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October events!

Posted November 03 2003

In the month of October 2003, Tiffani has attended a soup full of events! Check out the new pictures: 6th Annual Lili Claire Benefit, Designer Nanette Lepore Celebrates the Opening of her Los Angeles Boutique, Jennie Kayne Fashion Show, United Front Cancer Gala.

Tiffani on 'The Today Show' Oct 7

Posted October 04 2003

Since her first appearance on "Good Morning, Miami", Tiffani will be talking about that appearance on "The Today Show" on October 7 2003 at 7:00am EST. Other guest appearances that day will be Clint Eastwood and Catherine-Zeta Jones.
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New event: Rodeo Drive Walk Of Style

Posted September 23 2003

Tiffani attended the 'First Rodeo Drive Walk of Style' on September 9 2003. You can see pictures here.

No "Anacondas" for Tiffani

Posted September 23 2003

It seems as if Tiffani won't be starring in the sequel to "Anacondas". If you take a look here, her name is not listed. If you have any information regarding this issue, please don't hesitate to email me.

New movie: "Anacondas"

Posted July 27 2003

Upcoming sequel, "Anacondas" stars Tiffani

This upcoming sequel is currently filming and is about a scientific expedition who sets out for Borneo to seek a flower called the Black Orchid, which could grant life longer. Meanwhile, they run afoul of snakes and each other. No word yet on her character, however, the movie is scheduled to release next year in 2004. You can go to IMDB to check out the movie and also at Moviefans.de, it says (translated to english):

The turning work on "Anacondas" - before times: "Anaconda 2: The Black Orchid" - begins in August 2003 and the continuation is to come out 2004 into the cinemas.

An interesting view about this film is that it's being filmed in Fiji and that it was written by Daniel Zelman, who is Debra Messing's husband. Debra was Tiffani's co-star in Hollywood Ending.
Sources: Internet Movie DataBase and MovieFans.de

More information on "Good Morning, Miami"

Posted July 27 2003

Tiffani Thiessen: With or without the "Amber" in her name, this is one tube veteran who knows how to draw a crowd. The former Beverly Hills, 90210 vixen signed with NBC's Good Morning, Miami to guest star in three episodes as Victoria Hill, a heartless corporate manager who is so tough on everybody that Jake (Mark Feuerstein) thinks about taking a network job in New York. If David Spade could survive a few episodes with the beautiful actress on Just Shoot Me, surely Feuerstein can stand a little heat around the office. Thiessen will appear in the fall season premiere as well as the second and fourth episodes.
Source: Caitlin

Tiffani guest stars on "Good Morning, Miami"

Posted July 25 2003

Former Fastlane/Beverly Hills, 90210 star Tiffani Thiessen will appear in three early episodes of improved NBC comedy Good Morning, Miami, which moves to Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. In case you don't know it, the wisecracking nun is long gone!

Former "Fastlane" star Tiffani Thiessen is set to appear in a three episode arc this season on "Good Morning, Miami." She'll play a TV executive who causes trouble among the staff when she arrives at the Miami station."
Sources: Yahoo! News and The Futon Critic.

Tiffani featured in 'In Touch' magazine

Posted July 24 2003

Who could have guessed? Tiffani and co-star Elizabeth Berkley from Saved by the Bell both wear the same bath robe! If you would like to see the picture click here.
Sources: Erika, Catherine and of course - In Touch magazine.

Sparks Fly For Tiffani

Posted May 09 2003

The attraction must have been electric. Beverly Hills, 90210 vixen Tiffani Thiessen has hooked up with a crew member on the set of her new series, Fastlane.
Source: Star Magazine

Tiffani calls off wedding

Posted April 07 2003

Tiffani Thiessen has called off her engagement to Richard Ruccolo, 31. The couple met in 2000 when...More?
Source: US Weekly April 14, 2003

SBTB comes to DVD!

Posted April 07 2003

Love Saved by the Bell, but can't seem to catch your favorite episodes on TV? Coming September 2nd 2003, Seasons 1 and 2 will be making it's way to DVD!
Source: Sitcoms Online and The Futon Critic

Tiffani spotted at EchoChic Boutique

Posted March 15 2003

Eve, Tiffani Thiessen, Shirley Manson and Charli Baltimore have all recently beaten paths to the door of EchoChic Boutique at 17th and Sansom Streets.
Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

Tiffani Network

Posted March 15 2003

When Van and Deaq screw up -- which is often -- they go groveling to their tough-tootsie partner, Billie (''90210'''s Tiffani Thiessen); she holds the keys to the Candy Store...More?
Source: Entertainment Weekly

Tiffani in McDonald's Commercial; Fastlane on hiatus

Posted February 24 2003

Tiffani can now be seen in McDonald's new commercial. Fastlane is on a short hiatus for new episodes; last week Fastlane didn't air a new episode and this week. This information was stated on Friday night before was Fastlane was about to air, but didn't.
Source: Only SMG

Tiffani on 'The Last Call with Carson Daly'

Posted February 16 2003

Tiffani will be appearing on The Last Call with Carson Daly on February 19th, 2003 at 1:35am.
Source: TV Guide Online

Tiffani on 'Conan O' Brien'

Posted February 13 2003

Tiffani was on The Last Show with Conan O'Brien Tuesday, February 11th 2003. She looked beautiful as always!
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