Read up on what these guys love about Tiffani, and tell us why you love her in the forum.

At first I became a fan because of her tv shows that I liked to watch. However, since this site, I grew to like her for other reasons as well. I like the way she carries herself, she's usually smiling in photos which seems to be a very happy and confident person. She's hilarious in some of her tv shows. She's beautiful unlike any woman, and sometimes I wish I had her look. Not to mention, she's a brilliant actress.

Jess of Rave

I have been a fan of Tiffani's since her SBTB days. When I was 12 I had the opportunity to interview her for my local newspaper and will always remember the experience. She was very nice and sweet to my nervous little self. Because of that interview I became a fan for life and will continue to follow her career.


I became a fan from Tiffani at the time of "Saved by the bell" (long ago). An then, she doesn't left me no more : she helps me to grow, she's my bench mark, she's one my reasons... She's tender, nicest, funniest and the more beautiful woman. I am french and thanks to this site i can daily have news of the one who established the link between me and my youth. Thank you just to be, Tiffani...

David (l'Autre)

I am enamored since I saw in bran by the bell. I think that she is the prettiest woman of the world also she is very sexy and elegant


Watched her since SBTB when i was a kid, always admired her, i think she's a really cool person. Just wish she'd come to England! lol


she's beautifull


Everyday I would come home from Elementry school I would sit in front of the TV and watch SBTB. Even as a child the main reason I saw the show was beacuse of Tiffani. Even though at the time I may not of seen her talent as much as I saw her beauty, I knew she was a standout. For many years I will admit that I "forgot" about Tiffani Thiessen. I am a college student now and when I recieved my computer for the school year I downloaded all the SBTB episodes that I could. What do you know, I fell in love with her again. I want to thank Jess for making this great site and talking to me. Your a good person. As for Tiffani, much love and luck to her in her future endevers. Good luck with everything.


First of all Tiffani is one of a kind. There's definitely no other actress who can compare with her The reason I'm in love with this woman is because she is truely talented.

Her beauty is flourescent onscreen. She can glow your eyes wide open in a heartbeat. The accomplishments she's made so far...Since watching her grow up through Saved by the Bell...then materializing on Beverly Hills, 90210...she has come a long way...Now on Fastlane...she's a saucy vixen ready for action...I especially enjoy watching her special appearances on late night shows, tv commercials, tv movies, and many of her films. Tiffani certainly has plenty of potential...She has the gift to combine her intellect and charming good looks to hook viewers everywhere on her adventures in Hollywood.


Because tiffani is beautiful , and very good actress.


Tiffani is so beautiful, sexy, classy and just amazing overall. She is a wonderful actress and she has a killer body, and of corse those captivating beautifu, intriguing eyes. I lover her so much and I hope this time she is here to stay!

Jayden best girl in showbiz who desrves way more respect and credit then she gets now. Can't get enough of her grace, style, and sexiness. She's a great actress, and cant forget the sexy attitude! I love her!!


Tiffany has the perfect combination: sweet, but also spicy. Cute, but also sexy.


because shea great person and tallented also shes got the most beautiful feet in the planlet earth ever really


I love her power and strength!!!


I loved SBTB...I still watch the re-runs! But, now, I watch them, and think of what a beautiful woman and great actress Tiff turned into. I watched 90210 for the first few years, but I felt just as Tiff arrived, it was already played out, so I really didn't watch her on it very much. And, I actually kinda forgot about her. Then, I saw her on Just Shoot Me--I could not BELIEVE it was her! She was HOT! I love Fastlane, and love her character, Billie, a strong woman who's the boss, and who's in -

Stacia of Hollywood Janie

because she is HOT

Get the way



Because she is the most beatiful women in the world and her eyes are unics!! and she can act, wonderfuly


Tiffani is a great inspiration to me, i want to be just like her, and just like kelly kapowski. i cant wait to get married at 19! she portrays her characters with the best anyone could do, shes just great! she needs to come to england, or make another sbtb film following on from sbtb:wedding in vegas! i love that film!


