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Tiffani Says Hell To The No On Bell

Posted December 22, 2008

TMZ talks to Tiffani while coming home from the airport about if she would rather play Valerie or Kelly again, find out at TMZ or download!

You can see caps here.
Source: TMZ

Tiffani to co-star in USA Network's pilot "White Collar"

Posted November 07, 2008

According to, the Hollywood Reporter, Tiffani has been tapped to co-star on USA Network's pilot "White Collar"!

"Collar," from Fox TV Studios, centers on Neal (Matthew Bomer), a brilliant con artist who partners against his will with Peter (Tim DeKay), the head of the FBI's white-collar crime unit.

Thiessen will play Debbie, Peter's intelligent and supportive wife who works as an accountant.
Source: Hollywood Reporter

Get Tiffani-designed holiday cards - for charity!

Posted November 04, 2008

Are you one of those people who like to send cards to family and friends for the holidays? This year, Tiffani designed holiday cards that you can buy and send to your family and friends - plus the proceeds go to charity! Market Watch gives us the scoop. Head over to Tiny Prints to order Tiffani's designed holiday cards or any others from celebrities.
Sources: Market Watch, Tiny Prints

Tiffani Stars in "Drop Dead Divas"

Posted October 09, 2008

Looks like it's true - Tiffani IS starring in "Drop Dead Divas", according to this article by Artist Direct!

Thiessen will star in Drop Dead Diva, a legal dramedy centering on a model who dies, only to have her soul enter the body of a frumpy but brainy lawyer postmortem. Brooke Elliott has a role, as does rowdy comedienne Margaret Cho. Thiessen is reportedly playing the party girl model, while Elliott will play the lawyer she inhabits. Cho is set to play the lawyer's assistant.

Thiessen's reps claimed the star is excited to return to serial TV and that her fan base is expected to follow her there.

Source: Artist Direct

TMR Zoo hosts "Cyborg Soldier" DVD Contest

Posted October 06, 2008

TMR Zoo is holding a "Kill Switch" / "Cyborg Soldier" contest and is giving away "THREE prize packs containing both of the DVDs, courtesy of First Look Studios, to THREE lucky winners." The cool thing is, all you have to do is submit a contact form with your name and email, that's it! Head over to TMR Zoo.
Source: TMR Zoo

Trailer out for "Cyborg Soldier"

Posted September 24 2008

Looks like the trailer is out for "Cyborg Soldier", so exciting!
Source: IO9.com

Tiffani attends Nautica Malibu Triathlon

Posted September 17 2008

Tiffani went to the Nautica Malibu Triathlon Sunday, September 14, looks like with Mark-Paul! PopWrap mentions Tiff and Tiffani comments on a wounded marine competing in Triathlon:

Actress Tiffani Thiessen adds, "It's extremely inspirational and to know what they have been through and then there they're coming out here to fight a different fight, its really amazing."

Tiffani also jokingly, commented on the thought of a SBTB spin-off at Defamer:

"It would be so much fun. Just imagine the theoretical child of Zack and Kelly raising heck all over Bayside. Meanwhile, Zack would be raising heck in the corporate world or maybe real estate and Kelly is running for vice president or something."

Thanks to both Clairalfa2 and cristoune57 for letting us know!

Tiffani NOT Joining New 90210

Posted September 03 2008

IMDB posts 2 new articles reminding fans that Tiffani will not be joining the new 90210.

She says, "I don't think so, I mean I wish them all the luck, but I'm just so in a different place right now. You know, it's not that I don't look back at that show with wonderful, amazing memories, but I've just gone in a different direction for me. But I think it's wonderful."

Source: IMDB

Tiffani at Nike and Human Race post run concert, August 31

Posted September 03 2008

Tiffani and close-pal, Jason Priestley were recently at the Nike and Human Race post run concert, you can see 14 photos.

Tiffani attends VC Pacific Asian Film Festival, talks about "Hung"

Posted August 29 2008

There's a new video out with Tiffani at the VC Pacific Asian Film Festival, very recent, talking about "Hung"! You can read the transcript here and view caps here. Thanks to Cristelle for letting us know about the video!

