, she has worked hard on putting together her first movie, Just Pray, in which she has directed AND produced!

The movie has premiered at various film festivals and has received honorable mentions! And if you thought that was all, Tiffani now has her own production team — Tit 4 Tat Productions, alongside producing partner, R. Dean Johnson, where they will be doing more of these small, and big projects! She's already mentioned about doing a full feature film...can't wait!

"I'm Getting Married!"

Just after her movie wrapped up production, fans were excitedly surprised when hearing word that she would be starring in a CBS comedy, Stroller Wars, which is written by the same people of the show, "King of Queens". Unfortunately, the show did not make the fall line-up to be aired on TV. The show remains in her filmography to this day, but no word on it ever making its way to TV.

Tiffani and Brady on their wedding day!

The surprise of Tiffani and Brady's wedding came in early July when magazines, everywhere, posted on the couple's details. Their wedding took place at a private estate in Montecito, California on July 9 2005. They "were surrounded by close friends and family as their daytime garden wedding turned into a French Provencal feast by evening", states People.

"I met the coolest girl in the world," her husband, Brady Smith said, still jetlagged from their honeymoon in the Greek Islands. "She really is just a genuinely wonderful person," quoted in a 2005 Chron article. The couple continue to attend many events together, showing off grins and giggles.

Surprises At Every Corner

Tiffani and R. Dean Johnson nat the Palm Springs International Film Festival

A little after her marriage to Brady, Tiffani and Dean continued showing their off their film, Just Pray to film festivals in hopes of gaining plausible feedback and possibly awards. In August of 2005, the movie was awarded Best Score at the Rhode Island International Film Festival. Plus, the movie was selected by RIIFF to appear in its annual festival follow-up series known as 'The Best of the Best 2005'.

Another award followed at the Palm Springs International Film Festival of Short Films for 2nd place for Best Live Action Over 15 minutes!

Within the following months, Tiffani attended events and answered Q&A at her official site, until her wedding broke out in magazines from InStyle to Inside TV, People, Who Weekly. Tiffani and Brady's wedding was also featured in InStyle Weddings on TV!

In March 2006, she accepted an invitation to serve on the National Advisory Council of the Make-A-Wish Foundation — the world’s largest wish-granting organization! She continues to support the foundation granting wishes for family's and one's who are constantly fighting life-threatening medical conditions.

Word came out in April 2006, during a Q&A session on her official site when a fan asked if she writes any stories. She said yes, and with her producing partner they are writing their first children's picture book called, "Fins and Tales". In the words of the author, "The stories are life lessons for the young at heart as told through the voices of my pets. We have two dogs, two cats and a fish — hence, the title of the series, "Fins & Tales.""

The book series caught the attention of producers who will possibly turn it into an animated film or series.

Tiffani in Pandemic, playing a doctor

With surprises at every corner, fans grew excited when hearing about her cast in Pandemic, a four-hour mini-series debuting on the Hallmark channel in the summer of 2007 (US). In the movie, Tiffani plays a doctor racing against time and across the globe to find a vaccine for the bird flu virus. She is playing opposite Faye Dunaway and Eric Roberts.

Another surprise peaked many Saved by the Bell fans. In the August 2006 issue of Details magazine, there was a new photoshoot of Tiffani and Mark-Paul Gosselaar!

Her Biggest Accomplishment

Tiffani at Camp Rainbow Gold, having fun being around the children!

Tiffani adds onto her charity support by joining the "Camp Rainbow Gold", a camp for children diagnosed with cancer. "This is so life changing," Tiffani comments. "They are such lovely people here. They show me a sense of strength you never see in that form. Sarah is only 16, and she is fighting the toughest thing in her life."

The fans see it, so do her friends, as well as Wow! Women on Writing when they interviewed Tiffani in the "Author's Showcase" spotlight. An interview about her accomplishments, how working hard pays off, her spirit of helping others and her ability to focus. The interview ended with: "I hope everyone who reads this interview will see the woman behind the accomplishments, because who she is — is her biggest accomplishment."

In 2007, Tiffani joined the cast of ABC's What About Brian as Natasha Dylan, the sexy, smart, new boss at KC Gaming. She shook things up in the close-knit of friends, in which she was cast as a series regular. Unfortunately, the show was nearing the end of the season, and did not get picked up again.

In What About Brian

Later that year, she participated in the Blank Theatre's Young Playwrights Festival, a theatre where kids write stories and real actors and directors star or direct them. She starred in "The Mole" and directed, "Brother's Don't Say It". Tiffani continues to involve herself in the festival.

A Promising Woman

Cyborg Soldier movie poster

In fall of 2007, fans were super excited in hearing word of Tiffani starring in a new movie, Cyborg Soldier opposite Brian Greenwood and Rich Franklin. The movie centers around a lonely U.S. border patrol agent, played by Tiffani, who apprehends a genetically engineered super-soldier and experiences the ride of her life when the soldier's creator relentlessly hunts them down. The movie will be releasing on DVD October 7 2008.

Tiffani started the new year off with a bang. With over 40,000 square feet of non-stop party fever, Tiffani and friends celebrated her birthday at Pure Nightclub. A fan even got to give her a gift in person!

In February of 2008, she popped up in Ben Lee's music video, American Television, playing various characters on TV. The video had an upbeat tempo with hilarious footage!

Tiffani's appearance in the American Television music video

It was in April of 2008 when fans wondered if Tiffani would show up in the new Beverly Hills 90210 airing later that fall. Tons of news poured out everyday about the new show. Soon, word of her being on the show, was not something she wanted to do. Instead she wants kids! "We've been married for almost three years, so it's time," she said. "We wanted to be selfish with each other for a little while. We didn't want to rush into it, but now we're really, really wanting that."

Currently, she is still dazzling her fans with every move she makes! With every new year comes new experiences and we know that we will be there for the long-haul. As WOW! says, she is her greatest accomplishment.

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