Because she is sexy, glamour, good actress, elegant and she is a woman with beautiful curves !! I watch her since SBTB and she became more and more good actress ! Stay the same Tif!


Tiffani has a soothing voice and has the most delicious breasts that i've ever seen. A few lonely nights have I spent in fantasy over this talented and beautiful goddess.!




Tiffani is irresestible, great actress and great women


I think Tiffini is the extremely stunning and is so beautiful. She's a great actress and always looks fantastic, very smart and sexy. She's amazing :)


She's beautiful


I am a Tiffani fan for many reasons. It all started with Saved be The Bell that was my favorite show ever and i used to watch it every morning at the breakfast table before school!! I could relate to Kelly her character cuz i was the cheerleader who guys fighted over and i love to dance and sing. Then that was cancled and I watched 90210, the show kinda stunk with out her in it!!! I olly watched it for her. And i loved her charcter valerie. She spoke her mind and went from man to man but on the inside al she really wanted was to be one of the group and for everyone to like her. Then Billie on Fastlane how could you not like that show she was georgous and tough!!! I cant believe it was cancelled and good morning miami is great also, she is so funny. I love her as an actress because she is great as what she does and she showed us that she can play many different roles and outlast many prople!! And plus look at her she is georgous!!! We love tiffani!!!


I'm fan of tiffeni, because she is extremely alike Jennifer Aniston, who's my favorite actress. Tiffeni, like Jennifer is very beautiful, attractive and charismatic person. I LOVE her!


I love Tiffani. I know her from Saved by the Bell & Married with Children. But thanks to this site, I now know she's had roles in more series and movies. She's a pretty and has great acting talent.


Because of a couple of reasons:
• she is very beautiful
• I like the roles she playes (escpecialy Kelly from saved by the bell)
• And I think shi is nice


I am a Tiffani fan for many reasons. I think its rare that you find an actress as talented and gracious as Tiffani. No matter how much success she has, she always stays down to earth. I tihnk she is a great role model, and doesnt take her fame for granted. I tihnk she's the best!


she's a wonderfull women.She has grace,she has style and she's a great actress.Ans she has always a smile ready for her fans.She's the best. I just love her.

Ignace (belgium)

She's a really great.
Great Looks and Performance.
In her Role of Kelly she played really well, but we hated that other guy, Anyway, I think she will come very far.

Seb (Netherlands)

because he's so gorgeous and he's such a good actor. he's just so damn lovely!!!

meagan de-koning

she is the best this is a happy birthday present for u there is no one else that i can say this to and there is nothing better than to talk to u if u have a problem ill be here for u cusz gurl u allways know that its us against the world yea!!! tiffani u rock my world


she is so beatiful


She is only the best actress!!! And tiffani has a perfect body- She ist beautyful!!!! Tiffani is my only favorite!


tiffanin is very best actress and very beatiful an elegant tiffany is a day dream i like tiffany is very very nice


The reason I feel so much affaction towards Tiffani, is that she is very talented actress and also very beautiful...and this kind off combination in an actress is quite rare...

She has a screen charm that makes you fall in love with her sweet, flawless face and sexy figure...


hello, well I'm a fan because I see she is a strong woman and that's what you need it this busniss well hope see appair in a great movie maybe from Steven Spielberg but that is I think the dream of everbody well From Holland(come visit my country it's great especially Amsterdam! greats tamara


I'm a Tiffy fan because she is a great actress, and her favorite role of mine has got to be Valerie on Beverly Hills 90210. She is also very beautiful.


She is just Awesome!!!

John M. Ricks

because she is just so sexy

David Slater

Because she is perfect in any way


I love Tiffani Thiessen because she has inspired me so much since first watching her on Saved by the Bell.

I used to think she was the most beautiful girl in the world. Now, after fathering a daughter, who I named Tiffani after her, Miss Thiessen will have to be relegated to second most beautiful

Take care, Love ya Tiff, Sam

Sam Jones

I am a huge Tiffani Thiessen fan because I have been following her since her days on Saved By the Bell. She has always held a special place in my heart and I hope someday that I will get to meet her


I love Tiffani so much she has the best breasts, and the nicest legs. She also looks great in a swimsuit!