Tiffani Directs "Three Headed Dog"

Posted June 06 2008

Tiffani is currently directing another play for Young Playwrights: "Three Headed Dog".

by Patrick Howley Age 18 Avon, CT
Thurs June 5, Friday June 6, Saturday June 7, Sunday June 8
Director: Tiffani Thiessen
Mentor: Jeff Greenstein
with John Kassir, Kelly LaPlante, Mila, Pesko, Michael Rader,
Jon VanMiddlesworth, Constance Zimmer

The Plot:
Heteros, step aside! In the glorious gay world of "Barney's" sales clerks, there is zero tolerance for breeders! Will one employee really lose his job when his secret life is revealed?

Here's a photo of Tiff from the main page!

Guys, this could be another way to [possibly] meet Tiff! Hopefully someone can go and tell us how it was :)
Source: Young Playwrights, Cordy

Beverly Hills 90210 Season 5 coming to DVD: July 29

Posted April 14 2008

The long anticipated season 5 DVD release is here! TV Shows on DVD reports the season will release this July 29!
Source: Aaron, TV Shows on DVD

Tiffani Thiessen: Yes to Babies, No to 90210 Spinoff

Posted April 10 2008

By Jenny Sundel / Originally posted Monday April 07, 2008 05:15 PM EDT

Tiffani Thiessen says she's not likely to be involved in the new Beverly Hills, 90210 spinoff but she has another project in mind.

"We're hoping to get pregnant soon," Thiessen, 34, told PEOPLE Saturday at the Indy 500 warm-up party celebrating the Rubicon Race Team at pal Jason Priestley's house.

The actress, who wed actor-artist Brady Smith in 2005, says she and her husband are "in talks" about having a child. "We're very seriously talking about it."

For Thiessen, it seems like the right time to expand her family. "We've been married for almost three years, so it's time," she said. "We wanted to be selfish with each other for a little while. We didn't want to rush into it, but now we're really, really wanting that."

As for her timeframe, "Hopefully, within the year maybe even sooner than that," she said.

Asked if maybe she was already expecting, she laughed and replied, "No, I would tell you! I think it's the pre-glow of wanting it to happen."

In terms of the new 90210, Thiessen says she won't be doing any guest appearances. "I wish them all the best, but it's not something I will be a part of."
Source: People

Tiffani at Spirit Awards Nominees Reception

Posted February 24 2008

On February 21, Tiffani attended the Spirit Awards Nominees Reception!

Tiffani stars in the "American Television" Music Video

Posted February 10 2008

Looks like Tiffani is in the latest, hilarious, music video by Ben Lee - "American Television". You can watch his video here, read his lyrics here or just visit his site.
Source: Cristoune, Ben Lee, You Tube

Celebration and Rainbow Gold

Posted January 30 2008

Looks like Tiffani had a fun time at Pure Nightclub last Friday! You can see pictures of her here with Brady, R. Dean Johnson and even the Pussycat Dolls! ;)

There are also 3 new videos with Tiff discussing "Camp Rainbow Gold": First video, second video and third video.
Sources: Pure, Cristoune (from the forums), Kelly

A Birthday Celebration for Tiffani at Pure Nightclub

Posted January 17 2008

There was a scan in "Las Vegas Weekly" (Jan10-16 issue) thanks to number2 from the forums for scanning this for us:

Tiffani Thiessen Pure Nightclub

The text reads:
Friday, January 25th
A birthday celebration for: Tiffani Thiessen

Pure Nightclub Caesars Palace

40,000 square feet
4 Rooms / 4 DJs

Rock/Hip Hop/House/Live Burlesque
Residents DJ AM & DJ Hollywood
General information and Guest List Call: 702-731-PURE (7873)
Table Reservations Call: 702-289-2002
Dress Code Enforced
21 w/ Valid ID

The news is also over at Pure Night Club.
Source: Pure Night Club, number2 from forums, and Las Vegas Weekly

"Fastlane" coming to DVD summer 2008

Posted January 16 2008

The 22 episodes, plus pilot series of "Fastlane" is coming to DVD summer 2008 according to tvshowsondvd.com and Peter Facinelli's official site!
Source: TV Shows on DVD, Peter Facinelli Official Site

Tiffani and Brady's bedroom on "Sprig!"

Posted January 05 2008

Interior designer, Kelly LaPlante, walked through and talked about Tiffani's elegant, eco-friendly bedroom. You can watch the video here!
Source: Sprig, cristoune57 from the forums