6 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Spa

May 23 2015

Tiffani Thiessen spa-like bathroom

Bathrooms that rival personal spas aren't a rarity in celebrity homes, but Tiffani Thiessen's bathroom remodel has us taking notes. The space packs in enough clever hacks and styling tricks to make your head spin — cue the Pinterest bathroom board! Let's call out some of our favorite ideas, shall we?

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Tiffani Thiessen's Sweet Pickle and Tri-Color Potato Salad Recipe

May 23 2015


Tiffani Thiessen's Gorgeous, Under $100 Dresses

May 23 2015

Tiffani Thiessen Dresses

We dream of sweet little spring dresses like these — floaty, flattering, and miraculously under $100. Tiffani Thiessen brings them to life. (Redbook Mag)

Sweet Paul's Q&A with Tiffani

May 6 2015

We asked our favorite Saved by the Bell teen crush and star of her own Cooking Channel cooking show "Dinner at Tiffani's" about her favorite things in the kitchen and out! (Sweet Paul Mag)

Tiffani Thiessen

Where do you live?

I live in Los Angeles, CA. I'm a 6th generation Californian. I'm a rare breed.

What inspires you?

My family and friends inspire me the most. I also get a lot of inspiration from traveling, food, books, and architecture.

Favorite color?

It's hard to choose a favorite color. I love so many, but if I had to pick only one it would be teal or turquoise.


Necessary luxury?

I know, I know… I hate to admit it but… electronics. What would we do without them, right?

Guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure has always been wine and cheese. Together or separate, it's my weakness!

Favorite song?

Somewhere Over the Rainbow is my favorite song. It was one of two wedding songs my husband and I had. My daughter also just learned the whole song and sings it all the time, which puts the biggest smile on my face.

Favorite flower?

Peonies have been my favorite flower since I can remember. A close second would be lilacs.

Last purchase?

I just bought a new book on chickens for my husband. We have had chickens now for about a year and a half and he's become quite fascinated by them. I wouldn't be surprised if we were living on a farm in the next five years.


I'm obsessed with the company I Hate Perfume. My favorite one is #205—7 billion hearts. It's divine.

Favorite restaurant?

I went to Maude just after it opened and was extremely impressed by Curtis [Stone] and what he has done. If I could get a table every month I would be there, but part of the charm of this restaurant is that it is small and quaint so it only seats a certain amount.

Cookbook you can't live without?

It's a toss up between the classic Joy of Cooking and any cookbook by Jamie Oliver. I am a huge fan of Jamie.

Ultimate vacation destination?

Depends on who I am going with, what time of year, and how long I get to go for. Ha! But off the top of my head… Mexico. It's easy to get to— close to California—extremely laid back, beautiful beaches, and Mexican food is one of my favorite cuisines.

Film idol?

Sally Field. There's not a movie she has been in that I haven't seen or admired. She truly has stood the test of time.

Perfect meal?

My most favorite is making Sunday morning breakfast for my family. It's not exactly a specific meal but I just love Sunday mornings. Getting up, going to the farmers' market, coming home, and making a big breakfast for my husband and daughter. #Heaven!

Open-Door Policy: At Home with Tiffani Thiessen

May 6 2015

Tiffani Thiessen at home

The consummate hostess welcomes us into her world, in which family, friends, and a coop full of chickens play the starring roles

"There are a lot of old feelings in this house," says Tiffani Thiessen when we visit her Los Angeles residence, a 1920s compound on just under an acre that was originally home to Jack Warner, founder of Warner Bros. Studios. Her aquamarine eyes widen for emphasis. "We've been here 11 years, and it's calmed down a lot. But you know, there'll be voices, stuff turning on out of the blue—that sort of thing," she says, decidedly nonplussed. "For some reason, it's not scary. I mean, can you imagine the old Hollywood parties and the people who've come through here?" (Lonny.com)

"For me, design comes in many forms: architecture, photography, food. — Tiffani Thiessen


We've just met her, of course, but this statement seems like quintessential Thiessen: the pregnant actress—best known for her roles in such '90s TV classics as Saved by the Bell and Beverly Hills, 90210—has already offered up gourmet tea sandwiches and watermelon wedges and invited us on a tour of her chicken coop. What's more, her new Cooking Channel series, Dinner at Tiffani's, features her real-life celebrity friends (Jason Priestley among them) coming over to drink, dine, and chat in unscripted real time. While others might view lingering spirits as a deal breaker, Thiessen takes a gracious-hostess approach.