It would be very easy to go on and on about her striking allurement. But what I see is something that no one else sees. She has a down to earth charm all her own. She is in a class all by herself. Her sensitivity is seldom mentioned but noticeable to me. Her valedictorian credentials alone are impressive. I only wish I could tell her personally the way I feel toward her.

James D. McRobie

After viewing her in Just Shoot Me, and Fastlane I have become charmed. She strikes me as a women of superb Charisma, Intelligence,Wit and Ambition. There's more to her than just beauty. Tiffany can connect with people of all levels, age race or sex. She knows how to handle situations like an old pro. Like Sharon Stone and Cameron Diaz, Tiffany is a likeable and intelligent actress who I am positive has a great career ahead of her." Go get it girl."

Cameron Scott

It would be very easy to go on and on about her striking allurement. But what I see is something that no one else sees. She has a down to earth charm all her own. She is in a class all by herself. Her sensitivity is seldom mentioned but noticeable to me. Her valedictorian credentials alone are impressive. I only wish I could tell her personally the way I feel toward her.


Because Shes HOT!!


ive been a fan ever sins i saw her in saved by the bell and every time i see her no matter how see looks i fall more in love with her


She is so, so beautiful. She is perfect, to me.

I like her as actress, of course, because beauty without talent is waste, I like her way of acting, because she can plays sympathetic women as well as "femmes fatales", and she is still the most beautiful woman in the world whatever her role.

We love you Tiffani!!


I am a tiffai fan because sh is not only a brilliant actress and has been on every one of my favorite tv shows over the years from SBTB to 90210 to Fastlane and more but she is a lso beautifu and does allot for others!!!


1. She is a very good, no great, actress. The best.
2. She is very pretty whitout looking like a skeleton.
3. I just like here - she's great.
The first time I saw here as an actress (i'm from sweden so we're not "in da zone") was in Beverly Hills, then in Just Shoot me.


Tiffani has been one of my favorite actresses since she played Kelly on Saved by The Bell. I finally saw Good Morning Miami and absolutley loved it. She is inspired. I recently purchased the new marie claire and noticed that she is now participating to raise money for aids, and that just makes me respect her more as a person. Good for her to really get involved in something great.


I love the way she acts. She acts really good on S.B.T.B. She is also pretty and is a caring person on the tv show.


becuase she is beatiful


Was sick from work one day and saw the Save By The Bell. I like Tiffani's style. And those eyes. So I followed her to BH90210 and Fastlane. I've got on dvd several of her movies. The lady has style either a classy night on the town, pizza and beer, or chanpayne in the hot tub. Tif...please call.


Because she has the sexiest feet in the world


Because she is perfect and the reason why I get up everyday.


I am a Tiffani fan because there is just something about her that makes you want to watch anything she does. Maybe it's because you can see through those blue eyes of hers what she is feel ing at the moment, whether it was Saved By The Bell or 90210. She also has a soothing voice that when she says something, you know things are going to be o.k. And she is also very articulate with her words in a scene. Oh, did I mention how she has that classic Hollywood beauty.

Richard Gustason

I love her work its great. she is nice and funny.I hope she makes othermovies and good luck .

Amanda Hollifield

because i think she is the sexiest woman in the world

Ricky Berg

I loved the show SBTB! And another reason is because she has my name!


'cause you are sssssso sexy, and you are the most talented actress i know...


She has nice feet!


because she is strong and beatuful woman and she is ever thing that i wont to be i wont to be a strong woman and a beatful woman from Anna Thompson


I'm from Argentina!! I really love Tiffani! She is the best in everything she does. She is perfect.I really would like to get more information about her but here in Argentina is a little bit dificult, so I visit This page every day...


good looks intelligence, great personality

Simon Howe

hey my name is viola im big fan tiffani she is grate!!!good acteress and very nice women SHE IS OKEY!!!


