Ryan's Story #2 (January 25 2008)

Well I finally was able to go to Tiffani Thiessen's 34th Birthday Bash at the Pure Night Club at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, and what an extravaganza it was!

If you don't remember, my name is Ryan Quiambao, and I'm from San Diego, California, USA. I've been a life-long fan of Tiffani-Amber Thiessen since I first saw her on television at the age of four. I was so enamored by her beauty that instantly I fell for her, she's done so many things in her career and in her life, that she has truly touched me in many ways that I can even remember.

After having met her at The Women's History Month Conference at Cerritos College back in 2006, I said I couldn't wait to meet her again, so now my time finally came, to take part in her birthday celebration. What I didn't do the last time I met her was what I was going to do at her party by finally opening up and talking directly to her. for the first time. Well this is how it all started....

I was waiting in front of the Pure Night Club building inside Caesar's Palace, being that I had just turned 21 last year, this was my first time going to night club in Las Vegas, so I didn't really know what to expect. I was falling in a huge line with several adults around the 25 to 30 year old on up crowd and my goodness it was packed.

Everyone was just acting crazy and I stood in line for like 30 minutes just standing in front of all these people. Thank god I had already put myself on R.S.V.P. for her party because had I not, I would've stood in line for another hour, because it was hard to get inside that club, too many people were getting in because they were V.I.P. for the club, and they were given priority to get in first, which sort of ticked a lot of people off, had I had known to become V.I.P. and pay extra in the first place.

Well anyway, several people had saw the billboard's for Tiffani Thiessen's party, and people were wondering who she was. At one point they thought she was a rich Vietnamese model, and being that I'm Filipino, they even thought we were related because we looked alike, primarily because of the eyes.

So then I had to refresh some of these people's memories by telling them it was Tiffani-Amber Thiessen from Saved by the Bell and Beverly Hills, 90210, and a light bulb went off in their heads like, "oh yeah!" I'm like, "hello, how can you not remember that face?" I even showed some people falling in line next to me the picture of me, Tiff, and my brother from Women's History Month, and yeah they loved the picture of her without the make-up because people could identify with why she was a natural beauty. I'm thinking, "yeah, you know?"

Well when it finally came time for me to go in, I also invited my brother and my mother to come with me to the club. Basically so my mom could pay for us to get in, being that it was so expensive. We had a little drinks here and there, and inside, yeah, pretty lavish club two stories, very decadent, and rich, and plush, the atmosphere was very luminous with all the hints of white, lavender, fushia, and cobalt colors mixed all around the interiors of the club. Everything at Pure, was so glossy and glamorous, it almost felt like it was like a wild dream put together.

Well, it was so rambunctious in the club, people dancing like wild animals just bumpin' and grindin' all over each other, it was a dancefest in there, they played a lot of today's hits, as well as some new rock sounds, and urban songs to get with the mood for the setting of the club, all I can say is that's hot!

My brother and I were basically acting like we were in a James Bond movie trying to track down Tiffani Thiessen, I mean we saw all the people who were invited and we even saw all the V.I.P. guests up on the balcony but where in the world was the birthday girl?

So me and my brother spent the whole hour trying to find this woman, in this crazy crowd, because they too were wondering where she was. I on the other hand, wanted to be the first one to find her, and I was determined not to give even if it took the whole night before the party was over. Basically I had to waltz my way through the dancing crowd in the main room floor, go through two of her bodyguards who refused to let me know where she was, then I had go through night club security who were in my way, and finally I had mistaken a look-a-like Tiffani whom my brother thought was her, but upon closer inspection, was not her after seeing so many of her pictures on the Rave website, that I knew it wasn't her.

After nearly 55 minutes of just dancing around trying to find her, and no such hope, I knew quitting was easy, but I didn't want to give up on finding her, because I didn't drag six hours of my time driving all the way from San Diego to Las Vegas for nothing. The reason being because I wanted to give her my present for her on her birthday of course. Besides, in my culture it would absolutely be rude for me to show up at a party and not give the host, a gift she so rightfully deserves I mean come on, she entertained us for so long, she deserves a little something from one of her adoring fans.

Ryan meeting Tiffani, giving her her birthday present!