The 41-year-old burgeoning lifestyle personality, who grew up down the coast in Long Beach, discovered the three-story property in 2004 while engaged to her now-husband, actor Brady Smith. "We were set up on a blind date in 2003," says Thiessen, who recalls a friend's initial description of him as "a diamond in the rough." Clearly, she's adept at spotting potential: despite the outdated decor ("lots of mirrors and gold and faux-painted wood"), she and Smith felt a connection to the house, and soon after their purchase set about revamping the interiors room by room.

Given her predisposition toward the culinary arts, the kitchen shot to the top of Thiessen's list of priorities. She was also pregnant at the time with Harper, the couple's almost-five-year-old daughter. "There are windows above the sink, and that was a big selling point for me; I envisioned being in the kitchen and watching our kids out in the yard," she says. The space was transformed with walnut floors, a double refrigerator, Silestone countertops, and custom cabinetry painted white. The couple built an entire wall around a vintage "Smith" sign they uncovered at L.A. haunt Big Daddy's Antiques, surrounding it with Thiessen's collection of cookbooks, whose authors range from Donna Hay and Gwyneth Paltrow to Curtis Stone and Bobby Flay.

"Cooking has been a love of mine since I was little. I come from a family in which all the women were great at it, so it's something that's been there since the beginning," says Thiessen. "But it was also enhanced by the traveling I did at such a young age with Saved by the Bell. The show aired in 140-odd countries, so we were going to Europe and South America to sign autographs, and I was learning about all these different cuisines—just falling in love."

Lessons from this home tour

"Tiffani has great taste," says designer Kim Lewis, who collaborated with Thiessen on several of the house's most visually striking spaces. Formerly a production designer for reality shows such as Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Lewis shares her take on creating the right room for your audience.

Create a concept

"A throwback desert vibe" inspired Thiessen and Smith's master bath, with its hanging air plants and bamboo ladder. "You can have a theme without going over the top," says Lewis.

Celebrate geometry

In response to Thiessen's "clean, sophisticated approach" to design, the couple's shower features circular Ann Sacks wall tile. Says Lewis, "I wanted the bathroom to feel more like a room unto itself."

Invite surprise

"Harper loves pink," says Lewis fondly of the design brief for Thiessen's daughter's room. Still, Lewis resisted the urge to go all out, balancing the pops of fuchsia with bright-yellow accents.

Embrace the familiar

In Harper's room, the Luster Shag rug by Momeni was actually a holdover from her nursery. "When kids are transitioning into a new space, it's a good idea to have something that they're used to," says Lewis. "Textiles are a great example."

Although the kitchen is predominately gray, black, and white ("I like food to be the color," says Thiessen), a wider spectrum extends throughout the rest of the home, thanks to a plethora of accents. Smith is also a painter, and his attraction to bold hues, translated through a Picasso-goes-Aztec aesthetic (he is originally from Texas), has influenced his wife's former neutrals-heavy design sensibility. "It's also Harper," Thiessen adds. "She's a kid, so of course she loves bright colors and paint, and I think that's changed my whole feeling of making a home. Like, let's not be so plain-Jane; let's make it fun and playful."

Interior designer Kim Lewis collaborated with the couple on Harper's bedroom (as well as several other spaces, including the master bath and Thiessen's enviable walk-in closet). With its built-in window seats and sloped ceiling, the room is, in Lewis's words, "a little girl's dream space." The decorative accessories she and Thiessen chose—kaleidoscopic Eskayel wallpaper, Serena & Lily bedding, and a Serena & Lily Seychelles chandelier—underscore the dollhouse-like vibe. Plans for the forthcoming baby boy's nursery are well under way, complete with a "Star Wars-meets-midcentury" theme, and a palette of gray, white, and cobalt blue.