She's hot


!!!!!!!!...É estranho...Não sei descrever...Ela é mais ou menos como a lua para mim: -Posso vê-la, mas não posso tocá-la. E nunca vi uma mulher tão bonita como ela... A beleza dela me comove!...


im with rich she has the sexiest feet. i love on saved by the bell when her barefeet where being burned for evil or on just shoot me when she had them attacked at her toes sucked i wish someone would tickle them


because .i watch them & enjoy


Because She is a roll model

Rosie Hague

Comme je laisse également un autre message, dans une autre rubrique, je dirais qu'elle est trop jolie et pour nous les hommes en tout cas pour moi,non seulement elle est trop belle mais en plus elle joue à la perfection ses rôles, en un mot je l'adore !!!


In Italy Tif is not popular as in US. Right now we haven't seen "Fastlane", "Love stinks", "Speedway junky" (...), and of course every US tv-show. Why am I a Tiffani fan? Probably 'cause i won't have peace 'till I won't have every instant in video and every picture of her. I went to Cannes Festival for see her on the red carpet but I didn't... I'm sure I won't ever see "Just pray"...Thanks to italian distributions and luck! Tif forever!


she is so beautiful since saved by the bell i have thought she is the greatest


because she's fit and she was brilliant in saved by the bell

Adam Wallbanks

talent, looks, the girl just doesnt quit,she has a sweet sexy way


tiffany i love you!!! i am of brazil.


She is the most beautifull woman in the world.


I like here 2 cuz i saw her on the first time on saved by the bell sheee's so cool !!! xxx Maria (Just a new fan) :-P

Maria of Time K Online

She is perfect. Porque es hermosa y excelente actriz.

esmeralda (ARGENTINA)

she's my future ex-wife. she just doesn't know it yet. ;)


Just a few of the reasons why I enjoy Tiffani so much is because I think she is a wonderful example for women. I have often read how independent she is and to me that makes her a strong person. It also seems as though there is no character she cannot play. She seems to be so fearless when she picks her roles. My favorite roles I would have to say would be that of The Stranger Beside Me and She Fought Alone. I must also include Kelly Kapowski and Valerie Malone. I can honestly say I am one of Tiffani's biggest fans!


because she's got a HUGE mole in her face but it is cute. shes got cute lips..umm...and her face is kinda round but its really cute as well.

Holocaust Animal of Seth Putnam

Im not just a TIffani fan im Tiffanis no1 fan she is like a drug to me she keeps me going and im totally obsessed with her i seen doctors n everythin about her i live in England so i don't have a good chance of seeing her or even all her programmes but im not gunna give up hope!! ive wrote to alltta tv shows to try to get to meet her n 1 day i will shes the most important person in my life and it kills me that she doesn't know me and i swear am not a lesbian!! tiffani if u read this i love u and ur this gr8est eva loadsa love your no1 fan eva sage xxx

Sage xxx

I love Tiffani since "Fastlane".Your job is the best.She is a tallentues actress .Tiffani is a great inspiration to me.I want to be a good actress like her.


The way she carries her self and always having a good time. Added bonus is she is so seeexxy. and inteligent.


She is an wonderfull women. Her blue eyes so beautyfull. I love her

Andreas Manhart

Tiffani you are the best you are nice and talent and you like me!!!!!!! like you!!!!! Voila frome poland


I love you Tiffani


well we look like a lot and only watching her i could see myself. it-s amayzing and i love her to death! i hope she is gonna be happy and healthy and live because, tiffani you have only one life! she is gonna be my favorit actress!

Alina Aldrich

Hello i love Tiffani because i think she is beautiful! And she is a good actress. I'm only 12 jears old and i wach saved by the bell every day! I'm living in the nederlands and i love mark-paul gosselaar so much!(mark-paul gosselaar's dad comes from the netherlands!) bye

(Tiffani Rulez!)