Finally and thank god, I was able to see her through the glass window of the balcony, I stuck my face in there and I saw Tiffani in the darkness of the club, in the V.I.P. section talking with some women both of whom I don't know, and I was showing her the gift I was giving her and yeah she was confused so I was sort of giving her signals as to what I was saying and yeah it took her a minute for to talk to her bodyguards so that she could give them the ok that I could come up and talk to her but just from her standing on the balcony, not coming down on the dance floor though, but yeah finally I came face to face with her.

Gee, what a miracle that finally came true for the love of Tiffani! Well I refreshed her memory by saying again I had met her before and I showed her a picture in my wallet of when we last met. So yeah it was all surreal, my goodness the woman is again, so beautiful in person, I just couldn't contain myself, it was hard not to keep staring I kept looking at her the whole time, my god, she gorgeous, she looks like a doll, then when people on the dance floor saw me talking to her from the balcony she stood from everybody stopped dancing and starting gazing upon her and like whoa! Everyone was paying more attention to the both of us than they were dancing to the club music, my god....that almost made me feel like a star for a moment there! HAH! Yeah, I'll never forget that look on her face when I gave her, her gift, it was priceless!

I had given her the WWE Women's Championship, to commemorate her visit at the Women's History Month Conference, she was just having a ball, and she was all smiles and really felt proud to share in this moment of glory! I was glad to know that I made her a HAPPIER BIRTHDAY by adorning her with a real-life replica of the Women's Championship. The funny was though it didn't have her name, imprinted on the title, it actually had my name on it, RYAN QUIAMBAO.

See the story about how my name happened to be on that championship belt and not her name was a long six-month story, that had me becoming a woman last year, but the explanation I had given Tiff was that my name would be in her remembrance because I had told her that I wanted to work with her someday, had I ever became famous, since that's what I'm working toward here, since I happen to be a multi-talented rising phenom (actor, model, dancer, singer) the real deal.

Tiffani showing us Ryan's present - Woman's Champion

I had given her a wrestling belt simply from the fact that I had grown up watching WWE since I was 13 and then I stopped watching wrestling since last year, so I've been a loyal wrestling fan for quite sometime, but nowadays I watch it occasionally whenever I feel like it. Honestly, I had gotten that Women's Championship belt as a Christmas gift from my last girlfriend of seven years, Tina, from a bet stemming from me proving to her that I could be a woman just like her, after she had proven 4 years back to the time we had dated, that she could be a man just like me.

Believe me it was a life-altering experience, but I never told Tiffani that so I didn't want to tell her the story and take too much of her time, you know?! Well yeah but hopefully if I do work with Tiffani maybe, she could somehow direct a story about that situation between me and my ex and develop that into a script and possibly work into a short and somehow down the line, a feature film? who knows right?

Before I left her one last time, I told her Thank you for everything, and then I posed for one last picture with the Women's Champion, Tiffani Thiessen, and I left my contact information (my e-mail, personal cell number, and mailing address) just for her future reference, in case my name happens to come up in the Hollywood circuit and she remembers, I don't expect to hear from her anytime soon, but yeah, pressure, I was just keeping a good contact, and telling her that I wasn't going to call her, she was going to call me! SLICK huh? well yeah, just being a playboy what have you and touching her hand and blowing a kiss right back at her.

I saw her husband, Brady for the first time, he was looking mighty sharp, he was checking me out, and smiling at me with satisfaction knowing that I gave his wife, a real gift for him to treasure as well. If you know what I mean? REAL GOLD, that's right! Well I guess anyone can get lucky in Las Vegas, but hey? she didn't need to gamble or wrestle me to win the title!

Yeah, because I mean I sort of look like a woman from when I was at her party, but no I'm not anatomically a woman, so I gave the title to her because she truly deserves it, I mean after all she's the definition of a REAL WOMAN, because of her success, her accomplishments, her knowledge, her strength, her love, her beauty, and her compassion, she's one of a kind and I don't think any actress in Hollywood can ever amount to all the things any other woman has ever done, she gone above and beyond the call of duty, and it's a true testament to why I feel she is to the rest of the world, a Women's Champion! Happy Birthday Tiffani!

I speak for all of the fans, when we say, much love, and may you continue to have more Happier Birthdays to come! Thank you and continue to be BEAUTIFUL on the inside as well as on the out. MUAH!

The Hot One,
Ryan Quiambao