"Harper's bedroom used to be Brady's art studio. It's perfect for her — it feels almost dollhouse like." — Tiffani Thiessen

The heart of the house is the media room, designed by Arizona-based Kristin Alber, where the family snuggles up on a deep custom sofa bed by Moss Studio to watch films on a pull-down movie screen. "All the shades in the room come down, so it gets really dark in here and turns into a theater," says Thiessen. The home's original brick frames the fireplace, which she painted white and finished with an abstract black-and-white canvas by her husband—one she personally art-directed. "What's funny is that's not his style at all," she says. "I tell him what I want, and he does his version." Smith's nature-loving roots shine through in primal statements such as a pair of shark jaws displayed in the adjacent sunroom. The couple also seek out pieces by Texan vendors, including throw pillows sourced from Austin-based Square Feathers.

Thiessen's most personal pride and joy is her master bath, a light-drenched retreat designed by Lewis with a modern farmhouse sensibility: seamless Ann Sacks tile, an open double shower, a freestanding tub underneath hanging terrariums, and an ingeniously engineered vanity mirror that slides on a track, revealing a view of the outdoors when not in use. True to form, every need is anticipated, down to a coffee maker and a wine refrigerator—for when the mood for a glass of bubbly might strike. "I'm not doing much drinking now," she concedes. In this house, however, opportunities for celebration are just around the corner.

"I read six books on keeping chickens. These galls are like little pets." — Brady Smith

White Collar Season 6 out on DVD

May 6 2015

The 6th season of White Collar is now on DVD! It's being sold on Amazon for $12!

White Collar Season 6 on DVD

Food, Friends And Family Is A Successful Recipe For Tiffani

May 6 2015

Tiffani Thiessen

It turns out that actress Tiffani Thiessen, well known for Saved by the Bell, Beverly Hills 90210, and White Collar, is also a genuine foodie. As host of the Cooking Channel's, Dinner at Tiffani's (the season finale airs April 29th), she blends friends, family and food, giving viewers a glimpse into her life though her dinner parties.

The idea for the cooking show came about organically: "My friends would come over and say, 'Let's have dinner at Tiffani's,' and then one day I heard it and thought, huh...that could be a fun concept for a show. So I went to the Food Network/Cooking Channel and pitched it. And, well, here we are." Thiessen also shares her insights on food, home and lifestyle on her new website, tiffanithiessen.com.

Now in her third trimester, Thiessen is expecting her second child with husband Brady Smith. Her daughter Harper is 4-years-old. I wanted to find out more about Thiessen's thoughts on parenting and the role food plays in her family. (Huffington Post)

What is the best parenting advice you have received?

To always listen to your gut.


How do you involve Harper in cooking?

Harper loves to help me in the kitchen. She has her own set of tools and her little step stool. We cook together a lot. It's quality mother daughter time for sure.

How will you instill your children with a healthy attitude toward food and mealtime in a world obsessed with dieting?

I think teaching them about balance; that eating healthy is important, as well as having a little fun every now and then.

How do you plan on dealing with body image issues with Harper?

Having self-esteem and teaching her that being healthy is what's most beautiful. Treating her body with care and kindness is what's most important. Not what size she is.

How do you get 4-year-old Harper to eat her veggies?

Harper has always been a veggie and fruit girl so we have never had a problem actually. And boy am I truly thankful for that.

What are your go-to foods during pregnancy?

I eat healthy normally and, of course, continue to while pregnant. But I will say that I have had more of a savory tooth than sweet tooth this time around.

What is your parenting style and how does it differ from your husband's?

I think men and woman are just very different when it comes to how they see the world and react. So there are many differences when it comes to parenting.

Is there something as a mom that you're doing that you don't see other mom's doing — something that's unique to you?

I think all moms have their way that's unique to them. That's what makes us special.

Dinner at Tiffani's Screencaps - Pt. 3

April 25 2015

We have another round for you!

Tiffani Thiessen with Elizabeth Burkley Tiffani Thiessen with Seth Green and Clare Grant Tiffani Thiessen with Seth Green and Clare Gran

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