I think Tifanni is just the most beautiful woman I ever seen on T.V. When 90210 was on air here in Colombia and I first saw Tiffani, I almost got in shock with those amazing eyes and that wonderful and sweet smile. I´m Colombian and I have never seen such a beautiful girl like you. I wish the best for you and may God bless you always. A kiss from a really big fan of yours....

Giovanny Becerra M.

I think i'm a tiffani fan, because she brings so much to each role she plays. She seems like she really enjoys the things that she does. And she does a great job at it.


because she is fucikng goodlooking


Se's very beautiful (i am from holland, and my english = not good, do you no) i look evry day to saved by the bell i don't of it by you evry day on the television = on my television well, but anyway i want to say that i find that ses very good en pretty... a write in the dutch: hallo dit kun je dan wel niet lezen maar het tiept veel makkelijker want men engels = niet zo goed do you no, dit snap je niet maarjah... ik wil ff zeggen dat ik je erg goed vind acteren, en ik kijk elke dag naar saved by the bell, dus.. maarjah ik ga dr weer vandoor doeii!!
-xx-jes jeanne


I think i'm a tiffani fan, because she brings so much to each role she plays. She seems like she really enjoys the things that she does. And she does a great job at it.


besides being a great actress she always looks amazing. I have her same face frame and hair color and textureso I always follow her latest hairand make up styles and get the way what is her new look for 2005 ? would like to know thank you....

always a faithful fan


I love tiffani for many reasons the first being that her face and body are the most beautiful thing in the world to me. Next, would have to be the characters she's played.All of them were so strong and that to me is a great model for women.Not to mention she has always been sexy without taking it all off and trashing herself up. She's the whole package. I personally used to feel weird about my body but being a fan of tiffani let go of that for me because she is curvy,full bodied, and sexy.Without an appology and without trying to change it.It just makes her that more intriguing to me. Love you Tiffani and THANK YOU!


well,I saw the Serie's The fast line, and I like me, sorry for my English, I mexican and I don't speak and write very well English, so bye bye


besides being a great actress she always looks amazing. I have her same face frame and hair color and textureso I always follow her latest hairand make up styles and get the way what is her new look for 2005 ? would like to know thank you....

it is her eyes, her hair and her humour on TV


She arouses inquisitiveness, she radiates sensuality and she is fairly intelligent.


Let's not kid ourselves, we all fell for Tiffany because of Saved by the Bell. she exuded the most beautifully innocent and sweet nature. Yes, she was hot, but it was her charm that set her apart from the pack. There has never been and never will be another girl like Tiffani in those days!


tiffani is one of my greatest idols... because i think, she 's not only really talented or pretty; no, she's a wonderful woman, who knows what she wants. look, she doesn't work at the time in new movieroles, but for that she's workin' behind the set... hostes tv shows and so on. i like that very much, cause she tastes out much more in her carrier than other actresses, and i think especially that is the reason, why she's unbelievable good!! She probably gets a lot of movieroles, but it doesn't mean, that she has to do the role. she definitly knows which role is the right and of course i hope that she'll doin' a movie soon. but in this time i'm gonna watch her older movies right away and look up her new styles from new pictures i like. she is just an amazing actress. i love ya!!


I am from Norway. reason i am a fan is bacuse i think tiffani is a beautiful women.And a god actor i would really liked to meat hear in person


Tiffani is perfekt Woman. Thank You, Tiffani, for Your Job.

Mr. Paradise

hey i love 2 seee u


because she got to kiss mark (zack morris) a lot!


i m fan of sexy girl


because she is sooooooo hot and she has pretty feet and toes that i just want to suck..and she is very very sexy...


She has cute feet


soy fan de tiff en la ciudad de mexico,me parece exelente su actuacion en fastlane,ademas de ser demasiado bella.
congratulations tiffani amber. un beso de tu fan.



I am a great Mexican admirer of Tiffani. It is a wonderful star and a beautiful person, enchants to me because it is an example of overcoming and work for all we. I love to you.

Salvador Garcia