This interactive game is called Caption This, where a picture is given and you guess what she is thinking.

What is she thinking?

"I wonder if this pose will be good enough. What if I look fat? I doubt this one will make the issue!"


"I miss the good ol' days. Zach and the gang and Brandon and the gang, I know I'll watch reruns of Saved by The Bell and 90210. It'll sure bring back lots of memories <3"


"I must remember to book my pedicure when this shoot is done with!"


"Ho hum. How boring. I wonder if this will be over soon? I'm tired. I haven't had lunch yet and I need a nap. Oh come on! This isn't the best position to sit in people!"


"Huh, these shoes really are cute."


"when will i ever get married"


"Do these shoes make my ankles look fat...?"


"I can't believe i cut my hair this short. Oh, I'm so sad"